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All hearing aids supplied through our network come with manufacturer’s warranties as standard. This is usually for 2 years (minimum). Additional years warranty can be purchased from our hearing aid dispensers at a cost of £50 per hearing aid per year. This is for a maximum of 5 years in total. For clarity, If you’re buying 2 hearing aids and want the maximum extended warranty then this will cost an additional £300 giving you 5 years warranty for both the hearing aids. Some companies do offer free 5 year warranties but their prices are loaded to compensate for this. At Hearing Aid UK we believe in giving the best possible price all of the time and allow the client to choose the extras they want. That’s why we don’t do offers or give away free batteries etc. We give our best price all of the time. The extra charge of £50 per aid per year is the cost from the manufacturer to us. Some hearing aid retailers charge between £80 and £240 per aid per year.

Please note that the warranty does not include loss and accidental damage/abuse. Most insurance companies will cover hearing aids under a household policy for these instances but please check first. If your insurance policy does not provide satisfactory cover then please ask your hearing aid dispenser or contact us and we can arrange this – again at cost. Please feel free to call us to discuss your needs or for further explanation on 0800 567 7621

Warning. By law, you cannot be charged for an extended warranty if it is included in the price that the hearing aid manufacturer charged the dispenser. i.e. The hearing aid retailer can only charge for years over and above the manufacturer’s warranty. Some sneaky companies actually ask for shorter warranty periods to be provided to them so they can charge for the additional years. NOT at hearing Aid UK.

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