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Digital Hearing Aids - What are they?

By: Paul Harrison Updated: 22nd December 2020 in: Latest News, Articles
Digital Hearing Aids - What are they?

Digital Hearing Aids - What are they?

Digital hearing aids explained

Todays' world is always connecting and always communicating digitally.  When we are in our homes we are tuned in to digital TV, media and sound systems.  We even drive with GPS systems, so why shouldn't our hearing aids offer digital solutions?

Digital hearing aids definition

Now there are a plethora of digital hearing aids available on the market to complement not just different levels of hearing loss, but delivering connectivity needs and enhancing lifestyles.  Digital hearing aids pair with smartphones and interact with other Bluetooth devices within our homes.    They offer bespoke hearing experiences and allow you to take charge of your hearing aids, so you gain from personalisation and a wide range of health benefits.  We are now in a time that is benefiting greatly, as good hearing is linked to increased quality of life.

Analog hearing aids and digital hearing aids comparison

 Digital hearing aids vs analog hearing aids

Wondering what the difference is between analog hearing aids and digital hearing aids?  Well, before the industry introduced digital hearing aids, there were only analog devices available.  In terms of sound signals, analog hearing aids were constant and uniform in flow.  This meant that the layers of sound were missing - unlike digital hearing aids.

For analog hearing aids to adapt - the volume had to be turned up, making your hearing experience more uncomfortable.  Background noise reduction was not possible either, without turning up the volume.  

Digital hearing aids incorporate sound signals that change and are unique, which ultimately introduces a more natural-sounding speech and audio including depth and variation.  This means you can personalise how you hear the sound around you, due to all the digital features available.

Benefits of digital hearing aids

Over the last few years, there have been some outstanding hearing aid technology developments.  Innovations such as advanced sound processing and frequency responses, faster Bluetooth connectivity and compatibility, the rise of the digital hearing aid apps and remote assistant features, quick and convenient rechargeable options and artificial intelligence that learns in real-time.  With that in mind, here are some of the advantages of digital hearing aids currently available in the industry:

  • More comfortable and natural:  Turning up the volume in traditional hearing aids made hearing experiences screechy in various environments.  Digital hearing aids allow you to customise your hearing accessibility for more comfortable listening.  
  • Connectivity:  Digital hearing aids can be paired with smartphones, tablets and other digital wireless devices.  Connecting you to the world via streaming and entertainment.
  • Control:  You can discreetly control the sound you hear and your digital hearing aids volume and features at the touch of a button, via your smartphone apps.
  • Small & smart:  The style of digital hearing aids have evolved over the years and now come in smaller casings and offer discretion for the wearer - sometimes almost invisible!

Digital Hearing Aids Q&A's

Top Questions about Digital Hearing Aids

Below are some common questions we receive from our customers regarding digital hearing aids.  Questions like how much are digital hearing aids?  What are the best digital hearing aids?  Does the NHS do digital hearing aids?  Let's take a look...

Digital hearing aids cost

The digital hearing aids available today range from £445 each and £795 a pair.  But, like with all modern technology, price depends on the technology, sound, connectivity and amplification you want and need.

To discover the range of digital hearing aids we have available and to view the latest digital hearing aid prices, visit our full pricelist here

Digital hearing aids NHS

Digital hearing aid models can be set to your specific hearing loss requirements and are now issued as standard on the NHS.  However, please remember that although the NHS provide a good audiology service, it isn't for everyone.  For example, the technology and styles available are very limited so if style, choice and connectivity are important to you, you might be disappointed.

NHS digital hearing aid prices

All hearing aids, hearing tests and aftercare by the NHS are free of charge.  Whether you choose to go with the NHS or private, finding the right hearing solution for your unique hearing loss is what is most important.

Digital hearing aids with Bluetooth

To find out more about Bluetooth hearing aids, how they work, Bluetooth hearing aids for iPhone, Bluetooth hearing aids for Android and Bluetooth hearing aids for Any Phone - Read our Bluetooth information page here

How do digital hearing aids work?

To discover how digital hearing aids work, visit our article here

Digital Hearing Aids

Digital hearing aid manufacturers

Below are links to the digital hearing aid manufacturers we have available and main brands within the industry.

Digital hearing aid reviews

You can read all about our reviews from our customers that have purchased digital hearing aids from us here



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