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The Signia app gives you leading Remote Assistance - Including the new "Mask Mode"

By: Paul Harrison Updated: 6th September 2021 in: Hearing Aid Technology, Latest News, Articles
New Mask Mode with Signia X

The Signia app gives you leading Remote Assistance

Now including the new Signia Mask Mode

Wearing new hearing aids can take some getting used to once you have left the safety of your hearing care professional’s practice and you are wearing them for the first time. There’s important information to remember, from how to look after your hearing aids to get the most from them in even the noisiest situations.


Signia Mask Mode

Aside from the obvious, COVID 19 causes a lot of problems for hearing aid users. From masks muffling speech and taking away speech cues to hearing aids getting pinged off the back of your ears by your mask straps. Signia have reacted quickly to provide some innovative options to help to alleviate these difficulties.

"Mask mode" is a specific program in the app that boosts the frequencies that are muffled by a mask and can be turned on when needed.

With Signia Xperience hearing aids can you rely on the gold standard in remote assistance to help you every step of the way. All you need is your new hearing aids and your smartphone or tablet. Via the Signia app (available for both Apple and Android devices) you not only get the revolutionary Signia Assistant for instant sound improvements and troubleshooting on the spot – but you also get Signia TeleCare to stay in touch with your hearing care professional, accessing remote support from him or her when you need it.


Signia Mask Mode

Signia Mask Mode with Signia X

Signia Mask Mode Compatability

Signia Mask Mode is compatible with all Bluetooth Xperience hearing aids to assist better speech understanding of people who are wearing face masks.  You can activate this simply by tapping the button within the Signia app.  This feature will be available as long as the COVID-19 pandemic lasts.


What are the benefits of the Signia Mask Mode?

This feature is important because although the masks are essential to keep us as safe as possible in the pandemic, it also restricts vital visual cues and muffles speech cues that are important for those with hearing loss - like lip-reading for example. 


How does Signia Mask Mode work?

When the feature is switched on your Xperience hearing aids capture the sound of the speech signals, so they sound more clear.  It also reduces background noise so you can better understand what is being said wherever you are.  Basically, you are removing the muffled sound without having to remove your mask.


Signia Assistant & TeleCare

Together, the Signia Assistant and TeleCare provide you with all the support tools you need to guide you through a successful trial period with your new hearing aids. You save time on unnecessary appointments and become an experienced hearing aid wearer in a short period of time.  Your hearing care professional in your pocket!

The Signia Assistant offers immediate support whenever and wherever you need it. It is available 24/7 to help you adjust the sound settings, answer your questions about how to handle your hearing aids, and troubleshoot any issues on the spot. 


Signia Mask Mode

Signia Mask Mode with Signia X

Signia Telecare

With TeleCare you can learn about your hearing aids, so you become familiar with them more quickly and you can also provide feedback on your experience for better individualisation. You can also communicate with your hearing care professional via text, voice or video CareChat.

TeleCare enables you to arrange virtual appointments so you get support when you need it – even when you cannot visit your hearing care professional in person. You can also send instant feedback on your daily satisfaction with your hearing aids. It’s completely intuitive.


Now you don't have to struggle following conversations

If you’re struggling to follow a conversation, you can immediately use the Signia Assistant. In case the issue persists, you can arrange a virtual appointment with your hearing care professional and he or she can adjust your hearing aids to optimally process your challenging acoustic environment in that moment and in the future. No other hearing aids come close to this level of remote support in real-life situations.

Signia app FAQs

Where can I find the Signia app?

The Signia app is freely downloadable in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store of all compatible iOS and Android devices.


With which hearing aids is the Signia app compatible?

The Signia app is compatible with the complete Signia hearing aid portfolio, including Nx and Xperience!


With which mobile devices is the Signia app compatible?

The Signia app is compatible with most Androids (Android 5.0 and higher) and Apple (iOS version 9.3 and higher) devices.


What kind of adjustments can I make by using the Signia app?

The Signia app offers you a wide variety of individual adjustment options enabling further personalization of your hearing experience.  Using the Signia app, you can:


  • Change the hearing program and microphone volume level.
  • Adjust the sound balance (basses and trebles).
  • Adjust the Tinnitus therapy signal (if available).
  • Adjust the directionality of the hearing aid microphones individually by using the 360° Spatial Configurator.
  • Manage your audio streaming devices (e.g. StreamLine TV, StreamLine Mic, CROS devices etc) and control their volume discreetly.
  • Stay in closer contact with your hearing care professional and get individual remote support via TeleCare (a prior activation by your hearing care professional is needed).


What kind of permissions does the Signia app require and request?

Depending on the operating system of your mobile device as well as the type of your hearing aids, the Signia app may require some initial permissions like:


  • Receiving notifications.
  • To get notifications from your HCP.
  • Accessing the motion & fitness activity.
  • To improve your listening experience while you are moving, walking or in any other activity.
  • Accessing the location services to use the activity/movement/walking detection feature, to keep the application alive in the background (Please note: No location data is transferred!), accessing the camera, audio, photos, media and files, and receiving a video call from your hearing care professional (available upon prior activation by your hearing care professional).


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Need more information?

If you would like any further information regarding any Signia hearing aids or how we can assist with your hearing loss requirements, please feel free to call us free on 0800 567 7621



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