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Our Audiologists & Team

Meet Paul Harrison, Audiology Expert

Managing Director & founder of Hearing Aid UK, with over 20 years of audiology experience and a member of the British Society of Hearing Aid Audiologists Council (BSHAA).

Meet David, Audiology Expert

David graduated as an audiologist in 2003. He worked for many years dispensing hearing aids for the high street chains and later as an independent audiologist before joining the staff of Hearing Aid UK.

Hearing aid technology is a complex subject and can be confusing to many people, so these days David mainly focuses his time on researching and evaluating all of the many types of hearing aid in order to better inform our customers. 

Meet Mike, Hearing Aid UK Audiologist

Mike has been an audiologist for over 15 years now. He spent the first five years of his career working for the national chain Amplifon before launching his own business in 2008 and becoming a fully independent audiologist.

Mike has a patient led method for hearing aid fitting with clients typically trying on a minimum of three different hearing systems and comparing them in order to determine subjectively what suits them best, following Mike's objective testing and assessment. He splits his time equally between working in his busy high street practice and doing domiciliary visits.

When he's not at work Mike has twin daughters to keep him busy as well as being a keen sportsman. In 2018 he won the hearing industry 2018 golf tournament.


Meet Joy, Health & Audiology Adviser

Joy has always had a flair for the medical world and was a registered staff nurse before going into the field of audiology. 

With her empathetic nature and passion to educate, advice and help others – she assists and shares her knowledge and understanding of this industry, at Hearing Aid UK. Joy’s perspective is always on the patient’s side and dedicates most of her time to assisting those with hearing problems.

She works closely with all the independent audiologists and offers them continual support with important services, such as family-centred care. Joy believes that we should take the time to listen and to treat all our patients with the respect and significance they deserve.

Meet Kimberley, Customer Experience Executive

Kimberley started her love of content creation, as a freelancer to many well-established medical brands.  She has always believed in the power of words and how it can educate, influence, help and inspire those in a positive and beneficial way. Her medical representation has allowed her to focus on the importance of hearing healthcare and to explore the many ways in which hearing loss can be improved.

By working closely with the Hearing Aid UK audiologists, experts and advisers, she develops the eCommerce informative content, so that the customer's online experience is the best it can be. Through her work she shows a dedicated passion for this innovative industry, values their patients and holds a common thread for their shared ethos:

‘The patient’s wants, and needs are always the heart of what we do’

Meet Steve, Hearing Aid UK Audiologist

Stephen has been an independent audiologist working with Hearing Aid UK for a long time now, he first went independent and set up his own business 11 years ago after cutting his teeth with Amplifon back in 1997 and working for them as a domiciliary audiologist for over ten years. Whilst he now has three clinics he runs, Stephen still prefers the domiciliary side of things as he believes that it is much better for the aftercare to be done in a familiar environment and he spends 90% of his time doing home visits.

Nationwide Coverage

Hearing Aid UK's Coronavirus Statement

01/06/2020 Update:  All areas are open for business.

The government has recently announced and released documentation identifying that audiology is an essential service and should continue to be provided.  Therefore, our hearing healthcare services have been adapted according to the new guidelines set by the government.  We are also receiving constant support and advice from the professional bodies below on new practice procedures, infection control and protection.

To find out how we can help you and your hearing during and after the pandemic safely or for any other information, read our recent article - 'Audiology Services During & After Coronavirus' here call us free on 0800 5677621

Statement from Paul Harrison - Founder of Hearing Aid UK
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When we refer to a product as 'New', we mean that the product is new to the market.


When we refer to a product as 'Superseded', we mean that there is a newer range available which replaces and improves on this product.


Older Model

When we refer to a product as an 'Older Model', we mean that it is has been superseded by at least two more recent hearing aid ranges.