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High street price £2000
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North 800 / Vista N 800 Hearing Aids & Reviews

Price for one, £1195 | Price for a pair, £1695

What’s included in our price?

The Unitron North 800 is the next to the top Unitron aid from the new range (launched April 2015). It’s named for  the “North” processing platform the whole range is built on. This being the second tier model it is still a very high end hearing aid with most of the features of the North Pro. For the slightly lower price you loose a small amount of background noise effectiveness but the rest of the features are the same.

As always the manufacturers seem to make the names of hearing aids as obtuse as possible. “North” stands for the range. “800” is the technology level  (the 800 is the second of the five models). “Stride” means ITE or ” in-the-ear” model and is made to the shape of your ear. “Moxi” is an open fit BTE or “behind-the-ear” model. To further complicate things there are three variations of Moxi, the Dura, Fit and Kiss. The Dura is the bulkier one and is primarily for those severe hearing losses. The Fit is smaller but still has room for a button and a telecoil. The Kiss is smaller still and has no button or telecoil.

North range hauk

Main Features


Every few microseconds the North 800 is checking its environment and changes how it treats background sounds depending on the environment you are in. The aids will choose between six different environment types taken from the choices of Conversations in quiet, Conversations in a small group, Conversations in a crowd, Conversations in noise, General noise without speech present, Quiet and Music. The six are chosen by your audiologist during the hearing aid fitting.

Background noise effectiveness

The North 800 uses a number of features to enable you to process speech more clearly when you are in noise. “Binaural spatial processing” and “Speechzone” are the wireless communication features which focus your hearing towards important speech sounds. At the same time “Multiband adaptive directionality” is tracking background noises and selectively choosing not to amplify them.

Pinna effect

Your outer ear is your Pinna and the natural effect it has is to collect and channel sounds. The Moxi models are situated on the back of the ear and wouldn’t naturally provide this effect but the same benefits are provided through clever programming.


This feature is designed to react quickly to incoming sudden loud sounds to ensure that they aren’t amplified and therefore don’t shock the wearer.

Sound Conductor

Sound Conductor works in conjunction with Soundnav to alter the hearing aid’s priority. When there is speech present it makes speech clarity the priority. When there is no speech present it makes wearer comfort more important and when there is music it disables background noise reducing features that would distort the quality of the music.

Binaural Phone

The aids can tell when a phone is next to your ear and they send the incoming signal to both aids. Ths helps clarity by enabling you to hear the telephone in stereo.

Water Resistant

The aids are not fully waterproof so try not to get them wet, but they are dust and water resistant to IP57 standards or greater, depending on the model.

Other features

Tinnitus masker
Flex system

Log it all
Natural sound balance
Feedback manager

These are all important, but minor features. For further information feel free to contact us.

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