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Unitron Tempus Pro / Vista T 910 Hearing Aids

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WARNING Superseded Product Newer Unitron Models Available

Style:Behind the Ear & In the Ear
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Full Hearing Test & Examination by a Registered Audiologist
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Details & Features

Unitron Tempus Pro hearing aids

|  Update:  The Tempus Pro hearing aids are now classed as old technology and have been superseded by the Discover Next range.

The Tempus platform from Unitron was launched in March 2017.  Important note regarding hearing aid names.  Some companies supply a slightly more basic version of this hearing aid and market it as the “Vista T 910”. The hearing aid is still made by Unitron and is almost identical to the Tempus Pro.

You will also see other names associated with Unitron products, such as “Moxi, Now, Fit, All, Dura, Kiss, Stride, Insera. These are all essentially different “shapes” of this hearing aid. For example, the Unitron Tempus Pro Moxi sits over the ear, whereas the Unitron Tempus Pro Insera fits entirely into the ear and is hidden down the ear canal. Feel free to ask us for a more detailed explanation.

Unitron has just released it’s latest range of hearing aids – the Tempus. The range features five different models each with differing levels of technology. The most sophisticated is their premium model, the Unitron Tempus Pro, and there is also the Unitron Tempus 800, Unitron Tempus 700, Unitron Tempus 600 model and the Unitron Tempus 500, each featuring decreasing technology and feature levels and their corresponding price points.

Unitron are marketing the Tempus range as being the most conversation focused hearing aids available and have developed a suite of complementary technologies that are designed specifically for improving your hearing level in, and enjoyment of, conversations.  Another exciting feature of the entire Tempus range is that both the BTE and RIC versions (the Tempus range is also available as an ITE) can use either standard disposable batteries or these can be swapped out for easy to use rechargeables.

Here we are going to concentrate on the specific features available in the Unitron Tempus Pro, but please visit the separate Unitron Tempus 800, Unitron Tempus 700, Unitron Tempus 600 or Unitron Tempus 500 pages for more information on these models specifically.

Who Would We Recommend The Unitron Tempus Pro Hearing Aid For?

At the time of launch, we believed that the Unitron Tempus Pro is one of the best hearing aids on the market at the moment – although of course not every hearing aid is suitable for everyone, so we would recommend that you contact one of our audiologists to talk through all of your options. It is especially suitable for people who lead really active social lives; going out with friends, enjoying meals in busy restaurants, spending time with noisy grandchildren and everything in between.

The Unitron Tempus Pro has a number of real stand-out features such as it’s excellent directionality detection, which will make holding conversations in a crowd a pleasure again, and it’s high levels of processing power that makes it able to detect and enhance speech over background noise.

Making Your Unitron Tempus Pro Rechargeable

One of the real selling points of the entire Unitron Tempus range is the ability to use rechargeable batteries. As we have mentioned this is only available in the Behind The Ear (BTE) and Receiver in Canal (RIC) versions, but is certainly something that we would recommend you look into if either of these are your favoured styles.

The rechargeable batteries only need to be charged for between 5 and 7 hours to give you a full 24 hours of life, so for most people simply charging them overnight, when you wouldn’t be wearing your hearing aids anyway, should suffice. The rechargeable batteries themselves come with a simple to use charging cradle, which all you have to do is insert your hearing aids into, no fiddly lining up of contacts or little buttons or switches involved!  Also because the rechargeable batteries are the same size as standard disposable batteries, you can easily pop disposable batteries in if you think that you might run out of charge before you get a chance to recharge them.

Features Of The Unitron Tempus Pro

The Tempus Pro features Unitron’s new SoundCore technology. This is actually four new features that work together to provide exceptional listening clarity and comfort, even in the most challenging sonic environments. In fact compared to Unitron’s previous North platform, the Tempus Pro offers 50% more accuracy and 36% more speed when recognising and locating speech. SoundCore technology has the power to detect and analyse the most difficult aural situations and automatically make the necessary adjustments to numerous settings allowing you to enjoyably participate in conversations in all situations.

SoundCore technology combines the following features:


This feature detects sounds and classifies them into one of seven different environments; Music, Noise, Conversation in a Crowd, Conversation in a Small Group, Conversation in Quiet, Conversation in Noise and Quiet. Depending on the exact sonic features of the environment that you are in, certain settings for each of these categories will be blended together to automatically provide the optimal processing, amplification and necessary sound suppression levels, to ensure that you can hear easily and successfully.


This feature is actually a combination of another four advanced hearing aid technologies; SpeechPro, Speech Focus, Speech Locator and Dynamic Spatial Awareness. These work together to pinpoint exactly where sounds are coming from so that you will always be able to tell who is talking to you and where they are. This is an essential part of being able to enjoy both conversations and everyday life.

Sound Conductor

Sound Conductor combines a further three features (Speech Enhancement, Noise Reduction and Multiband Adaptive Directionality detection) to provide the most natural sound possible with exceptionally clear speech. It receives information from the other three parts of the SoundCore technology and uses this to seamlessly make alterations to the levels of its own three features, thus producing this very high sound quality and listening experience.

