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Hearing Tests at Home UK - Including hearing tests at home for elderly

Updated 28/04/2022

Free hearing tests at home

Hearing tests at home

Can you have hearing tests at home?


At home hearing tests

When you consider the advantages of looking after your hearing - you'd be shocked to hear that only around 60% of those who need hearing aids don't wear one.  We have always been dedicated to improving this shortfall with our free at-home hearing tests or hearing tests at one of our clinics near you.

Your free hearing test will be carried out by one of our professional audiologists at your convenience - for you or someone you know.  Your family or friends can be with you too for support and ease the burden of decision making and understand important information.


Home visits for hearing healthcare are a beneficial convenience in the comfort of your own home

So, is it possible to get hearing tests done at home?  In short - yes!  Here we go through all you need to know about home visits for hearing tests.  You might have many questions in relation to our home hearing tests.  Some of them might be:

'What should I expect from a hearing test at home?', 'Are hearing tests accurate?', 'What is an audiogram?' or maybe you might be questioning the current online hearing tests and if they give you an accurate result? 

Whatever you are unsure about, we hope this page will help you to understand how our home hearing tests work and whether it is a service you might benefit from.


What we offer in regards to hearing tests at home

Our home hearing tests are a free and convenient way to receive excellent customer hearing healthcare at a time that suits you and your lifestyle - from a company that you can trust.  All our audiologists will offer support, advice, hearing solutions that are as unique as your hearing loss and plan your future care.  Our main purpose is that we help you to hear better, live better and gain from a greater quality of life.


The very latest equipment for your hearing test at home

Hearing Aid UK can provide you with a home hearing test that is not only professional and thorough but carried out using computerised equipment comprising of the latest technology.  This way you always gain from an accurate audiogram, which will result in the most beneficial hearing aids for you and your lifestyle.  


Hearing tests at home NHS

Thinking about hearing aids?  Maybe you are looking for an NHS hearing test home visit for yourself or a loved one.  Like with most NHS services, it generally depends on what area you live in. If NHS-funded hearing tests at home are available to you locally, then chances are you'll be waiting weeks for an appointment.


Free hearing tests at home UK

Hearing test from Home

Home hearing tests for the elderly


A hearing test at home for the elderly - What is the process?

Firstly, let's start with a few facts.  People often wonder what causes hearing loss in old age.  As we get older the tiny hair cells in the inner ear deteriorate - changing the way we hear and process sound. 


However, other causes could be:


Hearing tests in home - We can visit you or a loved one even in a care home

Our hearing tests for the elderly at home are generally carried out the same way as any other.  The only difference is that you might want a member of your family or a friend to be there for support or to help relay personal information, take in audiology information or make future decisions. 

If you do live in assisted living accommodation and you want to book a hearing test - you will need to let the management of the facility be aware of the visit.  Other than that it is the same process as any other home hearing test.


Hearing test at home for elderly NHS

As we mentioned earlier, with generic NHS hearing tests from home - it's the same for the elderly.  This service usually depends on what area you live in. If they are available to you locally at home or in a care home, then you could be waiting weeks for an appointment.


Age UK hearing tests at home

In the past, Age UK referred their customers for their hearing healthcare to Claritas for services such as hearing tests, hearing aids and hearing healthcare going forward.  Then Claritas went into administration in 2018 and now Amplifon has taken over this role, as well as the administrator. 

However, from experience, some customers have been unsuccessful with their transition to Amplifon for various reasons.  If this is the case for you, we can take care of you and your healthcare in the future.

Common questions about hearing tests home visits

Are at-home hearing tests accurate?

Wondering how accurate a hearing loss test at home is?  Quite a lot of people we speak to think that home hearing tests or audiograms are not as accurate as the ones operated in clinics.  In short, this is not true. 

In fact, it is the most realistic place to record your hearing ability, as it's in your own environment with the sounds you hear and acknowledge every day.  It is also the best atmosphere to program your hearing aids in, as this is naturally the place where you will spend most of your time in.

