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Bernafon Launches Their First Super Power / Ultra Power Hearing Aid - Leox

By: Paul Harrison Updated: 16th February 2021 in: Latest News, Articles
Bernafon Launches Their First Super Power / Ultra Power Hearing Aid - Leox

The Bernafon Leox Hearing Aid Launch

Their first superpower model

|  Update:  Find out more information about this hearing aid on our Bernafon Leox range page here

Praise where praise is due - as Bernafon use new technology and True Environment Processing to help power users to thrive. Offering outstanding amplification, the very best in speech understanding and an appealing array of connectivity possibilities. Ensuring a confident approach to everyday life hearing situations, no matter what age you are.

A more natural sound

Within a competitive hearing aid industry, Bernafon has succeeded in producing one of the highest gain and power outputs so far - with Leox.  The days of high power aids sounding artificial are over as Leox opens up new levels of surrounding sounds to the wearer.  Sounds that are more natural and easy to locate, so you can feel more involved with your environment.  The advanced signal-to-noise ratio means you can better understand speech context and understanding - even in challenging scenarios.


"Leox is Bernafon’s first True Environment Processing Super Power / Ultra Power hearing aid. With exceptional amplification power, optimal speech understanding, and attractive connectivity options, Leox lets power users of all ages navigate through their days with ease and confidence"  Bernafon


Bernafon uses 2.4 GHz Low-Energy Bluetooth technology for fast audio streaming. This works with all modern Bluetooth devices streaming directly through to your hearing aids.  There is also NFMI dual-radio wireless technology for binaural transmission between various hearing devices.  The Leox power aid collection includes both Super and Ultra Power models - both successful additions to a growing list of Bernafon's innovative designs.

Innovative Core & Network Hub

Bernafon's Dynamic Environment Control System (DECS) is the superstar here.  The core technology behind Leox combines clever dynamic features - securing outstanding amplification and speech recognition in real-time.  It supports you in all manners of complex hearing situations, whilst using Dynamic Feedback Canceller - a snappy solution to acoustic feedback.

With Leox you will have a range of wireless accessories at your fingertips.  Find network perfection with TV-A, RC-A, SoundClip-A, DAI/FM adaptor and the EasyControl-A App.  All superbly discreet, easily accessible and convenient.

Bernafon Leox Hearing Aid Launch - In Summary

Bernafon have recognised that most power aid users not only want to hear well, but they want access to great technology and accessories too.  Features that will open doors and offer a chance to be confident in being yourself, regardless of your hearing loss, and when Bernafon stated that Leox will; "Reveal your spontaneity" - it does inspire confidence and trust to do just that.

Bernafon Leox Performance Levels & Prices


Leox 7 Hearing Aids  >>  View Now

Leox 3 Hearing Aids  >>  View Now


Want to know about Bernafon Leox hearing aids?

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Watch the Bernafon Leox Video Below

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