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Digital Hearing Aid Accessories - Hearing aid accessories that solve real problems for patients

Updated 10/06/2022

Digital Hearing Aid Accessories

Digital Hearing Aid Accessories UK

Hearing aid accessories that solve real problems for patients


Hearing Aids and Accessories – The perfect combination

Digital hearing aid manufacturers are constantly developing their approach to hearing care to make a dramatic difference to those with hearing loss and ultimately improve their quality of life.  Giving you flexibility, convenience and useful tools to complement your lifestyle and needs.


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Digital Hearing Aid Accessories - What does each hearing aid manufacturer offer?

Here we take a look at all the popular hearing aid accessories available on the market from all the main manufacturers, how they can help you and the alternatives throughout the brands.  Please remember that this list is not exhaustive, and compatibility depends on what hearing aids you currently have. 


Are my hearing aids compatible with wireless hearing aid accessories?

If your hearing aid supports wireless connectivity you can use hearing aid accessories to connect to various devices such as your television.  We recommend that you speak with your local audiologist to advise you on what hearing aid accessories would benefit you the most.


Can you buy hearing aid accessories online?

Although most hearing aid wearers prefer to go through their own audiologist for their hearing aid accessories - you can source and purchase them online easily.  If this is the route you wish to take, ensure that you research prices and the warranty policy.


Digital Hearing Aid Accessories

Digital Hearing Aid Accessories

Exploring the hearing aid accessories market


What do the hearing aid brands have to offer?

Below you will find out more information on digital hearing aid accessories offered by each of the following manufacturers on our range pages:


Digital Hearing Aid Accessories

Digital Hearing Aid Accessories

What are digital hearing aid accessories?


Most hearing aids come with a choice of accessories that can be purchased at the time or after the hearing aids have been worn for some time. These include wireless transmitters that enable the sound from a television or telephone or other devices to “beam” sound into the hearing aid.

The need for certain assistance by way of accessories can sometimes heavily influence the choice of make or model of hearing aid required.  There are some useful ones, and you should discuss accessories with your hearing aid dispenser as you may be missing out.


Can my audiologist get me hearing aid accessories?

Like I mentioned earlier, a lot of our customers prefer to go through the audiologist we put them in touch with to source their hearing aid accessories.  Most audiologists keep a small selection in stock of the popular hearing aid accessories, but if they don't have the accessory you require - they can order these products for you.

Oticon Connect Clip

Digital Hearing Aid Accessories: 

Wireless Microphone

Good for hands-free calls, streaming music from your mobile, controlling your hearing aids remotely and enhancing someone’s voice from a distance.

Enjoy clear conversations in busy atmospheres, like restaurants and coffee shops by changing your hearing aids into wireless headphones - gaining from high-quality sound wherever you are.  Oticon's ConnectClip is a great example of this - seen in the images.

How do I get started?: The person you are talking to would wear the clip-on hearing aid accessory and their voice will be transmitted straight into your hearing aids. 

What if I don't have a hearing aid with Bluetooth?:  It'll be different for other brands, but with Oticon, you can use the ConnectLine microphone instead - using the Streamer Pro to benefit from easier and more comfortable conversations.

When to use?:  Everyday use.

Where to buy?:  Purchase a wireless microphone from your audiologist.

Oticon Hearing Aid Accessories
Starkey Hearing Aid Accessories

Digital Hearing Aid Accessories: 

TV Adapter

Connects your hearing aids to your TV, so you can enjoy watching your favourite programs at the volume you want, so your family can hear at their own level. 

The images show Starkey's universal TV Streamer, which is used to stream from your television and other audio devices straight to your Livio hearing aids.  But, there are plenty of hearing aid companies that offer hearing aid accessories for TV.  Starkey's TV Streamer provides great sound quality, as well as ease of use and can support analog and digital input sources.

How do I get started?:  Simply connect the adapter to your TV and place it next to it to enjoy streaming audio wirelessly.  Listen to the TV at the volume that suits you without having to turn up the TV's volume and annoying your friends or family!

When to use?:  Everyday use.

Where to buy?:  Purchase a wireless microphone from your audiologist.

Starkey Hearing Aid Accessories
Digital Hearing Aid Accessories

Digital Hearing Aid Accessories: 

Remote Control

A discreet and basic way to control your hearing aids and make adjustments - like changing your hearing aids programs and volume quickly wherever you are.

This image is a great example of a simple and intuitive remote control hearing id accessory - Widex's RC-DEX.  It is small and easy to use, as you adjust the basic hearing aid features.

What are the main benefits?:

  • Stylish, discreet and easy to use.
  • Basic hearing aid controls for quick adjustments on the go.
  • Feature activation means verbal cues confirm your adjustment.
  • The lock switch avoids accidental activation.

