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Phonak Digital Hearing Aids

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Up to 40% Off High Street Retailers with our Phonak hearing aids, FREE Aftercare, 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, Unlimited Fine Tuning, Full Hearing Test, 5 Year Manufacturer Warranty, Nationwide Service.

Updated 04/08/2022
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Behind the Ear and In the Ear
Fitting Styles: RIC, BTE, ITC, ITE, CIC, MC, SP

5 Year Warranty Included. 

Phonak Belong Full Range

Behind the Ear and In the Ear
Fitting Styles: RIC, BTE, ITC, ITE, CIC, MC, SP

5 Year Warranty Included. 

Phonak Belong Full Range

Phonak Hearing Aids

Discover Phonak Models, Features, Prices and Reviews


An Introduction to Phonak Hearing Aids

Phonak is owned by a Swiss company called Sonova and also owns the hearing aid manufacturer Unitron. Perhaps more interestingly, Sonova also owns the majority shareholding of Boots Hearingcare in the UK. If you've been recommended Phonak hearing aids or Unitron hearing aids by Boots Hearingcare then it's hardly surprising.


Phonak Hearing Aids Technology Levels

The Phonak technology levels are:  90, 70, 50 and 30.  The higher the number, the higher the technology level and the higher the price. 

The Phonak hearing aid types of models are Nano (invisible in the ear), Virto (in the ear), Audeo (tiny behind the ear), Bolero (behind the ear) and Naida (the power behind the ear).

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Phonak hearing aids

Phonak Hearing Aids

Who is Phonak?


Inside Information on Phonak Hearing Aids

Phonak is part of the Swiss company Sonova and is one of the largest suppliers of digital hearing aids in the world. Phonak has concentrated on providing cutting-edge hearing technologies over its 70 years of history.

Phonak hearing aids and products are designed to significantly enhance your quality of life and reduce the constraints caused by hearing loss. Their hearing aids are always at the forefront of innovation and come in a range of styles, with different choices to suit your preferences. The company produces a variety of hearing aids that meet any hearing loss and lifestyle requirement.

Phonak is a leading industry provider of state-of-the-art hearing aids for all ages. The manufacturer has become a leader in the design of hearing devices for kids after developing the Roger Pen, as well as in-class radio FM technology.


Phonak Hearing Aids Bluetooth Connectivity

Phonak hearing aids connect to iPhone and Android mobile phones.  Phonak introduces direct streaming in November 2018.  It sent shockwaves throughout the hearing aid world by launching the Marvel, the very first hearing aid that was able to stream stereo audio straight to and from any Bluetooth device, without any intermediary streamer required.  Before Marvel, no other hearing aid brand had previously solved universal Bluetooth connectivity technical challenges.

Previously, only iPhone hearing aid users were able to access direct stereo streaming before Phonak introduced Marvel. Android consumers had to buy an independent streaming accessory to connect their phones to their hearing aids. With Android accounting for 86% of the worldwide market for smartphones, Phonak has done a huge service to many hearing aid users worldwide.


Phonak Hearing Aids Accessories

Phonak has various hearing aid accessories that can improve your hearing and the way you live every day.  This includes devices that help you watch TV, on the phone, and out and about.  Ask your audiologist for the Phonak Bluetooth pairings that would benefit you the most.  The Roger accessories portfolio offers devices such as the Roger Pen, Roger Table Mic II and Multiple Table Mics that have a range of over 20 metres.

Phonak's recent powerful PRISM chip advances on the Bluetooth technology even more and presents double the memory from Marvel, providing eight paired devices and two active connections at the same time.


Phonak Hearing Aids App

The myPhonak app gives you the freedom and flexibility of remote care with your audiologist, so you can adjust and peronsonlise the sound you hear remotely on the go.

There is also a Phonak Tinnitus Balance feature, which assists in managing your tinnitus symptoms using various sounds and music to reduce the focus on the ringing, buzzing and humming sounds you are experiencing.

The Phonak RemoteControl app gives you remote control and management of your Phonak hearing aids.


