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The Most Powerful Hearing Aids UK - Including Powerful Hearing Aids Review

By: Paul Harrison Updated: 6th September 2021 in: Hearing Aid Advice, Latest News, Articles
The Most Powerful Hearing Aids UK

The Most Powerful Hearing Aids UK

What are the most powerful hearing aids 2021?

Plus, find out how a deaf person can hear better with a hearing aid


What are powerful hearing aids?

So, how powerful are hearing aids?  People who have severe to profound hearing loss wear hearing aids that are called power, superpower or ultra power hearing aids.  They are generally a touch larger than other hearing aids, but recent launches have proven that powerful hearing aid technology is getting smaller and therefore so are the devices themselves. 


The circuitry of powerful hearing aids

The reason that powerful hearing aids are bigger is due to the need for more circuitry.  These hearing aids are usually worn behind the ear (BTE) and also with a custom earmould that generally runs on a 675 battery or the smaller 13 battery. 

BTE's are the popular choice for high-power aids because they are also more flexible and offer more personalisation and access to sounds based on the placement of the microphone.  In this article, we will discuss the most recent powerful hearing aids available on the market today.


The right fit is key for powerful hearing aids

Accessing the right fit is key to a successful hearing aid - no matter how much power it holds.  But for powerful hearing aids, it is imperative - the main goal is to reduce feedback, as a poor fit ear mould will cause feedback.  Your audiologist will base the right power hearing aid for you and your hearing loss needs on how much power it provides, how successful it controls feedback and its circuitry. 

A lot of people who have severe to profound hearing loss like the use of telecoils to pair to loop systems in theatres and other large venues and these are commonplace in such hearing devices - to enhance their listening experience in a busy and noisy atmosphere.

People with hearing loss of this level also get huge benefits from investing in wireless accessories that pair to both your powerful hearing aids and in some cases your smartphone.  Accessories such as Remote Mics, TV Streamers and Phonak Adapters make the challenging environments of life just that little bit easier.


Best powerful hearing aids available on the market

Severe to profound hearing loss is successfully treated with high-powered hearing aids. These hearing aids include many of the same features of hearing aids to treat other levels of hearing loss.  The only other additions are extra amplification and more advanced speech recognition features.

Most hearing aid manufacturers in today's industry offer powerful hearing aids for this niche consumer - let's take a look at the most powerful hearing aids on the market for 2020 / 2021 and break down their main features.


Most Powerful Hearing Aids

Powerful Hearing Aids Review

The best and most powerful hearing aids available


But first, what are the latest hearing aids for profound hearing losses? 

We know that every hearing loss is unique and needs assistance from various features and power, this is why we love the Signia Motion Charge&Go X hearing aid range (part of the Xperience family) - it caters for different hearing loss levels with ease, so you can always find the right fit for you.  


Reliability & Power - Powerful German hearing aids from Signia

This range caters for mild loss (Motion X) all the way up to the powerful hearing aid, Motion P X, and the super power hearing aid - Motion SP X and assisting the most profound hearing loss.  Another unique feature is the charging system.  In fact, at launch, it was the most powerful hearing aid on the market with rechargeability.  The SP X boasts around 61 hours of power in one charge and the P X gives you 30 - quite unusual for a power aid device.


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Signia Pure Charge&Go Motion X hearing aid range  >>  View Now


Most Powerful Signia Hearing Aids - Signia Charge&Go X Hearing Aids

Signia Motion Charge&Go PX 

This is a powerful rechargeable hearing solution to tackle every situation that comes your way.  This small and sleek shape offers integrated telecoil, Bluetooth and Signia Assistant, ensuring great everyday premium performance.


Signia Motion Charge&Go SP X

This super power hearing aid comprises of great features, like integrated telecoil, that you can tap into and control with the Signia App and Signia Assistant, as well as gaining from great Bluetooth connectivity.  It is also the world's first rechargeable super power hearing aid for those with profound hearing loss.  

Signia Motion X

The Signia Motion Charge&Go X Hearing Aids -  Performance Levels and Prices


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Most Powerful Oticon Hearing Aid - Oticon Xceed Hearing Aids

So, are powerful german hearing aids crushing the market today?  Well, even though Signia's Motion X range SP X model is currently the most powerful hearing aid in the industry, there are still plenty more hearing aids in this category to choose from.

For instance, the Xceed power hearing aids provide those with severe to profound hearing loss acquire 360 degrees access to more speech than past models and, in fact, ever before. 

The Oticon Xceed, like their Opn and OpnS range - includes their famous BrainHearing technology with 11dB refinement in signal-to-noise ratio.  This advanced addition improves speech clarity and short-term recall and reduces other challenges that those with profound hearing loss face every day. 

The Oticon Xceed is also built on the Velox S platform and includes OpenSound Navigator to better speech access and less listening effort support - providing optimum gain and less feedback for the wearer.


