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Bluetooth Hearing Aids UK

Updated 16/07/2024
Table of Contents
Bluetooth hearing aids 2024

The Best Bluetooth Hearing Aids

What are Bluetooth hearing aids?

Bluetooth hearing aids are a type of hearing aid that uses Bluetooth technology to wirelessly connect to other devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and computers.

This allows wearers to stream audio directly to their hearing aids, as well as control them using their mobile or remote control.

But why are Bluetooth hearing aids beneficial, how do they work and how do they help you stay connected?  This page goes through all the basics you need to know about Bluetooth hearing aids and how they can help your hearing.

If you have noticed a change in your hearing, our audiologists are here to help.  Book an appointment for a free hearing health check and find out if Bluetooth hearing aids are right for you.


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Best Bluetooth hearing aids in the UK

Quick benefits of Bluetooth hearing aids

Watching TV 

You can stream TV audio directly to your hearing aids via Bluetooth.

Chatting on the phone

Enjoy stress-free phone calls with direct audio streamed to your hearing aids with Bluetooth.

Listening to music

Stream your favourite music directly to your hearing aids without the need for headphones.

What are Bluetooth hearing aids?

Bluetooth hearing aids how do they work?

So, how do Bluetooth hearing aids work? In short, they are wireless communication systems between devices. Bluetooth hearing aids transmit radio waves through high-frequency channels to connect to another source. 

They are paired with each other to communicate data safely by changing frequency continuously - thousands of times per second. 

This clever ‘wireless radio’ technology was developed in 1994 and provided the market with two or more electronic devices that were able to switch data between each other wirelessly – using radio waves. 

All Bluetooth hearing aids now have a hearing aid app that you can download onto your mobile. Giving you access to discreet adjustments on the go, whenever you need to.  Your audiologist can also tap into your app and make professional adjustments remotely.

We have over 200 audiologists nationwide and can find an audiologist in your area to assist you with hearing aids and hearing healthcare treatment plans.

Bluetooth hearing aids 2024

Bluetooth hearing aids keep you connected

Hearing aids with Bluetooth connectivity enhance your everyday life and keep you connected to both iOS and Android phones, as well as other wireless devices. 

You can also connect Bluetooth hearing aids to TV systems and other devices in your own home.

Historically, hearing aids held limitations for hearing aid wearers in regards to accessing audio devices like mobile phones.  You can imagine this was quite frustrating.

For example, if they wanted to jog and listen to music at the same time - they would have to remove their hearing aids to switch to headphones.

Bluetooth hearing aids have come a long way and modern hearing aids are so much better -accommodating both connections to audio devices and streaming sound straight to your hearing aids. 

There are different types of Bluetooth hearing aids

Bluetooth Hearing Aids

Are Bluetooth Hearing Aids Right For Me?

Do I really need Bluetooth hearing aid technology?


Are Bluetooth hearing aids worth it? 

Today's Bluetooth hearing aids cater to all types and levels of hearing loss from mild to severe.  They are extremely convenient for those who use Bluetooth-enabled devices like tablets, iPads, TVs, and smartphones. 

Using such Bluetooth technology will allow your hearing aids to enhance your everyday life, making it easier whilst giving you more control and more freedom.  

But will you use the technology?  Bluetooth hearing aids connect you to your friends, loved ones, and the world seamlessly.  However, if you do not use Bluetooth devices and have a standard smartphone - you may not get the most out of Bluetooth hearing aids. 

Your audiologist will go through what you want from your hearing aids, what your hearing loss needs, and also what would enhance your current lifestyle.  It is also important that you discuss what Bluetooth-enabled devices you have already that you'd like to connect with your hearing aids and whether the technology is compatible.


The smart technology of Bluetooth hearing aids

Historically the concept of Bluetooth hearing aids described only the devices that have a direct connection to a mobile phone to enable audio streaming.  In short, when the industry spoke about Bluetooth hearing aids, they were referring to Made for iPhone hearing aids (also known as MFI).

The Made for iPhone hearing aids came onto the market with Resound’s LiNX platform in 2014 – their first iPhone device.  This was then quickly mirrored by Starkey’s Halo hearing aids and now the industry has seen a sea of change with manufacturers adding to their Bluetooth hearing aid ranges.


What if my hearing aids can't connect?

