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Meet Kimberley

Customer Experience Executive

Kimberley started her love of content creation, as a freelancer to many well-established medical brands.  She has always believed in the power of words and how it can educate, influence, help and inspire those in a positive and beneficial way. Her medical representation has allowed her to focus on the importance of hearing healthcare and to explore the many ways in which hearing loss can be improved.

By working closely with the Hearing Aid UK audiologists, experts and advisers, she develops the eCommerce informative content, so that the customer's online experience is the best it can be. Through her work, she shows a dedicated passion for this innovative industry of digital hearing aids and values their patients wants and needs.

"The patient’s wants and needs are always the heart of what we do"

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When we refer to a product as 'New', we mean that the product is new to the market.


When we refer to a product as 'Superseded', we mean that there is a newer range available which replaces and improves on this product.


Older Model

When we refer to a product as an 'Older Model', we mean that it is has been superseded by at least two more recent hearing aid ranges.