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What are the latest hearing aids from Signia 2020 / 2021?

By: Paul Harrison Updated: 5th February 2021 in: Latest News, Articles
Latest hearing aids available from Signia 2020 / 2021

What are the latest hearing aids from Signia 2020 / 2021?

Discover the latest hearing aids available from Signia

Wondering what the latest Signia hearing aids are?  Below we briefly talk about the new hearing aids that Signia has introduced to the industry, along with the latest hearing aid technology.  We will endeavour to edit this list as and when new Signia hearing aid launches become available from 2021 and beyond.

Signia Latest Hearing Aid Technology - Signia added Motion X to their Xperience platform

The very latest premium Signia hearing aids are Signia X, but just recently in January 2021, they launched another addition to the Xperience platform - the Motion X.  Like with all the models from the Xperience range (which launched in 2019) - you are free to hear what matters to you wherever you are.  


Xperience hearing aid range  >>  View Now

Motion X hearing aid launch  >>  View Now


Latest Signia Hearing Aids Available - Adding more models with the advanced Xperience technology

Signia Motion X Charge & Go digital hearing aids take your hearing performance up a notch with the right features and tools. Including the 360-degree motion sensor technology of the Xperience platform - it quickly accesses your movements and alters your sound experience accordingly. So you can enjoy workouts, socialising, business meetings and special moments with your family.

Motion X are also considered to be great all-round digital hearing aids - providing various choices depending on the level of your hearing loss.  This is broken down into three models that are all rechargeable.

Mild to moderate hearing loss:  Motion X hearing aid model.

Severe to profound hearing loss:  Motion X P and Motion X SP hearing aid models.


"Because hearing what matters has never been more important in today’s busy world, where a missed word can mean a missed opportunity"  Signia


Latest Signia Hearing Aids

Other features of the Motion X Hearing Aids

  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Recharge on the go
  • AI digital assistant
  • Automatic situation detection

Signia Motion X Hearing Aid Models, Specifications and Prices

Motion 7X Hearing Aids   >>  View Product

Motion 5X Hearing Aids  >>  View Product

Motion 3X Hearing Aids  >>  View Product

Motion 2X Hearing Aids  >>  View Product

Motion 1X Hearing Aids  >>  View Product


Want to discover more about Signia hearing aids?

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