If your hearing aids don't incorporate direct streaming, don't worry, there are plenty of hearing aid streamers on the market that connect you. 

Pretty much all the hearing aid manufacturers have Bluetooth-compatible hearing aid streamers.  It ensures fast, low-energy, and reliable wireless audio streaming directly to your hearing aids.

What are Bluetooth hearing aid streamers? Streamers are effectively the 'go-between' between your hearing aids and your electronic device.

Unitron Vivante hearing aid models

Bluetooth Hearing Aids For Any Phone

Made for Any Phone Hearing Aids

Truly Made for any Phone Bluetooth hearing aids are only available from the Sonova Group - who brought you Phonak, Unitron, and Audio Nova. 

Offering you the flexibility of having connectivity to any smartphone or mobile phone, whether it's iPhone or Android, with Bluetooth capabilities - for audio and call streaming (and pretty much any electronic device with Bluetooth).

Bluetooth hearing aids 2024

Bluetooth Hearing Aids iPhone

Made for iPhone Hearing Aids

Bluetooth hearing aids for iPhone are also acknowledged as both MFI and Made for iPhone hearing aids - which basically means a technology to be paired with iPhones, iPads, and iPods.

It is a licensed product that is Apple-specific and includes a variety of devices to connect and integrate.

You might want to consider a rechargeable option, if you are buying Bluetooth hearing aids compatible with iPhone, in order to be able to take full advantage of the direct Bluetooth hearing aids streaming capabilities.

Bluetooth hearing aids 2024

Bluetooth Hearing Aids Android

Made for Android Hearing Aids

Before Android 10, Android developers were having a bit of a problem. They hadn't invested enough time to research, develop, and launch hearing aid integration.

Android displayed similar features to that of the Made for iPhone hearing aids - but had always needed a streamer, whilst Apple was a direct connection.  All that has changed.

Over the last few years, Google has been dedicated to making Bluetooth hearing aids for Android phones more accessible to the hearing impaired. The company launched an app called Sound Amplifier - turning your Android smartphone into a hearing aid.

Bluetooth Hearing Aids UK

Best Hearing Aids with Bluetooth

Are Bluetooth hearing aids any good?


Bluetooth development has been a challenge

Even though hearing aid manufacturers saw huge potential and benefits to Bluetooth hearing aid technology over the years, the development hasn’t been plain sailing. 

Originally, the transferred audio wasn’t of great quality and relied on huge amounts of power.  Due to this, most brands opted to design streamers to bridge the gap between connectivity and sound quality – a middleman of sorts.  

Ultimately, this resulted in both launching the first-ever Made for iPhone hearing aids with a direct connection.  Allowing you to access the world through your hearing aids using mobile phone features and apps. 

All hearing aid manufacturers now have Made for iPhone Bluetooth hearing aid models on offer, but it is worthwhile knowing that you may need a connective device – a streamer - for some models for hearing aid mobile phone compatibility.  


What do we think of Bluetooth hearing aids?

Are there advantages of Bluetooth hearing aids?  Most consumers and audiologists would say they were better, even though the Bluetooth hearing aid connectivity doesn’t ensure better-performing hearing aids. 

One of the main benefits of Bluetooth hearing aids is their ability to connect to a wide range of devices, including phones, TVs, and music players. This allows users to stream audio directly to their hearing aids, which can be especially useful for people who have difficulty hearing in noisy environments or who have difficulty understanding speech.

Another benefit of Bluetooth hearing aids is their ability to be controlled remotely. Many Bluetooth hearing aids come with a remote control or app that allows users to adjust the volume, switch between listening programs, and control other features.

This can be especially convenient for people who have difficulty manipulating small buttons or who have dexterity issues.

Bluetooth hearing aids also offer several other benefits. For example, many models come with noise reduction and feedback reduction technologies, which can help to improve the overall listening experience.  They may also come with directional microphones, which can help to improve speech understanding in noisy environments. 


Did you know that we offer free home visits?

Wherever you live, we have between 2-3 audiologists in your area who can support your hearing healthcare locally.  You can book an appointment to see them in one of our clinics or in the comfort of your own home, at a time that suits you.

best bluetooth hearing aids 2024

Bluetooth Industry Terms for Hearing Aids

Made for iPhone hearing aids (MFI)

These connect directly to iPhones without an additional streamer for streaming calls and audio.  MFI hearing aid devices don’t always connect to Android phones and might need a streamer to be successful.   