Most powerful Oticon  hearing aids:  Oticon Xceed Hearing Aids

Max Power:  146 dB SPL and 87 dB gain

Oticon Xceed

Oticon Xceed Hearing Aids Range & Performance Levels


Oticon Xceed S1 Hearing Aids  >>  View Product

Oticon Xceed S2 Hearing Aids  >>  View Product

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Most powerful Phonak hearing aids - Phonak Naida Hearing Aids

Phonak Naida is the first superpower BTE that incorporates hands-free calls that directly streams from your iPhone or Android mobile phone, as well as other Bluetooth devices.  Using the AirStream technology, Nadia can stream from TV and stereos systems within your home - switching between speech and music signals and adjusting accordingly to give an optimum listening experience. 

Use their TV Connector to enjoy your favourite TV programmes and films, which will send sound to your hearing aids like wireless headphones.

Bluetooth connectivity is a real benefit to those with profound hearing loss, so they can hear exactly the same as people with normal hearing do.  Phonak's myCall-to-text is also a device highlight, as it transcribes calls in real-time - providing you with live subtitles on your smartphone.


Most Powerful Phonak Naida Hearing Aids

Max Power:  139 dB SPL and 75 dB gain

Phonak Naida

Phonak Naida Hearing Aid Range & Performance Levels


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Most Powerful Resound Hearing Aids - Resound Enzo Q Hearing Aids

Like with other types of hearing loss, clarity of sound is paramount to everyday living and having the additional ability to tailor those sounds to suit your hearing loss needs is priceless. Enzo Q offers you this and ensures that all variants of annoying whistling noises are a thing of the past – even when you have your aids in a high-volume setting.  

This hearing aid also improves speech understanding by up to 60% without isolating you from the background noise - giving you a stress-free listening experience every day.  Enzo Q evaluates your environment and adjusts the volume needed automatically, so the sound is always controlled and comfortable wherever you are.

With Enzo Q you can stream directly from either an Apple or Android device seamlessly in comfort and with a high quality of sound.  Resound also states that you will be able to understand your phone conversations by up to 50% with Enzo Q's wireless Bluetooth calls from any phone.


Powerful Resound Enzo Q Hearing Aids - Max Power

HP Model:  134 dB SPL and 73 dB gain

SP Model:  141 dB SPL and 83 dB gain

Resound Enzo Q

Resound Enzo Q Hearing Aids Range & Performance Levels


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Most Powerful Bernafon Hearing Aids - Bernafon Leox Hearing Aids

As well as 2.4 GHz Low-Energy Bluetooth technology for fast audio streaming and a great network of wireless accessories - Bernafon's Dynamic Environment Control System (DECS) is the superstar of this hearing aid.

The core technology behind Leox combines clever dynamic features - securing outstanding amplification and speech recognition in real-time. It supports you in all manners of complex hearing situations, whilst using Dynamic Feedback Canceller - a snappy solution to acoustic feedback.


Powerful Bernafon Leox Hearing Aids - Max Power

Super Power Model:  143 dB

Ultra Power Model:  146 dB

Bernafon Leox

Bernafon Leox Hearing Aid Range & Performance Levels


Bernafon Leox 7 Hearing Aids  >>  View Product

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Deaf Aids UK

The Most Powerful Hearing Aids

Let's talk about Deaf Aids

Deaf Aids - What devices help the deaf?

What about those who are considered deaf?  There are various technologies and hearing devices for the deaf.  For example cochlear implants, visual alert systems, FM systems, loop systems, accessible telephones and videophones.  Plus, you'd be surprised to know that digital hearing aids can really help deaf people's understanding of the world around them. 


Hearing aids for the profoundly deaf

But can hearing aids help a deaf person to hear?  In short, yes - hearing aids can assist them to hear more sound.  However, how the brain uses this sound varies on what hearing aid and power they are using.  Some people who wear powerful 'deaf aids' do so to take advantage of amplified speech sounds.  When combined with lip-reading and sign language - they gain from higher environmental awareness.


Understanding the difference between hearing loss and deafness

When you have hearing loss you probably hear some sounds, but not all available sounds.  Hearing loss is divided into several categories or levels of hearing loss.  These are:


  • Mild
  • Moderate
  • Severe
  • Profound


When you are deaf it means you have the most profound hearing loss, which reduces your soundscape dramatically - even loud sounds within a short distance can be hard to distinguish.


Best hearing aids for the deaf

Every hearing aid is different and can benefit different hearing losses, therefore not all hearing aid devices can cater for those who are deaf.  The most popular hearing aids for the deaf are ones that can personalise the levels of sound according to various listening environments.  

It is important to remember that those who are deaf might not be ideal candidates for hearing aids, as some people might get more support from a cochlear implant.  Your local audiologist will go through all the treatments available to you.


"Hearing aids are not a form of correction - they simply help you to hear better.  In some cases, both an ENT specialist and audiologist will work together in order to find the right hearing solution for deafness"


Paul Harrison - Audiology Expert & Founder of Hearing Aid UK


Want to discover more about the world's most powerful hearing aids or hearing aids for the deaf?

If you would like any more information about how hearing aids can help deaf individuals, the most powerful hearing aids on the market or the latest hearing aids for profound hearing loss - Please call us free on 0800 567 7621



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