Phonak Hearing Aid Troubleshooting & Support

It is important to get to know your hearing devices, so write down all your queries before you visit your audiologist.  All our audiologists will professionally advise you on the right Phonak hearing aid for you and your hearing loss, as well as giving you the best aftercare and support going forward, such as:


Phonak Hearing Aids Battery Life and Rechargeables

To give you an idea, Phonak's rechargeable Lithium-ion hearing aid batteries last around  18 hours on a 3-hour charge.  Standard batteries would average between 3-10 days depending on battery, device and streaming usage.  However, you should always check with your audiologist on the best hearing aid model for you and what battery style would suit you better.

Phonak rechargeable hearing aids were first introduced in 2016 with Audeo B-R, which were the industry's first lithium-ion rechargeable hearing aids.  Now you can look forward to:


Phonak Hearing Aids Different Models

As well as catering for different hearing loss levels, Phonak offers various types of hearing aid devices from in ear hearing aids like IIC to BTE power hearing solutions.  So, what is the best Phonak hearing aid?  Arguably most would say that the Phonak Paradise hearing aid range is the best, mainly due to the powerful new PRISM chip and improvements made since Marvel and the future compatibility to the next-generation of Roger accessories.  We go through other notable Phonak hearing aids further down this page.


Phonak Hearing Aids Reviews

Reviewing Phonak's Technologies


Special Features of Phonak Hearing Aids UK

Some Phonak hearing aids offer the most cutting-edge devices and boast some amazing hearing aid technology. Here are some of the company’s most well-known features:


Phonak Hearing Aids Binaural Voicestream

This feature boasts the capacity to stream complete audio bandwidth in real-time and bi-directionally, for enhanced sound quality and unsurpassed speech understanding. This special technology powers the Phonak features such as Speech in Wind, Speech in 360°, and DuoPhone.

In challenging listening circumstances, Phonak VoiceStream Technology allows hearing aid users to concentrate on one voice. In more challenging listening conditions, this ensures less noise and better speech comprehension.


Phonak Hearing Aids Autosense OS

Autosense is a system that helps you move into different environments seamlessly. Autosense hearing aids automatically modify the volume, programme, noise reduction and various other characteristics as you go through different noise environments.


Phonak Hearing Aids SoundRecover

Some people have so much hearing loss that it does not help when they turn up the sound to the max. Others must contend with distorted sound when the volume is increased. For these situations, Phonak has unveiled SoundRecover — a feature that enables the hearing aid to collect and reduce the frequency of high-frequency sounds so that they can be heard and understood by the ear.


Phonak Hearing Aids Charger Solutions

The latest Phonak hearing aid charger is the Phonak Charge and Care system, which charges and dries your devices with active ventilated air-flow - treating your hearing aids with UV light.


Phonak Hearing Aids UK

Notable Phonak Hearing Aid Models


What are the newest Phonak hearing aids?

Phonak has been known for releasing a wide range of hearing aids in the past few years. Here are some of their latest models:


Phonak Audeo Fit Hearing Aids

With Audeo Fit, Phonak has developed a hearing solution that balances better hearing (vital for good well-being and cognitive health), Paradise technology features, universal connectivity and health tracking to allow for greater insights on well-being and to support overall health in the future.


 Phonak Audeo Life Hearing Aids

Launched in May 2022, the Phonak Audeo Life hearing aids are a completely new hearing aid, with a new outer case that has specifically designed microphone ports. The key highlight here though is that it is waterproof.  You can also look forward to hands-free calls, accessing features like voice assistants with tap control, benefiting from motion sensor technology and now a durable waterproof Parylene coating with Audeo Life's advanced Bluetooth.  


Phonak Virto Paradise Hearing Aids

Phonak Virto Paradise hearing aids are custom-made hearing aids, which include their extra discreet Titanium model.  The Phonak Virto Paradise hearing aids combine discretion, a powerful PRISM chip, Paradise technology and advanced speech understanding. For example, everyday soft speech and trying to figure out what someone is saying, from a distance in a quiet listening environment, is challenging for those with hearing loss.


Phonak Paradise Hearing Aids

Phonak Audeo Paradise hearing aids are their latest range.  The Paradise Audeo offers great sound quality, increased functionality, universal connectivity and the ability to manage and personalise your hearing experience wherever you are - even on the go.  

Using their new Adaptive Phonak Digitial (APD) 2.0, AutoSense OS 4.0, Motion Sensor Hearing, PRISM processing chip and multi-functional Bluetooth connectivity -  to offer consumers a great first-fit hearing experience, enhanced speech signals, low power consumption, great sound wherever you are and advanced Bluetooth technology.