Made for Android hearing aids or Made for Any Phone (MFA)

These, in the past, still needed an additional streamer, but since Android 10 – the future of direct connection has become brighter.  These now connect to any mobile phone with Bluetooth capabilities and pretty much any Bluetooth device.

Rechargeable Bluetooth Hearing Aids 2024

Bluetooth hearing aid streamers

It is important to bear in mind that whilst some Bluetooth hearing aids are Made for iPhone, they may still need a streamer to benefit from the wireless technology. 

This would be an additional cost that is usually between £200 to £500 - depending on the brand and device needed.

Your audiologist will discuss all the options available to you, if a streamer is needed, you can also purchase these directly from them.

Bluetooth compatible hearing aids

These are not a direct connection and need a streamer to connect to a mobile phone and to stream audio (using an app).  They do connect to Android devices the same way once you have said streamer in place.

Bluetooth Hearing Aids Cost 2024

Bluetooth Hearing Aids Costs

How much are Bluetooth hearing aids in the UK? 

With the introduction of Bluetooth 4.0 - this innovation, as well as the rise of lithium-ion rechargeable batteries, means Bluetooth hearing aids are now widely available.

They have become rather mainstream and, therefore, result in many Bluetooth hearing aids prices being no more expensive than ones that don't have this technology.  The average cost of Bluetooth hearing aids now starts from £795 - £1895 per aid. 

You might have visited a highstreet hearing aid retailer and quoted a high price for hearing aids.  We recommend you compare our prices, which are published for all to see.  In most cases, we are around 40% off the high street prices.

Bluetooth Hearing Aids UK

Best Bluetooth Enabled Hearing Aids

Advantages of Bluetooth hearing aids


Bluetooth hearing aid benefits

Even if you need an additional hearing aid streamer to benefit from wireless connectivity and functions, Bluetooth hearing aids offer a plethora of advantages to hearing aid wearers.  Here are our audiologist's top four below.


1.  Bluetooth hearing aids give you better control

You can control sound more easily with Bluetooth hearing aids, as sound can be adjusted remotely through your smartphone or using a streamer.  This means you will have full control and management of your hearing aids at your fingertips. 

This is a huge benefit to those who wear discreet hearing aids and cannot gain access to any external controls to make adjustments.


2.  You get a more tailored listening experience with Bluetooth hearing aids

You can stream sound directly to both hearing aids with Bluetooth hearing aids.  For example, when you are on the phone you can stream sound into just one hearing aid device so you can continue to hear your surrounding sounds. 

Alternatively, you can stream music into both hearing aids, like you would headphones.  This benefits you because you will always have a natural and realistic listening experience.


3.  There is better localisation with Bluetooth hearing aids

Because Bluetooth hearing aids work in sync using binaural hearing technology, they mimic the natural localisation of both your own ears.  This benefits you because it makes it easier to know where sound is coming from. 

Hearing aids without Bluetooth usually process sound separately, which can sometimes make figuring out the direction of sound more challenging.


4.  Bluetooth hearing aids allow for multiple connectivity

Hearing aid streamers can often be connected to several Bluetooth-enabled devices, which makes it a lot easier to switch between them and the sounds you want to be streamed into your hearing aids.  

What to ask your audiologist regarding Bluetooth hearing aids

Before you consider purchasing your Bluetooth hearing aids, reflect on your needs and priorities, as well as discuss your queries, anxieties, and expectations with your audiologist.

At the end of the day, you mustn't be paying for what you ultimately don't need.

Here is our consumer tick list for those who are thinking about upgrading or purchasing Bluetooth hearing aids and some questions you might want to ask your audiologist:

  • iPhone Streaming: Do the hearing aids stream audio from iOS devices?
  • Android Streaming: Do the hearing aids stream audio from Android phones?
  • Laptop Streaming: Do the hearing aids stream audio from laptops and other Bluetooth hearing aid devices?
  • Accessories: Do I need to purchase accessories to stream audio from various devices or to have hands-free calls with these hearing aids?
  • Connectivity: Do the hearing aids provide reliable connectivity with numerous devices and is it easy to install?  How many Bluetooth devices can you connect to at the same time?

Bluetooth Hearing Aids UK

Best Bluetooth Hearing Aids UK of 2024

Our top 3 Bluetooth hearing aids recommended by our audiologists


What are the best Bluetooth hearing aids?

