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Hearing Aid Warranty Replacement Cover

Digital hearing aid warranty replacement cover is a great alternative to traditional insurance cover and could cost you far less over the life of your hearing aid.

Updated 01/01/2024

Calculate Your Hearing Aid Warranty Excess

If you have chosen between hearing aid warranty replacement and insurance, you can apply by using the drop down menu to select your brand and model below
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* Please note, purchasing a warranty is not available if your hearing aid is over 12 months old. For warranty renewals with us, please view message below

Our Hearing Aid Warranty Replacement Cover

Information about hearing aid warranty replacement renewals


Auto-renewals with us 

Our hearing aid warranty replacement policy is not set up to auto-renew every year. Therefore if you want to stay covered beyond the first year, please purchase a new policy when it expires.

To do so, please set the "date of purchase" to the current date and we will be able to process the hearing aid warranty replacement renewal, as we already have your policy details on file.  If this is not clear then email us and we will renew it for you.


Further note on our hearing aid warranty excess

Hearing aid warranty excess doesn't include costs for extras such as rechargeable.  Any extras such as these are priced as per our full digital hearing aid pricelist page.  You can read more information about warranty replacement for hearing aids further down the page.

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Warranty Replacement for Hearing Aids

Wear your hearing aids worry-free


Hearing aid warranty replacements explained

Why take out our hearing aid warranty replacement cover?  All new hearing aids we offer to our customers include a manufacturer's warranty, which is normally between 2-5 years and differs with each brand and model. 

This covers you if your hearing devices experience a mechanical fault - it does not cover loss, theft, or damage.  With this in mind, we advise that you take out digital hearing aid warranty replacement cover.


What are the benefits of a hearing aid extended warranty?

Are hearing aid warranty replacements worth it? Do hearing aid warranties cover loss?  Loss and damage are the main reasons why hearing aid wearers take out hearing aid warranty replacement.  The cost of hearing aid warranty and excess are dependant on the brand, model and technical specification of the device.

You'd be surprised, but most homeowners insurance doesn't cover your hearing aids, so we advise that you check with your insurance provider before you assume that they are.  On another note, if they are, and you need to claim, it could go against your entire home insurance policy and potentially increase your premiums.


Our hearing aid warranty replacement policy


Need more support with hearing aid warranty replacement cover?

Asking yourself what does hearing aid warranty replacement cover?  Or perhaps you'd like to know more about our own policy, either way, we can support you.

All our audiologists will carry out any device servicing and additionally educate you on hearing aid maintenance and how to keep them in optimum condition and performance.  If you choose to take out a hearing aid warranty replacement with us - we will send you an email reminder to let you know when it is time to renew your cover. 

If you have any questions regarding hearing aid warranty replacement coverage by calling us free on 0800 567 7621

This page was written by Paul Harrison - Audiology Expert

Meet Paul Harrison, Audiology Expert

Audiology expert at Hearing Aid UK, with over 20 years of audiology experience and a member of the British Society of Hearing Aid Audiologists Council (BSHAA) between 2015 - 2020.

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