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High street price £1700
Our Price£995

North 700 / Vista N 700 Hearing Aids & Reviews

Price for one, £995 | Price for a pair, £1395

What’s included in our price?

The Unitron North 700 is the mid-range aid from the latest “North” range, launched in April 2015. The North Processing chip is significantly more advanced that the previous Quantum 2 models and the North 700 is right in the middle of the pack for both price and performance. These aids are most suitable for people who want to hear well in up to moderately noisy environments.

As usual the manufacturers have made the hearing aid names as confusing as possible. “North” is the platform/range. “700” is the tech level  (the 700 is the middle of the 5 models). “Stride” is the name for the custom made products, the ITE or ” in-the-ear” models. “Moxi” is the small natural or “open” fit BTE / behind-the-ear model. It gets worse, there’s three variants of Moxi, the Dura the Fit and the Kiss. The Dura is mainly for severe losses and is a bit chunkier. The Kiss is the smallest but can’t be altered without a remote control. The Fit is slightly larger than the Kiss as it includes a program change button.

North range hauk

Main Features


The Soundnav feature is exactly as described in the North Pro so click there if you wish to read about it in more detail. The main difference is that is can only switch between five different settings rather than seven.

Background noise effectiveness

The North 700 doesn’t have the all of the same features at the better models with regard to homing in on speech sounds but it does still have the “Multiband adaptive directionality” to track and reduce background noise effectively.

Pinna effect, Antishock, Binaural Phone, Water resistance and other features.

All of these features are present in this model and again are described fully in our article for the North Pro

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