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Oticon More Hearing Aid Launch

By: Paul Harrison Updated: 20th January 2022 in: Hearing Aid Launches, Latest News, Articles
Oticon More Hearing Aid Launch

Oticon More Hearing Aid Launch

The world's first hearing aid that gives you access to all relevant sounds with a Deep Neural Network & Polaris Platform

|  Update:  For more information about the Oticon More hearing aids visit our range page here

On paper, Oticon has reinvented the way the traditional digital hearing aids of the past have worked with this new hearing aid.  With Oticon More hearing aids you can now gain from the all-important sounds around you, to give you the most natural listening experience available.  Let's have a sneak-peek into this new hearing aid launch and what makes the More hearing aid so special.


The Oticon More Hearing Aid Launch - An introduction

For starters, it doesn't just focus on speech - the Oticon More hearing aid gives you access to more of the sounds around you, which better supports your brain’s ability to interpret sound.

We all know that hearing starts from the brain, and the Oticon More hearing aid's technology has been trained to assist your brain, so it can understand and make sense of sound better, more accurately and more realistically.  


Oticon More

Oticon More Hearing Aid Launch

A new way of supporting those with hearing loss

The Oticon More hearing aid greatly assists those with hearing loss by handling sound much more precisely than previously possible using a Deep Neural Network (DNN) to process sounds.  Let us explain, your brain has a huge role in your hearing process, therefore it is important that it is assisted in the best way possible.

In simple terms, I think that this hearing aid's purpose for wearers is to keep their brains healthy while letting them hear more.

Oticon More hearing aids provide your brain with the world's first technology that can give you a hearing experience that includes all the relevant sounds within your environment comfortably.  Its technology is trained to ensure that you can process and understand your full soundscape more easily - however, complex your surroundings are. 


Less limited by your hearing loss, so you can enjoy more of life

Ultimately you will gain from technology based on a completely new understanding of how your brain works - enabling you to access premium hearing experiences every day.  The Deep Neural Network recognises and understands all the real-life sounds throughout the world, as it mimics the brain so you hear sound how it should be heard.

Oticon More

These sounds aren't just human guestimations - they are recorded outside the lab.  Thus, evolving the way digital hearing aids help you to hear in any situation.  Oticon states that your life will be enriched with automatic, natural and optimum sound in all listening environments comfortably and without the feeling of being overwhelmed by the various sounds surrounding you.


Oticon More

Oticon More Hearing Aid Launch 

Next-generation Bluetooth connectivity

Receive more from your hearing aids with advanced Bluetooth technology that enhances your lifestyle and hearing loss needs.


  • Oticon More is a Made for iPhone hearing aid that is also compatible with Android smartphones to stream music, phone calls and more - straight to your hearing aids from your mobile.
  • Control your hearing aids with your smartphone using the Oticon ON app and personalise your hearing experiences, such as adjusting volume and programmes.
  • Connect with your local audiologist to receive hearing healthcare and device adjustments remotely with the RemoteCare feature.
  • Enjoy the benefits of internet connectivity and use the IFTTT network to pair with your home's smart devices, such as Alexa, doorbells etc.
  • Use Oticon’s various accessories to stream sound directly from your TV and other Bluetooth favourites.


The modern rechargeable hearing aid

The Oticon More miniRITE R hearing aid is a discreet rechargeable style with the technology for you to gain from all relevant sounds and the only style in this range. It assists the brain in making sense of the sound you hear with the simplicity and convenience of a double push-button to control your volume and programmes.

Featuring seamless Bluetooth technology to pair to all your at-home devices.


Oticon More Hearing Aids

Oticon More Hearing Aid Launch

The Oticon More Hearing Aid Range & Technical Specifications

The Oticon More hearing aid range was initially launched in just the rechargeable RIC style - the miniRITE R.  We have had confirmation that Oticon plans to expand this range in the future, so watch this space for more additions in our updates.  The range will be available in the usual levels of performance - 1, 2 and 3.


Oticon More Prices and Performance Levels

Please click on the links below to view each performance level individually and to see all the prices.



Want more information about the Oticon More hearing aid range?

For more information about this hearing aid range please view the Oticon More hearing aid launch video and our More unboxing video below.  Alternatively, you can speak with one of our audiologists about this new launch, other hearing aids or hearing healthcare free on 0800 567 7621



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