Phonak Virto Black Hearing Aids

Phonak's latest ITE hearing aid launch, in 2020, was the Virto Black - offering seamless connection to the world in a stylish black design, very much like a hearable.  This model combines the famous Marvel technology with universal Bluetooth, hands-free calls, a unique hearing experience with myPhonak app and when using a Roger accessory - gain from 10 x better hearing.  A soundscape that is clear even in challenging environments and distances.


Phonak Virto M-Titanium Hearing Aids

Phonak added M-Titanium to their Titanium range - Their latest generation of super discreet custom hearing aids made from their innovative titanium shell along with their Marvel technology, instead of the Belong technology of the B-Titanium and the original Phonak Titanium Hearing Aids range.


Phonak Audeo Marvel Hearing Aids

The Marvel brings together all the standout features in Phonak’s previous iterations, from Bluetooth to rechargeable technology, to amazing sound quality.

The sound quality is outstanding and really helps individuals hear better in challenging environments. This leads to a dramatically reduced listening effort. Wearers can also effectively stream stereo content from any Bluetooth device, including music, ebooks and more.

The integrated microphones enable fully hands-free phone chats between iPhone and Android mobile phones with the ability to hear the other person in both ears. Those searching for convenience will be glad to see that there is a rechargeable lithium-ion option for a whole day of hearing on one overnight charge.

A smartphone app that is released alongside the model enables remote fine-tuning by an audiologist. It also enables the live transcriptions of phone conversations, which helps those with hearing loss to communicate more effectively over the phone.


Phonak Audeo B Hearing Aids

When Phonak's Audeo B auditory device came to market in 2016, it was the first to provide the option of a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The rechargeable model offers up to 80 minutes of streaming, and 24 hours of hearing on one charge.

A discrete receiver-in-channel (RIC) factor is available in five separate designs. The included AutoSense feature senses your environment and automatically changes your hearing aid settings with each environment. According to Phonak, 95% of users of Audéo B depend on these auto-adjustments instead of manually changing them.

Extra features include a choice of rechargeable or disposable batteries, a built-in t-coil, and wireless Bluetooth connectivity.


Phonak Lyric / Lyric3 / Lyric4 Hearing Aids

The Lyric is the most unique hearing aids on the market today. It is inserted deep into the ear canal, not worn on the outside of the ear. This ensures that it is completely invisible, one of the most discreet devices produced by any hearing aid manufacturer. The fact that it is an analogue hearing aid also ensures it has a very long battery life.

The Lyric hearing aid is a great idea for individuals with an active lifestyle because there are no batteries to replace and no fiddling around with the device. You simply have it inserted and replaced every few months by a qualified professional.

Users benefit from natural sound everywhere they go. Moreover, at the end of your day, you don't have to take them out. Everyday activities such as exercise or even showering can be done while wearing the Lyric.


Phonak Virto B Titanium Hearing Aids

This is a hearing aid model made with medical-grade titanium for maximum durability. At the time of release, it was the most discreet custom hearing aid ever made by the company. Made with 3D printing technology, Virto B-Titanium is both strong and lightweight and fits well into the ear canal.

Titanium shells are 15 times stronger and 50% thinner when compared to traditional acrylic normally used for hearing aids. The thinner shell enables deeper positioning in the ear canal, leading to a more secure fit.


Phonak Naida B Hearing Aids

Phonak Naida B hearing aids are super-power hearing aids for profound hearing loss.  It boasts enhanced speech understanding using Phonak Binaural Voicestream, which helps improve comprehension and reduce listening effort in difficult listening circumstances.

Combining Naída B listening devices with a Roger wireless accessory allows you to improve the ability to understand speech over distance and noise. The Naída is also available as a rechargeable option in the B-R RIC.


Phonak Hearing Aids Near Me

Find the best hearing aid solution & hearing devices in the UK 


Phonak Hearing Aid Providers Near Me

Hearing Aid UK is proud to be a Phonak hearing aid provider.  To find out more about the Phonak hearing aids available in the UK or if you have any questions about hearing healthcare and other hearing aids - call us free on 0800 567 7621

Alternatively, if you're wondering what the best and latest Phonak hearing aids are, read our article below.

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