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Phonak ActiveVent Receiver Launch - An Addition to the Paradise Hearing Aid Range

By: Paul Harrison Updated: 17th May 2022 in: Hearing Aid Launches, Latest News, Articles
Phonak ActiveVent Receiver Launch

Phonak ActiveVent Receiver Launch

A New Paradise Hearing Aid Range Addition


The world’s first intelligent hearing aid receiver

The new ActiveVent receiver is an advanced speaker technology from Phonak offering automatic adjustments and 'switching vent' capability.  Designed to give the wearer a more natural own voice as well as enhancing listening experiences.

It's another world's first for Phonak and another intelligent innovation of the hearing aid speaker itself - created to support hearing in tricky environments and highlight the sound you need more focus on.  Mainly controlled by the AutoSense OS 4.0, this receiver adjusts your hearing aids to compliment your soundscape seamlessly.


What are the benefits of the Phonak ActiveVent Receiver?

  • Provides balance in both listening comfort and speech clarity
  • Offers optimum sound quality as you stream media
  • Controlled by the AutoSense OS 4.0
  • Compatible with all Paradise rechargeable hearing aids
  • Improved experience in noise
  • Benefits from both an open and closed fit
  • Available in all technology levels

 Phonak ActiveVent Receiver

How does the Phonak ActiveVent Receiver work?

In a nutshell, it is an automatic mechanical venting tool.  The Phonak ActiveVent receiver is attached straight onto your Paradise rechargeable hearing aids and stops the noise in loud soundscapes.  Giving you an automatically optimised sound and a comfortable hearing experience.  If we were to focus on this in more depth:


  • There is an incorporated vent with a small disc that switches from closed to open.  There is also a slight 'click' to let you know that the disc has changed.
  • When the disc is open - environmental sound can pass through and give comfort in listening, environmental sound awareness and the most natural own voice possible.
  • The disc closes when challenging listening environments present themselves or when you are streaming media.  This stops the challenging sounds from passing directly into the ear.  In result, you gain from more focus on speech in front of you or the media you are streaming.  All made possible and controlled by the AutoSense OS 4.0.


What are open and closed vents?

This receiver embodies a totally new concept and strategy for those with high-frequency hearing loss and is set to improve their everyday listening experiences.  For instance, an open-fit vent is useful when a wearer has good low-frequency hearing and high-frequency hearing loss.  In this circumstance, audiologists would recommend an open vent or open fit. 

In result, it delivers a better natural listening experience and ensures low-frequency sounds are passed through naturally without occlusion.  But, in reality, the open fit combats with all the features and strategies created by the manufacturer - like the directional microphone inputs.  So an open fit gives you comfort whilst the closed fit works well with all the hearing aid features. 

In short, it's always been sacrificing one for the other - comfort or efficacy for high-frequency hearing loss.  Now, with ActiveVent, wearers can now have the best of both without sacrificing either.  An open-fit that adjusts automatically to a closed fit in various situations.


Phonak ActiveVent Receiver Prices (compatible with rechargeable models only)

  • £60 per Standard ActiveVent Receiver – All sizes available.
  • £75 per Titanium ActiveVent Receiver - A lighter, custom tip that's available in all sizes.


Need more support?

This ActiveVent receiver, we believe will give wearers a comfortable open fit feel, whilst benefitting from the hearing performance of a closed fit. 

If you would like more information on upgrading to the Paradise ActiveVent receiver or whether the switch is right for you - call us free on 0800 567 7621



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