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Articles - Latest hearing aid news & hearing loss news

Latest hearing aid, hearing loss & latest audiology news. Featuring articles written by our very own audiology experts.

Could the FX 322 drug cure hearing loss?
Posted by on 16th June 2022
Flash Audiology News, Latest News, Articles, Hearing Loss Awareness

A new drug that is injected into your ear has been created to promote stem cell growth that will develop hair-like cilia cells that are said to reverse hearing loss. Let's take a look at the science & facts behind this new drug for hearing loss. Is this really a cure?

Water in Ears
Posted by on 14th June 2022
Hearing Loss Awareness, Latest News, Articles

It's important to keep on top of your ear and hearing health and if you have any concerns you need to speak to your local GP. Here we talk about what causes trapped water in the ear, how to get water out of your ear, and how to prevent getting water in your ear.

Why do my ears itch?
Posted by on 7th June 2022
Hearing Loss Awareness, Latest News, Articles

You may have itchy ears and are constantly having to scratch right inside your ear canal to relieve the annoyance that it brings. The chances are it is due to how the sensitive skin in or around your ear is coping in your environment. In this article, we focus on the causes, treatments and how you can prevent your ear itching in the future.

New Genes Linked to Hearing Loss
Posted by on 26th May 2022
Flash Audiology News, Latest News, Articles

Even though there are successful forms of treatment for various levels of hearing loss, like hearing aids and cochlea implants, there is no cure or preventative. However, recent studies published in the American Journal of Human Genetics have found ten new genes that are linked with hearing loss, and in addition, the section of the ear affected. This is known as the stria vascularis.

Dementia Awareness Week 2022
Posted by on 16th May 2022
Hearing Loss Awareness, Latest News, Articles

For Dementia Awareness Week 2022, we talk about the link between hearing loss and Dementia. As if those with hearing loss don’t already have enough to worry about, studies have indicated that those with hearing loss are at higher risk of developing dementia. The link between these two conditions is becoming undeniable.

Deaf Awareness Week 2022 - Molly O'Brien Interview
Posted by on 12th May 2022
Hearing Loss Awareness, Latest News, Articles, Audiology Interviews

In light of Deaf Awareness Week 2022 - We look back at our interview with Molly O'Brien from the Deaf-Initely Women Charity. What drives her and her colleagues to support and inspire women...

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