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Local Hearing Healthcare - Finding the Right Independent Hearing Aid Providers Near Me

By: Paul Harrison Updated: 11th May 2022 in: Hearing Aid Retailers, Latest News, Articles
Finding the Right Independent Hearing Aid Providers Near Me

Hearing Aid Providers UK

Finding the Right Independent Hearing Aid Providers Near Me


Discussing the value & importance of Patient-Centred Care in Audiology

A while back we published an article about Family Centred Care and how important it is during the patient hearing loss journey.  Understanding that all hearing loss is different and, therefore, should be treated as such.  We also talked about our experiences in the value of building trust and relativity with our patients, along with their families.

Here we discuss the role of the audiologist, the patient, and the professional relationship between the two.  Choosing to focus on not just the technical aspects of appointments and hearing health, but to connect and build a rapport with patients.  Ensuring that they leave completely happy with their digital hearing aids, the fit, the service and future healthcare plan.  As well as being well-equipped to self-manage their hearing loss and maintain their hearing aids successfully.


 How do I find a hearing aid dispenser near me?

Researching and educating yourself is important.  You might be looking for the "best hearing aid providers near me" or "hearing aid dispensers near me" - either way, we hope that this article will help you not only to find local hearing aids but also to find the right hearing aid provider near you. 

Before purchasing anything, most people look at the reviews and experiences that other people have had.  why should hearing aids be any different?  Researching what hearing aids are available and where you can source your hearing healthcare locally is so important at the beginning.  The right audiologist will make all the difference to your hearing loss journey and hearing healthcare future.


What is the patient-centred approach?

In brief, it is when patient preferences guide the decision-making process.  When an audiologist fully understands the patient's needs and specifications, so they can better inform and educate them and their families.  This could be about treatment options available and tailoring the information to suit the patient's worries and healthcare expectations.


How do I find the right hearing aid supplier near me?  What should I look out for?

The patient-centred care approach is the difference, and a true audiologist has this in bundles.  A professional who is able to think past the devices themselves can empower those with hearing loss.  A good audiologist understands that audiology appointments can be overwhelming for a patient because of the amount of information shared. 

With this in mind, they would dedicate the right amount of time to each of the appointments to cater to this.  So, what should you look out for when searching for the right audiologist?


 UK Audiologists

How do I find a hearing shop near me?

Finding the right independent hearing aid providers is easier than you think


Good communication is key

Finding the right audiologist near you is paramount.  In life, we always say that first impressions are the most important and it is no different in the audiology industry.  The first point of call with your audiologist is the same and great communication is vital. 

Communication ‘best practices' have evolved over time and the audiologists of today should have access to tools to better communicate with their patients and this should be their main priority.

For example, spending time counselling in each appointment in areas such as the skills to hear better, communicate better, live better.  It’s the little things that can make a big difference in beneficial communication between you and your audiologist. 

A good audiologist will provide you with a set of tools that you can access to help manage your hearing loss successfully.  Tools that are unique to your priorities and communication hurdles. 


Skills such as:

  • Getting your attention with great eye contact before starting a conversation.
  • Maintaining face-to-face contact throughout your visit.
  • Using slow and clear speech during your appointment and in any of your follow-up calls.
  • Sharing everyday tips for good communication in your life verbally and in written form - so you can easily refer to them and share the information with friends and people you work with.
  • The staff within the clinic will be highly trained on how to communicate and use assistive technology when needed.
  • Your audiologist will know all the current assistive listening devices available on the market to give you the best advice on the larger scope of solutions available for different hearing situations.
  • Your audiologist will welcome communicating partners to appointments - for support and joint decision-making.
  • Your appointment will be efficient and they will ask questions and actively listen to your answers.
  • Your audiologist will offer recommendations as well as information and communication strategies to mirror your unique needs within your aftercare plan.
  • They will actively schedule a follow-up appointment to check how you are getting on with your new aids.


Hearing loss is personal

Whilst finding the right hearing solution for you is the biggest challenge when embarking on your hearing loss journey – knowing all aspects of hearing healthcare will help you make more informed choices, individually or with your family, that are right for your hearing loss needs. 

An audiologist who welcomes and gets your family involved means you can share decisions and feel less burdened.  It will also educate your family on knowing the true effects of hearing loss and how they can help you going forward.


"It is important to know that one very understated benefit of having a local independent hearing aid audiologist, like the professionals we provide, rather than a national retailer is that of continuity of service. National companies employ dispensers usually on a salary plus commission basis. These dispensers typically move from one company to another as the 'grass gets greener' elsewhere.

This means that your hearing aid audiologist will probably change over the life of your hearing aids. With an independent business the hearing aid audiologist usually only changes when someone retires so you can expect a better and more consistent continuity of service" 

Paul Harrison - Founder of Hearing Aid UK


Finding the best hearing aid providers near me

At Hearing Aid UK, we always put the patient first.  Wherever you live, we will have around 2-3 independent local audiologists available.  We also offer free home visits at a time and day that is more convenient for you. 

We can support your hearing care locally with our nationwide network of hearing aid audiologists.  Call us free on 0800 567 7621 to have a chat about how we can support your hearing loss and put you in touch with the right audiologist near you.  If you are wondering who is the best hearing aid provider – read the latest Which? Report below.



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