How do I get started?:  All generic remote control are usually small enough to fit on a keychain for convenience on the go.

When to use?:  Everyday use.

Where to buy?:  Purchase a wireless microphone from your audiologist.

Digital Hearing Aid Accessories

Digital Hearing Aid Accessories: 

Phone Adapter

Improve your landline calls by connecting your hearing aids to a traditional landline phone.  Supporting both outgoing and incoming calls.

Gain from more comfortable conversations with your landline phone with hearing aid accessories for phones.  This image is of Oticon's Connect Phone Adapter.  By using your hearing aids as a headset for reliable and clear conversation - using the ConnectClip we mentioned earlier. 

For the freedom of hands-free calls simply follow the instructions below (it will be a different process for different hearing aid brands).

How do I get started?:  

  • Connect your Phone Adapter to your landline phone.
  • Then pair your Phone Adapter to your ConnectClip.
  • Finally, pair your ConnectClip to your hearing aids and you are good to go!

When to use?:  Everyday use.

Where to buy?:  Purchase a wireless microphone from your audiologist.

Hearing Aid Accessories

Digital Hearing Aid Accessories: 

Telephone for hard of hearing

This type of telephone is designed for people with hearing loss.  You can pair it with your hearing aids or use it as a conventional phone as well.  Telephones for hard of hearing provide you with excellent speech understanding in both ears.

The image is Widex's PHONE-DEX.  A great example of a cordless phone that gives clear sound straight to your hearing aids with ease.  Giving you brilliant speech understanding in both ears at the same time. 

You can use it as a normal phone and you don't even need hearing aids with inbuilt telecoil - without the annoyance of feedback!

What are the features?:  We are just generalising here, so ranges and features will vary with different models.

  • Range - Around 300 metres
  • Contacts - 50 numbers
  • Standby - 100 hours
  • Call-time battery - 10 hours

When to use?:  Everyday use.

Where to buy?:  Purchase a wireless microphone from your audiologist.

Digital Hearing Aid Bluetooth Accessories

Wireless Hearing Aid Accessory Brand Comparison Chart & Names


If your hearing aid supports wireless Bluetooth connectivity then we recommend investing in digital wireless accessories to seamlessly connect to your at-home devices like your TV.  Bluetooth hearing aid accessories will greatly improve your quality of life and complement your lifestyle. 

Generally hearing aid accessories can be personalised to your unique hearing loss needs - ask your audiologist to show you what's available to you.  You can also ask your audiologist to trial an accessory before you purchase.  This way you'll get a better idea of how beneficial they can be in real-life scenarios.


Hearing Aid AccessoryOticonWidexResoundUnitronStarkeySigniaPhonak
Wireless microphone and headsetConnectClip, EduMicCOM - DEXPhone Clip+PartnerMic, uMicRemote Microphone+, Mini Remote MicrophoneStreamLine MicRoger Clip-On Mic, Phonak PartnerMic
TV AdapterTV Adapter 3.0TV - DEXTV Streamer 2    Unitron TV ConnectorStarkey TV StreamerStreamLine TVPhonak TV Connector
Remote ControlRemote Control 3.0RC - DEXReSound Remote ControlUnitron Remote ControlRemote, Table MicrophoneminiPocketPilotOne II
Phone AdapterConnectLine Phone adapter 2.0CALL - DEXResound Phone Clip+uStreamSurflink Mini MobileStreamLine MicPhonak Adapter 2.0
Phone for Hearing LossNAPHONE - DEX 2NANANANANA



Digital Hearing Aid Accessories - Cost of hearing aid accessories

We don't list the prices of accessories as they can vary quite a lot. Sometimes the manufacturers may include an accessory in with the cost of the aid, other times they will bundle several together so that for example a TV streamer and remote control will be less if purchased together than if bought individually. As a general guide, TV streamer boxes, wireless mic's, etc are between £100 and £250. Remote controls are between £40 and £120.


Hearing Aid Accessories

Digital Hearing Aid Accessories

Hearing Aid Accessories NHS


Does the NHS provide digital hearing aid accessories with their hearing aids?  The short answer is no.  Whilst the NHS provides a credible hearing health service and some good hearing solutions - they are currently unable to offer Bluetooth hearing aids.

Hearing aids with Bluetooth capability are only available with private hearing care.  Hearing aid accessories require Bluetooth technology and connectivity to work and stream audio.


Hearing aid accessories near me

Fill out the contact form below or call us free on 0800 567 7621 for support and advice on hearing aid accessories or if you want us to put you in touch with your local audiologist for your future hearing healthcare needs.


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