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Latest and New Oticon Hearing Aids 2024 - What's available today?

Kimberley Bradshaw - Head of Marketing
Written By:
Kimberley Bradshaw

Head of Customer Content Experience

Paul Harrison Hearing Aid UK Founder & Audiologist
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Paul Harrison

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Updated: 22nd March 2024
Latest and New Oticon Hearing Aids 2024

New and Latest Oticon Hearing Aids 2024

Discover the new Oticon hearing aid launches 


What are the best Oticon hearing aids of 2024?

Wondering what new Oticon hearing aids are out there in 2024?  In this article, we will take a brief look into the new Oticon digital hearing aid launches throughout the year. This will be updated as and when new products from this hearing aid brand are available in the UK market.


Oticon Intent hearing aids

In February 2024, Oticon introduced its most advanced hearing aid yet: Oticon Intent.

Oticon's latest hearing aid model marks a significant advancement in their technology, delivering a notable improvement in speech understanding, with a noted increase in SNR (Signal-to-Noise Ratio).

Compared to Oticon Real, Intent offers 10% better listening comfort, 10% improved sound quality, and 13% finer nuances within the soundscape. Intent also improved frequency response, giving a richer sound experience all around.

With a focus on understanding individual users, Intent integrates a second-generation Deep Neural Network (DNN) 2.0 and introduces pioneering 4D sensor technology on the Sirius platform. The MoreSound technology offers precise amplification across a wider frequency range than previous models.

Powered by the advanced Sirius chip, Intent supports Bluetooth LE Audio and Auracast for enhanced connectivity and future compatibility. Additionally, its sleek rechargeable RIC design – Oticon’s smallest to date - features a large lithium-ion battery for improved charge on the go. Available in multiple performance levels.

Oticon Intent hearing aid range, performance levels, and prices:

►Oticon Intent 1 hearing aids

►Oticon Intent 2 hearing aids

►Oticon Intent 3 hearing aids

►Oticon Intent 4 hearing aids


Oticon Real hearing aids

Launched in March 2023, Oticon Real hearing aids continue on the foundations set by More and built upon them.  Such as Bluetooth connectivity, artificial intelligence, Deep Neural Network, BrainHearing technology, and waterproof rating.

Along with developments in their general technology, we saw in More, like the MoreSound Amplifier and MoreSound Intelligence (all now 2.0) - everything is now powered by a new and powerful processing chip - the Polaris R.

However, the main improvement is a greater focus on solving key pains for hearing aid users.  Such as sudden, disruptive, and uncomfortable sounds, which unsurprisingly 7/10 of hearing aid users are bothered by.

Oticon Real hearing aids

Oticon Real hearing aid range, performance levels, and prices:

►Oticon Real 1 hearing aids

►Oticon Real 2 hearing aids

►Oticon Real 3 hearing aids


Oticon Own hearing aids

Back in 2021, Oticon launched the More hearing aid range, which boasted BTE models with a new operating system. But, this release did not appeal to ITE hearing aid wearers and this new technology wasn't accessible in this type of style. That is until now.

Latest Oticon hearing aids

Oticon Own is the world's first custom aid that includes onboard Deep Neural Network AI technology (DNN) and is powered by the Polaris platform (first seen in Oticon More). This means it is really good at recognising and understanding everyday sounds, not just speech. This is because it is a network built on 12 million sounds that Oticon has recorded globally.

All the Own hearing aids provide exactly the same features as the Oticon More, but in an ITE model and they also don't connect with the CROS system.  Bluetooth connectivity is only available in the ITC and both ITE models, as the IIC and CIC styles are none-wireless. 

None of the Oticon Own hearing aids are rechargeable though and because there are only two styles that have Bluetooth connectivity, you'll have to choose between features and size.  

There are five ITE hearing aid styles, five colours and there will be five performance levels. This technically means that there will be a style, performance, and colour that suits your needs. There will be an extra three performance levels towards the end of the year, which will also suit different types of budgets.


Oticon Own hearing aid range, performance levels, and prices:

►Oticon Own 1 hearing aids

►Oticon Own 2 hearing aids

►Oticon Own 3 hearing aids

►Oticon Own 4 hearing aids

►Oticon Own 5 hearing aids


Oticon Zircon hearing aids

Launched in March 2022, Oticon introduced Zircon hearing aids to the industry - their new essentials range.  Oticon Zircon hearing aids, powered by the Polaris platform, also include some technical favourites seen in Oticon More - the BrainHearing technology and 360° speech are two great examples.

Offering clear sound and focus from all directions, even those challenging listening situations for wearers.


New Oticon hearing aids


Oticon Zircon hearing aid range, performance levels, and prices:

►Oticon Zircon 1 hearing aids

►Oticon Zircon 2 hearing aids


Oticon More hearing aids

Oticon's 2021 hearing aid launch was Oticon More hearing aid range, which expands the manufacturer's already successful BrainHearing technology.  It provides the brain with greater input for improved speech understanding and less effort.  

It's also the world's first (at launch) hearing aid that includes Deep Neural Network (DNN), which is trained with over 12 million real-life sounds from around the world.  Giving wearers a fully balanced sound scene that makes it easier for the brain to perform at its best.

Oticon Brain Hearing Technology

Oticon More hearing aid's August 2021 update

There are new additions to the More family. These are Oticon More miniRITE T (disposable battery), a new portable SmartCharger, a rechargeable CROS PX transmitter (compatible with More, OpnS, Opn, Xceed, and Ruby), and MyMusic program for audio excellence.

 Oticon More Hearing Aids

Oticon's Polaris platform

The new Polaris platform becomes the backbone of the Oticon More hearing aids to ensure it provides intelligent and powerful support for the technology of the device.  This miniRITE style also includes reliable and convenient lithium-ion rechargeable batteries catering for a full day of power, as you stream, with only 3 hours of charging.


Oticon More hearing aid range, performance levels, and prices:

►Oticon More 1 hearing aids

►Oticon More 2 hearing aids

►Oticon More 3 hearing aids


Oticon More

Other Oticon Hearing Aids

Notable Oticon hearing aid launches of the past


Oticon Ruby hearing aids

In June 2020, Oticon introduced its Ruby hearing aid range and new essential family to compliment their already existing Siya range.  Offering consumers a wider variety of styles at affordable prices, as it breaks the mould for 'essential' hearing aids. 

Powered by Oticon's advanced Velox S platform seen in their OpnS range - this device includes BrainHearing technology.  Showing dedication to this product being more accessible to a wider scope of consumers.

The Oticon Ruby combines a new feedback management system, 2.4 GHz Bluetooth and recharging options. Offering a quality hearing experience and convenient rechargeable hearing aids that give you peace of mind to go about your day with ease.


Oticon Ruby hearing aids range, performance levels, and prices:

►Oticon Ruby 1 hearing aids

►Oticon Ruby 2 hearing aids

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Discover the latest Oticon hearing aids of 2024

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