With less stigma, better audio technology, and advanced Bluetooth hearing aid technology and features - it is now a great time to trial hearing solutions and experience the benefits they bring.

How do we choose the best Bluetooth hearing aids?  Finding the right Bluetooth hearing aids for you will depend entirely on your unique preferences, hearing loss needs, budget, and what you typically want from your hearing aids.  In so many ways, there is no one-size-fits-all answer here.

However, to help you find the best Bluetooth hearing aids on the market, we have consulted a panel of two of our audiologists to provide recommendations based on their own experiences and expertise.

Our Bluetooth hearing aids reviews are based on brand reputation, customer reviews of the product, and our audiologist's experience.  

Phonak Bluetooth hearing aids


Phonak Audeo Lumity Bluetooth Hearing Aids

Why buy? 

Well, these hearing aids arguably have the strongest and most stable Bluetooth connectivity along with advanced personalisation.  They boast Bluetooth Classic, giving you a reliable connection and hands-free calls from both iPhone and Android wireless devices.

Like the Paradise, these include the PRISM chipset allows for twice the memory we saw in Marvel.  This hearing aid combines advanced sound quality, motion sensors, a personable hearing experience, and digital solutions along with universal and multiple Bluetooth connectivity.

Using Phonak's Motion Sensors, Lumity can control Bluetooth features with a double-tap of your ear. So, you can accept/end calls, pause/resume streaming, and ask Google for driving instructions with a simple tap. 

Lumity digital hearing aids allow for eight Bluetooth-enabled devices to be paired, while two can be simultaneously connected.

Signia Bluetooth hearing aids

Second Place 

Signia Insio Charge&Go AX Bluetooth Hearing Aids

Why buy? 

A small, discreet rechargeable custom In Ear offering with the innovative AX platform technology.  This In-Ear rechargeable hearing aid brings optimum hearing technology and discretion that is custom-made for extra comfort every day.  Custom-made means that the hearing aid itself is adapted to fit your unique ear shape or 'ear anatomy', so it is even more discreet.  

The Insio offers state-of-the-art Bluetooth connectivity to both iPhone and Android devices to stream calls, music, and TV audio directly through to your devices.  You can also enjoy the benefits of connecting to the Signia app and Signia Assistant for further personalisation and an AX (augmented) listening experience.

The Insio AX incorporates the successful Augmented Xperience platform that was first introduced in the Signia Pure Charge&Go AX range back in May 2021. This platform offers a unique hearing experience within a high-end hearing device.

Resulting in a reduction in hearing effort and clear speech in conversation - even on the go and in any hearing situation.  All in all, this device achieves a great balance of sound quality for wearers with mild to moderate hearing loss who want great Bluetooth features. 

per aid
per pair
per aid
per pair
Tech Rating:
per aid
per pair

In the Ear
Fitting Styles: ITE, ITC

4 Year Warranty Included. Signia Insio AX aids are rechargeable and price includes recharging station.

Signia AX Full Range

In the Ear
Fitting Styles: ITE, ITC

4 Year Warranty Included. Signia Insio AX aids are rechargeable and price includes recharging station.

Signia AX Full Range

Oticon Bluetooth hearing aids

Runner Up 

Oticon Intent Bluetooth Hearing Aids

Why buy? 

A popular Bluetooth hearing aid with AI-powered natural sound.  This Oticon hearing aid is a discreet rechargeable style with technology for you to gain from all relevant sounds and supports how your brain works naturally.

Advancing on their already successful BrainHearing technology philosophy and combining the Deep Neural Network and the new Solaris platform.  This means you will benefit from more of the meaningful sounds around you, more balance and clarity of all the little details, and more captures of the special moments that sound brings to life.

When it comes to connectivity, Intent ticks all the boxes.  You can connect to the full range of Oticon accessories and they perform really well with most mobile phones.  Oticon has also stated that the Intent will work with the new Bluetooth protocol, LE Audio, and Auracast, which will effectively be the new generation of reliable audio streaming.  

In fact, Intent mirrors a lot of the benefits found in Audeo Lumity at a similar price.  One of the differences is how these two products deal with background noise.  Whilst Intent uses a more natural open sound portrayed in 360 degrees that mirrors the way our brain naturally hears (this is where the AI comes in) - Lumity focuses more on speech to reduce the effect of background noise.