Our audiologists take all the professional equipment they use in their own practices and clinics.  The equipment they use is both professional and accurate, which ultimately results in you receiving the right hearing loss diagnosis and hearing solution for your wants and needs.

Are online hearing tests accurate?

Wondering what a hearing test at home online is like? Is it an accurate reflection of your loss?  During the last two years, online hearing tests have become more popular.  They are not accurate or a professional evaluation of your hearing, but they can give you a basic overview of your current hearing state. 

This also means that they are incapable of providing a medical or audiological diagnosis or even the cause of any hearing loss

This is what an audiogram or hearing test with your audiologist would read and evaluate precisely.  To put it simply, an audiogram is a graph that shows the results of your hearing limitations and capabilities by completing a series of tests. 

It is still the most accurate way of analysing your hearing capabilities and, if needed, help find the most beneficial hearing solution.

Private hearing test at home & who does hearing tests at home?

Which highstreet retailers do hearing tests in your home?  Do Boots do hearing tests at home?  Do Specsavers do hearing tests at home?

Hearing test at home Boots

Wondering about Boots hearing test home visits?  Due to this company's growth and marketing strategy, along with the industry's growth - Boots Hearingcare can only provide in-store appointments for hearing tests and hearing aid fittings and does not offer home visits.

Hearing test at home Specsavers

Specsavers Hearcare do provide a hearing test at home, but this will cost you around £100.  We are not sure whether this service stretches to aftercare needs such as hearing aid maintenance and adjustments.

Hearing test at home Bloom Hearing

Just like Hidden Hearing, Bloom Hearing Services can see their patients at home for services such as hearing tests for no extra fee.

Hearing test at home Amplifon

Although this company can do a hearing test at your home, they don't offer a nationwide service, so always check with their audiologist before you commit to an appointment.  Amplifon will charge you around £30 for this home service.


Hearing test at home Scrivens

Due to this company being on the small scale, Scrivens cannot cater for their patients at home currently - however, this might change in the future.


Hearing test at home Hidden Hearing

This is a large company and therefore Hidden Hearing can visit their patients at home at no additional charge.  However, always check with their audiologist before you commit to an appointment.

Free hearing aid fitting at home

Hearing tests at home

What to expect from a hearing test at home


First, a breakdown:


What is an audiogram?

Before your ear examination, the audiologist will firstly ask you a series of questions to better understand your current health, family medical history and any specific worries and problems with your hearing.  The amount of information given is paramount to the way in which they can help you and determine the right hearing solution for you.  Remember that everything discussed is completely confidential.


Ear examination at home

The audiologist will begin examining your inner ear canal and outer ear with an otoscope, which visibly shows the general health of your ear and if anything might be obstructing your hearing - like earwax.  Then your hearing test (or audiogram) will begin.  The audiometer will be used to record various measurements that display your current level of hearing. 

These audiogram recordings will discover whether you have a hearing loss and ultimately diagnose the best hearing solution for your loss, helps to address any issues and will assist any future audiology plans.  Or you may need to be referred to an ENT specialist or GP for other treatment and examinations.


After your hearing test at home

The audiogram may seem a little overcomplicated at first, but your audiologist will go through every step and explain why each step is necessary - so you will always be in the know and aware of the process as and when it is happening.

If a hearing aid is needed your audiologist will go through all the hearing devices that would be beneficial for your hearing loss, lifestyle, budget, dexterity needs, technical needs and connectivity required.


Hearing test at home near me

With nationwide coverage, there is always an audiologist local to you. To find out how we can help you on your hearing journey or to book a hearing test at home or in clinic with us.  Call us free on 0800 567 7621 to book a free at home hearing test today.

Below are some quick references to other information about hearing care home visits, which you may find useful.

This information was written by Paul Harrison - Audiology Expert

Meet Paul Harrison, Audiology Expert & Founder of Hearing Aid UK

Managing Director & founder of Hearing Aid UK, with over 20 years of audiology experience and a member of the British Society of Hearing Aid Audiologists Council (BSHAA) between 2015-2020.

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