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Updated 01/01/2024

Hearing Aids Help Centre

Our help centre is your access to the latest audiology news as well as professional hearing loss, hearing healthcare and hearing aid advice from our audiologists.

Rexton Reach Hearing Aids VS Rexton BiCore
Posted by on 22nd February 2024
Articles, Latest News

Looking back at the launch highlights of BiCore, Rexton's top technical advancement at this point was the introduction of two separate processors. When comparing BiCore with Rexton Reach - what has changed, what has stayed the same and is it worth the upgrade?

Resound Nexia Hearing Aids VS Resound Omnia
Posted by on 21st February 2024

View our comparison chart of Resound Nexia hearing aids vs Resound Omnia hearing aids. You can see how different they are when looking at the accessories, performance, and features in this article.

Emily Interviews Kimberley Bradshaw - A Tinnitus Sufferer
Posted by on 15th February 2024
Hearing Loss Awareness, Latest News, Articles, Audiology Interviews

Hearing Aid UK’s, Emily Varnam interviews Head of Content, Kimberley Bradshaw, about her intermittent tinnitus, the causes, triggers, and management strategies she uses every day to make her tinnitus less dominating and to improve her quality of life.

What does hearing aid technology and the audiology industry look like for 2024?
Posted by on 10th January 2024
Hearing Aid Technology, Latest News, Articles

When people predict how any industry is going to move forward it is no easy feat. The hearing aid industry is no different. The rate in which hearing aid technology has advanced over the last few years has given rise to increased competition within the industry itself. Inspiring consumers to want, need and expect more from these devices.

The Which? Report: Best hearing aid providers for 2024
Posted by on 2nd January 2024
Hearing Aid Retailers, Latest News, Articles

Which? Magazine typically reports on the best places to purchase hearing aids from around every two to three years. This is a summary of their latest report on the best hearing aid providers for 2024.

Latest Resound Hearing Aids 2024
Posted by on 1st January 2024
Hearing Aid Technology, Latest News, Articles

In this article, we will take a brief look into the Resound digital hearing aid launches throughout 2024 and beyond. We will be updating this content as and when new products are available in the UK market from Resound.

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When we refer to a product as 'Latest Launch', we mean it is the latest to be released on the market.



When we refer to a product as 'New', we mean that the product is the newest hearing aid model on the market.


When we refer to a product as 'Superseded', we mean that there is a newer range available which replaces and improves on this product.


Older Model

When we refer to a product as an 'Older Model', we mean that it is has been superseded by at least two more recent hearing aid ranges.