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Best Phone for Hard of Hearing: What is the Doro phone?

By: Paul Harrison Updated: 9th July 2021 in: Latest News, Articles
Best Phone for Hard of Hearing

Best Phone for Hard of Hearing

What is the Doro phone? 

Doro Mobile – The big button mobile

We have a lot of queries about the best phones for hard of hearing and dexterity.  We thought it might be beneficial to talk a little bit about the Doro mobile, as it is such a great example.  The Doro phone is a user-friendly mobile phone that appeals to those who are hard of hearing, have trouble with dexterity, vision impairment and ideal for the older generation who are active. 

They are designed and created with seniors in mind with a louder sound, large buttons, separated keys and digital hearing aid compatibility.  The Doro phone's main priority is to make life easier for the elder generation, giving them and the ones they love peace of mind.  However, they do also appeal to all ages as they are great for those who have difficulty with sight.  Bigger buttons allow for a more simple solution for communicating.

What’s so different about the Doro mobile phones for hard of hearing and difficulty with sight?

  • Large button mobile phone.
  • Fall alerts.
  • GPS integration – So family members can locate you if needed.
  • SOS button – You can contact your family and friends in case of an emergency.
  • Remote Assistance – For mobile phone assistance directly, like adjust your phone settings.
  • Responder smartphone app – For all additional features.
  • Easy set up.
  • Bluetooth connectivity (in some models).

Best Phone for Hard of Hearing - What type of phone is the Doro?

These mobiles offer the Android smartphone experience combined with an easy-to-use interface, built-in assistance and extra security safety features.  They started off with a lack of the innovative features you’d get with today’s smartphone, like touchscreen displays and high-res cameras – but they are what they are and provide a device that is great for calls and texts for active seniors.

The Doro mobile phones of today

Now Doro offers simple smartphones that give consumers the best of both, so you can now benefit from some smartphone features in a user-friendly package – making Doro phones a popular simple mobile phone brand.

How much do Doro phones cost?

In today’s market, Doro phones can cost from around £25 to £180 – it all depends on what you want and what you need your mobile phone for.  For instance, if you are wanting to link hearing aids you might be limited on what model you can go for, as not all will be compatible with all hearing aids and - more importantly - the devices you are currently wearing.

Doro Mobile

Best phone for heard of hearing

Doro Phones for Active Seniors

Here are the current Doro mobile phones available on the market:

  • Doro 7030 mobile phone
  • Doro 7010 mobile phone
  • Doro 6620 mobile phone
  • Doro 6060 mobile phone
  • Doro 1370 mobile phone
  • Doro 6040 mobile phone
  • Doro 7000H mobile phone
  • Doro 7080 mobile phone
  • Doro 780X mobile phone
  • Doro 730X mobile phone
  • Doro 1360 mobile phone
  • Doro 2404 mobile phone
  • Doro 5516 mobile phone

Is a Doro mobile phone worth it?

At the end of the day, like with a lot of technology, you have to way it all up.  What do you want from your phone? What do you need it for?  Do you find using modern smartphones difficult?  It is important to remember that sometimes the cheaper smartphones have numerous features that are tricky to use due to being a lower specifications option.

The best thing to do is visit a mobile phone store and have a look at their Doro phone options, as well as comparing them to a cheaper smartphone alternative.  Then ask a member of staff to go through some of the main features you’d use every day and see if the Doro phone is right for you.

Best Phone for Hard of Hearing - What if I'm a hearing aid wearer?

If you are a hearing aid wearer and are thinking about purchasing a Doro mobile phone, speak to your audiologist as you’ll need to double check your hearing aids are compatible with said device.  Or failing that, what hearing aids are compatible with each Doro model.

Other brands that make phones for hard of hearing

Here are some more examples of mobile phones that are ideal for those who are hard of hearing.  They include some of the features of the Doro phone as well as powerful voice and ringer volume, big buttons and adjustable options.

  • Geemarc mobile phones
  • Emporia mobile phones
  • Swissvoice mobile phones

Hard of Hearing Phones - In conclusion

Hard of hearing phones cater for varying levels of losses and can really improve the quality of your communication and lifestyle.  However, if you have a more severe loss you will probably need one that offers a larger dB volume so you can successfully communicate.  

A great example of a cordless phone would be the Widex Telephone for hard of hearing.  This type of telephone is designed for people with hearing loss.  You can pair it with your hearing aids or use it as a conventional phone as well.  Telephones for hard of hearing provide you with excellent speech understanding in both ears.

Best Phone for Hard of Hearing - We are here to support and advise you

Alternatively, please call one of our audiologists free on 0800 567 7621 for any advice you may have on Doro phones, other best phones for hard of hearing or Bluetooth hearing aids and hearing aid compatibility.



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