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Hearing aids and audiology services in nursing homes and care homes - How to get help locally

By: Paul Harrison Updated: 11th May 2022 in: Hearing Aid Advice, Latest News, Articles
Audiology Services in Nursing Homes and Care Homes

Private hearing aids and audiology services in nursing homes & care homes

How to get help locally with hearing aids and hearing healthcare


Care homes, nursing homes and private hearing aids

You may have a loved one who is a resident of a nursing home.  Even if you live close by you perhaps still get concerned about their welfare and whether their needs are being met.  Along with socialising and eating well - are they hearing well?  In reality, hearing healthcare generally takes a back seat, as medical and hygiene care take priority within nursing homes.

From experience, we have a high volume of customers who contact us in regards to a loved one in a care home who is struggling with poorly fitted devices that are painful to wear or NHS hearing aids that are no longer beneficial. They are now looking to upgrade and seek private hearing healthcare locally with the right aftercare going forward.

In this article, we discuss the dangers of poor hearing in the elderly, guidance on how to build a strong relationship with the carers, tips on hearing aid care in the nursing home and the private hearing aids and healthcare we offer.


The risks of poor hearing in the elderly in care homes

We are generalising, but the consensus is that residents who are already wearing hearing aids are not getting the support they need to maintain their devices, adjust them when needed or even put them in - especially when dexterity is an issue.  The risk here is that they get frustrated and avoid wearing the devices altogether resulting in them losing confidence and feeling isolated and unable to communicate properly.

As we get older, our hearing naturally deteriorates which often develops into an age-related hearing loss (or presbycusis).  Even if we don't live in a nursing home we rely on hearing well to maintain a good quality of life.  Without it, we can experience cognitive problems, anxiety and isolating ourselves from what we once loved.  For instance, socialising, exercising and communicating with family and friends.

From another perspective, Alzheimer's patients and their cognitive impairment symptoms can often overshadow hearing loss detection.  Undiagnosed losses can lead to further confusion and anger for the patient and can increase episodes.  Such patients need regular hearing tests, hearing aid adjustments, device maintenance and aftercare.


Audiology Services In Nursing Homes

Private hearing healthcare in care homes & nursing homes

What do we offer our patients in nursing homes and care homes?


Private hearing aids for nursing home residents

We offer free hearing tests in nursing homes and much more and our hearing healthcare in nursing homes is generally carried out the same way as any other home visit.  The only difference is that you might want to attend for support or to help relay personal information, take in audiology information or make future decisions.   

Making the right decisions for your loved one's hearing is often met with many variances to consider. It involves scheduling appointments, receiving and understanding advice, making choices that are right for them, implementing the advice given and maintaining their hearing health. Therefore, family involvement is often crucial.

Once the appointment is arranged, you will need to let the management of the facility be aware of the visit.  Other than that it is the same process as any other home hearing healthcare visit.  Here are a few services we offer:


  • Free hearing tests in care homes and hearing loss diagnosis
  • Discuss the benefits of private hearing aids and how they can improve quality of life
  • We offer the full selection of hearing aids available on the market
  • Included hearing aid fitting
  • Included hearing aid fine-tuning and adjustments
  • Educate on hearing aid management and maintenance and how hearing and communication needs can be met
  • Included hearing healthcare aftercare and future treatment plans
  • We offer all hearing aid assistive devices from all brands
  • Hearing aid manufacturer's warranty
  • We also offer an extended hearing aid warranty, find out more information here


Take control and improve your relationship with the nursing home

Developing a good relationship with the nursing home staff is a great foundation for better hearing care in the future.  Ensuring you are familiar with the care home's policies on hearing aids will also go a long way.  For example, a simple discussion about how and when to put the hearing aids in and out, as well as battery changes and charging the devices will educate the staff and give you peace of mind.


Hearing Tests In Care Homes

Hearing aids and audiology services in nursing homes & care homes

Private hearing aids and nursing homes


Private hearing aid care tips:

  • Avoid lost hearing aids in nursing homes and use labels:  Write your loved one's name on the hearing aids, so they can be easily returned if lost.  You can also use a bright colour pen to make it easier to locate if dropped.
  • Find a bedtime storage solution:  A clear box or using the case the hearing aids originally came in will keep them safe from any moisture and ensures they are easily found.  Rechargeable hearing aids should be put in the charging pod every night.
  • Keep up with hearing aid maintenance:  In reality, hearing aid maintenance is hard to keep up within a care home setting, therefore, you and the audiologist will be responsible for such tasks.  Such as, keeping a record of tasks completed so you are always up to date with cleaning the hearing aid devices.  More intricate maintenance duties will be done by your local audiologist.
  • Insurance for hearing aids in care home:  You might want to research cover for hearing aids in addition to the standard manufacturer's warranty.  For example, we offer hearing aid warranty cover for all our customers.  You might find this gives you peace of mind, whilst your loved one wears their devices.  This includes a replacement for accidental damage, theft or loss.  View our policy here


We support older people with hearing loss in care settings with private hearing aids and hearing healthcare

In summary, all our audiologists have always been great advocates for family involvement. We believe that building a strong and trusting relationship with our patients, along with their families, is invaluable.  We also know that treating everyone as though every hearing loss is the same will not work.  We partner with the family members to better support the patient.

We can support you locally at your loved one's nursing home at a convenient time for you and them.  Call us free on 0800 567 7621 for more information, to answer any questions and support you going forward.



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