Tech Rating:
per aid
per pair

Behind the Ear
Fitting Styles: RIC

Warranty:  5 Years
Charger:  Comes with charger

Oticon Intent Full Range

Behind the Ear
Fitting Styles: RIC

Warranty:  5 Years
Charger:  Comes with charger

Oticon Intent Full Range

Bluetooth Hearing Aids UK

Digital Bluetooth Hearing Aids

Future Bluetooth technology


Auracast Bluetooth for hearing aids

Auracast Bluetooth technology will be integrated into hearing aids, revolutionising auditory assistance. With its advanced connectivity, Auracast enables direct streaming of phone calls, music, and other audio content from smartphones and compatible devices. This innovation enhances the hearing aid user experience, providing crystal-clear sound quality and eliminating background noise.

Auracast's low-energy consumption also helps to prolong battery life, ensuring extended usage without interruption. Its user-friendly interface simplifies device pairing and customisation, supporting hearing personalisation.

Auracast Bluetooth technology will roll out within the next six or so years in hearing aids - representing a significant leap forward, offering enhanced accessibility and improved quality of life for those with hearing loss.


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Need more support with the best Bluetooth hearing aids in the UK? 

You might be new to hearing aids, or you might be thinking about upgrading and wondering which device would be right for you or you simply might want more information on Bluetooth hearing aids on the market.

If you are considering this type of hearing aid, it's a good idea to speak with an audiologist to determine the best option for your specific needs.

Call us free on 0800 567 7621 and one of our experts will be happy to advise you.  Or click on a button below to discover more about the different types of Bluetooth hearing aids.

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Watch Oticon's video below about their Bluetooth hearing aids and connectivity

Common FAQs about Bluetooth hearing aids

What about Bluetooth hearing aids apps?

Hearing aid apps generally connect directly to various smart devices using Bluetooth, so wearers can control their hearing aid features and settings like programs and volume.  Program management is a great tool, as you can use a range of feature sets in different environments to help you hear better.  For instance, hearing speech clearly whilst walking in the park with a friend. 

Can I connect my Bluetooth hearing aids to my TV?

By using a TV Adapter you can sit back and enjoy your favourite programmes with audio straight to your Bluetooth hearing aids.  You can control the volume of your TV, balance environmental sounds, and easily switch between multiple Bluetooth-enabled devices.

Where can I purchase Bluetooth hearing aids? Can I buy them online?

In reality, you probably won't be able to purchase Bluetooth hearing aids online. There are some cheaper and less reliable OTC devices available, but most hearing aid brands do not operate like this. You will need to visit your local audiologist to access this type of hearing aid.

Are Bluetooth hearing aids safe?

Are Bluetooth hearing aids bad for you?  Bluetooth hearing aids are considered safe for use by regulatory agencies. Bluetooth technology uses low levels of radio frequency (RF) radiation to transmit data wirelessly between devices. 

Bluetooth hearing aids and flying - is it safe?

Yes, flying with Bluetooth hearing aids is safe. Bluetooth technology uses radio waves to transmit data, which is not affected by changes in altitude. Therefore, it is safe to use Bluetooth hearing aids on an airplane.

Bluetooth hearing aids and pacemakers - are they safe?

Generally, it is safe to use a pacemaker and Bluetooth hearing aids together, but it is important to take certain precautions to ensure their safe use.

Overall, as long as you take these precautions and follow the advice of your healthcare provider, it should be safe to use both a pacemaker and Bluetooth hearing aids.

How do Bluetooth hearing aids connect to TV?

What about Bluetooth hearing aids and TV?  With hearing aid TV Adapters you can sit back and enjoy your favourite programmes.  Most hearing aid brands also have hearing aid apps that can give you extra convenience when used together with a TV Adapter.  Such as:

  • Control the volume of your TV.
  • Balance environmental sound.
  • Easily switch between multiple
  • Bluetooth-enabled devices.

NHS Bluetooth hearing aids:  Can you get Bluetooth hearing aids on the NHS?

Are Bluetooth hearing aids available on the NHS?  The NHS is now able to offer Bluetooth hearing aids.  However, the decision does lie with your local GP or NHS Trust to ultimately decide whether you need them or not along with why you feel like you could benefit from them.  However, like with all NHS hearing aids - the choice and technology will be limited.

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