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Beyond 440 | Fusion2 Hearing Aids & Reviews

Price for one, £1595 | Price for a pair, £2695

widex beyond

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  • Full hearing test and examination by registered hearing aid dispenser
  • Fitting and programming of hearing aid(s)
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  • 60 day full money back guarantee if not completely satisfied
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Widex Beyond 440

The Widex Beyond 440 is the latest top tier hearing aid released by Widex in November 2016. It’s big selling point is that it is a ‘Made for iPhone’ hearing aid that is designed so that the tech savvy amongst you can control nearly all aspects of your hearing aid (much more than just volume) from the comfort of your smartphone. It has a 2.4 GHZ Bluetooth connectivity which means that you can easily and effectively stream audio from all of your devices (including the app, direct streaming and Tcoils) directly to your hearing aid.

The Widex Beyond 440 is Widex’s premium hearing aid and so offers a range of features including:

  • 5 Different Programs

Different situations call for different hearing aid settings, the 5 pre-set programs in the Beyond 440 cover a range of the most common circumstances.

  • 15 Processing Channels

Allow for more discrete frequency regions to be identified.


  • Battery Life

There is reported to be 25% increase in battery life compared to models in Widex’s Unique range. Expect up to 150 hours of life with a size 312 battery.

  • SmartWind Manager

Being able to isolate speech in windy conditions has long been an issue for hearing aids. However Widex’s SmartWind Manager reduces up to 30% of wind noise allowing you to hear much more clearly.

  • Water Resistance

  • Speech Enhancer System

This allows the dominant speaker to be isolated and amplified above peripheral and background noise.

  • Digital Pinna

The pinna creates a more precise posterior/anterior localisation of sound.

  • Soft Level Noise Reduction

The identification and reduction of soft level background noise.

  • High Frequency Boost

Some sounds with high frequencies can be especially difficult to hear for some users. When operational this function allows these high frequency sounds to be specifically amplified.

Many of these features stand alongside those from other hearing aid manufacturers, however the notable selling point for the Widex Beyond 440 hearing aid is it’s connectivity with the Beyond iPhone app. Please note that the app is also available on Android but with a slightly more limited functionality.

The Beyond app is designed to put the user in charge of their hearing aid, rather than their hearing aid being in charge of them. It includes such functions as; individual volume control for each hearing aid, setting the directionality of the microphones, personalising the app with your name and pictures, direct access to help and troubleshooting advice and even help in locating lost hearing aids. However the feature that really stands out is the ability to save a range of specific settings (including volume, directionality and frequency ranges) for specific circumstances. For example spending time with your family may require differing settings to having dinner in your favourite restaurant. However once you have saved your personalised settings for these, a quick tap of the app will automatically implement those to give you a great listening experience with the minimum of fuss.

 The Widex Beyond range also includes the 330 and 220 models. Visit the Widex Beyond 330 and Widex Beyond 220 product pages for more information.

Should I buy them

The last aids Widex launched were the Widex Unique, just one year ago. They were not terribly well received by our audiologists as you will have seen if you looked at the Widex Unique 440 page. Another new range released so soon brings me hope that they have been working hard to fix all of the issues that were causing complaint and that they hopefully have a more polished product this time.

If you are looking to buy a Widex hearing aid and were put off trying the Unique then you may want to give these a go. As with all of the hearing aids we supply, you have a 60 day trial period which gives you peace of mind if you did want to test some out.

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