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Made for Android Compatible Hearing Aids - Hearing aids that work with Android mobile phones

Updated 02/01/2024
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Made For Android Hearing Aids

Bluetooth Hearing Aids for Android

Hearing aids compatible with Android 

What are Made for Android hearing aids?  Before Android 10, Android developers were having a bit of a problem with their Made for Android devices.  They hadn't invested enough time to research, develop, and launch hearing aid integration. 

Android displayed similar features to that of the Made for iPhone hearing aids - but had always needed a streamer, whilst Apple was a direct connection.  But now that's all changed.

However, Hearing aid compatibility can vary across different Android devices and hearing aid manufacturers. Therefore, it's recommended to verify the specific compatibility details between your Android phone and the hearing aid model you are considering before making a purchase. 

We hope this page will go in some way to help you decide whether these hearing aids are a good fit for you.

Made For Android Hearing Aids

Android is now offering more accessibility and over the last few years, Google has been dedicated to making Android more accessible to the hearing impaired.  The company launched an app called Sound Amplifier - turning your Android smartphone into a hearing aid.

The downside to the Android 10, is that it can only be compatible with hearing aids and mobiles from 2019 when this was launched.  However, this new Android development meant that people with hearing loss and this type of smartphone could now stream music, calls, and other audio directly from their Google devices.

 What are the prices of Made for Android hearing aids?

All Bluetooth hearing aids are increasing in popularity and becoming more widespread because of this.  The good news is that due to the rise in demand - Bluetooth hearing aids prices have dropped and are now only a fraction more expensive than traditional devices.  

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Made For Android Hearing Aids

Pairing hearing aids with Android

How to connect hearing aids to your Android device

So, how do you connect hearing aids to Android mobile phones?  With most electronic devices, pairing varies, it's no different pairing hearing aids with Android.  As all hearing aid makes and models have different requirements, apps, and features - they all pair hearing aids with Android phones differently. 

Once you have decided on a hearing for your Android Bluetooth phone (and if that is the right choice for you), your audiologist will go through everything you need to know.  They will even pair your mobile phone with your hearing aids at your fitting, so you don't have to connect your hearing aids to your Android phone yourself.


A step-by-step guide to pairing your hearing aid to your Android smartphone:

  1. Open your mobile settings app.
  2. Click on connected devices and then pair a new device.
  3. Click on your hearing aid from the list and wait for your hearing aids to be connected.
  4. If you have two hearing aids - you will need to do this for both hearing aids.


Made For Android Hearing Aids

Hearing Aids with Android Bluetooth

Made for Android hearing aid review - what are the benefits?

The Made for Android hearing aids sector of the market is developing rapidly, so we are sure to see a few more Apple and Android compatible Bluetooth hearing aids soon.  However, it is important to remember that some Android-compatible hearing aids are unable to stream podcasts, music, and film content, unlike the hearing aids that connect to Apple’s iPhone.

Made for Android mobile phones offer several benefits for users, providing a seamless and enhanced experience. Here are four key advantages of Made for Android devices:

Compatibility and integration

Made for Android hearing aids ensure compatibility and integration with the Android operating system. These devices are designed to work optimally with Android smartphones and tablets by leveraging the capabilities of the Android platform. This seamless integration ensures smooth communication between the device and the Android ecosystem, offering a cohesive and efficient user experience.

Enhanced connectivity

Made for Android devices often come with advanced connectivity features. They can utilise technologies like Bluetooth to establish a robust connection with Android smartphones or tablets. This connectivity allows for easy file transfer, quick charging, and seamless integration with other Android accessories.

Customisation and control

Made for Android devices often offer personalisation options and extensive control features. Hearing aid manufacturers provide dedicated apps that allow users to personalise their device's settings.  Such as display preferences, system themes, app layouts, and more. These customisation options empower users to tailor their Android experience according to their preferences - making it a highly personalised and user-friendly environment.

Access to exclusive features

Made for Android devices may grant users access to exclusive features and services. Manufacturers often collaborate with Android developers to create specialised apps, features, or services that are specifically designed for their devices. 

Made For Android Hearing Aids

Made for Android Hearing Aids

 What if my hearing aid isn't Made for Android?

Hearing aids can be compatible with Android phones, allowing users to pair and connect their hearing aids with their mobile devices. However, it's important to note that compatibility can vary depending on the specific hearing aid model, Android device, and operating system version.

In our experience, the hearing aid you choose should not solely come down to direct Bluetooth connectivity alone.  Your priority should always be what hearing aid is best for your hearing loss and what will help you hear better.  Always ask your audiologist about the different connectivity options.


Android hearing aid streaming

For instance, the Bernafon Viron, Zerena and Leox or older are great hearing aids, which are compatible with iPhone and Apple devices, but if you have an Android phone you can still benefit from great features.  Bernafon's EasyControl-A app is compatible with devices powered by:

You can access great hearing aid control with this app, even if you have an Android phone.  Regulate the volume, change your listening program, find your hearing aids, and check your battery life with this useful app.


Things you should know about Android hearing aids

Here are some key points to consider when using hearing aids with Android phones:


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Need more support with Made for Android hearing aids?

If you are used to switching and using various electronic devices at home, you'll have no problems using Bluetooth hearing aids. 

There are many advantages of Bluetooth hearing aids, such as: streaming TV audio and music directly to your hearing aids and accessing user-friendly phone calls straight to your hearing aids.  

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Watch the Made for Android hearing aids pairing video below

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Common FAQs about Made for Android hearing aids

What is a Made for Android hearing aid?

A Made for Android hearing aid is a technology that can be paired with both Android and iOS Bluetooth devices.

What can Made for Android hearing aids connect to?

They can wirelessly stream audio from both iOS and Android devices for calls, music, apps and more. They can also be used to personalise your listening experience by using them as a remote control via a hearing aid app.

How can Made for Android hearing aids support my hearing?

When paired, they transmit an audio feed to your hearing aids directly. This then gives you clear conversation and ultimately makes it easier to use the phone and listen to audio.

What brands do Made for Android hearing aids?

In 2019 both Resound and Starkey showed innovation by launching Made for Android hearing aids using low-energy Bluetooth technology.  With the streaming done using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), both hearing aids and phones can have enough battery power to get through an entire day.

However, this was only successful on recent Android phones operating with the Android 10 platform - back then it was only Google Pixel 3 and 4 that were compatible, but more and more are becoming available for compatibility.  The current Made for Android  (and iPhone) hearing aids are Starkey Livio, Phonak Marvel, Unitron Discover and Resound Quattro.

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