Spatial Awareness

This involves placing the microphones, speakers and amplifiers in precise locations to allow them to replicate the natural effect of your pinna (the visible part of your ear) as it funnels sound down towards your ear drum. This is also achieved by the development of Unitron’s Dynamic Spatial Awareness technology which allows you to really clearly understand which sounds are coming from where, meaning that you can keep abreast of everything that is going on around you.

Obviously SoundCore technology is the real selling point of the Unitron Tempus Pro, however, there are also a number of other great features that work alongside the SoundCore technology to provide Unitron’s best listening experience to date. These include:

Binaural MyMusic

This is another real stand-out feature of the Tempus Pro. Binaural MyMusic is a special setting that is automatically activated in both of your hearing aids when either one detects that you are listening to music. The setting then activates specific levels that are designed purely to enhance your musical listening experience.

20 Fitting Channels

This high number of channels means that the Tempus Pro is able to detect and process up to 20 different sounds at once. The SoundCore technology can then decide which of these should be amplified and which of these should be suppressed as unwanted background noise.

Feedback Manager

One of the bains of many hearing aid users lives is the both annoying and embarrassing whistling sound that can be the result of feedback when any foreign items come into close proximity with your hearing aid. This could be when you are answering the phone, putting on a hat or even just giving someone a hug. However with Feedback Manager the Tempus Pro can detect the specific frequency that feedback sounds occupy and then cancel them before they even become audible.

Antishock 2

This is Unitron’s new generation of technology to deal with unexpected loud noises. Often these can result in a high level of discomfort as these are accidentally further amplified by your hearing aid. However with Antishock 2 the processor is fast enough to immediately detect and suppress these sounds.

Frequency Compression

This useful feature compresses sounds that exist at frequencies that users can’t hear down to frequencies that they can. Therefore even users with severe hearing loss will be able to hear sounds at frequencies that their cochlear’s are irrevocably damaged for.

Wind Control

With the Tempus Pro you will still be able to enjoy a brisk cliffside stroll, as it’s Wind Control technology can effectively isolate and suppress the sound of wind noise.

Automatic Adaptation Manager

When you first start using your Tempus Pro, this feature will gradually increase the levels up from those that you are initially comfortable with to those which you actually need to get the best and most comfortable sound experience.

Binaural Phone

This handy built-in feature allows telephone signals to be automatically streamed to both of your hearing aids, without the expense and faff of having to buy a separate accessory.

Tinnitus Masker

Many hearing aid users also suffer from the sometimes infuriating experience of tinnitus. The Tempus Pro’s tinnitus masker produces a proven level of white noise which distracts your brain away from the tinnitus sound and towards what you actually want to be hearing.


This is a great feature for users of two hearing aids, as it allows the push buttons on each aid to control both of them. For example the button on your left hearing aid can be programmed to increase the volume and the button on your right hearing aid can be used to decrease the volume in both of your hearing aids at once. This makes manually adapting your hearing aids simple and intuitive.

Natural Sound Balance

This clever feature allows your remaining natural hearing to work alongside the amplified sounds that are produced from your hearing aids. It is only available in the BTE and RIC versions of the Tempus Pro.


A standard, but essential, feature that can now be found in many hearing aids, the telecoil function allows for a range of different devices to be connected directly to your hearing aid so that you can hear easily in a range of different telecoil enable settings.


This feature automatically detects when you are on the phone and switches your hearing aid to a specific telephone setting.

Accessories Available For The Tempus Pro

To complement the Tempus range, Unitron has developed a number of useful accessories.  These are:

uControl 2.0 App

This useful app is available on both Android and iOS and can be used to easily and discreetly control and make adjustments to your hearing aid. It can also be used to monitor your hearing aids and take readings which can then be used by your audiologist to make personalised fine adjustments to your hearing aids ensuring that they function perfectly for you.


This is the next generation of audio streamer from Unitron. It connects your hearing aids directly to mobile phones, radios, TV’s and other devices with a simple hands-free operation.


This wireless streaming device discreetly allows your hearing aids to connect to all of your sound-producing devices in stereo.


This is another new generation device which is designed specifically for seamless connection to your TV allowing sound to be streamed directly to your hearing aids so that you never miss a second.


Simply pop this little microphone onto the lapel or hang around the neck of whoever you are speaking to you and their voice will be easily picked up and streamed directly to your hearing aids.


**Please note, there will be an additional surcharge of £125 if we are pairing a single hearing aid with an existing aid bought from another company where we are taking over the aftercare responsibilities and looking after both hearing aids**

Written by Paul Harrison, Audiology Expert & Founder of Hearing Aid UK

Managing Director & founder of Hearing Aid UK, with over 20 years of audiology experience and a member of the British Society of Hearing Aid Audiologists Council (BSHAA) between 2015-2020.

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What's included in our hearing aid prices?

Full Hearing Test & Examination by a Registered Audiologist
Fitting and Programming of Hearing Aid(s)
All Aftercare and Fine Tuning for Life
Full Manufacturer's Warranty
60 Day Full Money Back Guarantee
Is this the best model for me?

If you are looking at this page then it is likely that an audiologist has suggested that you purchase this particular hearing aid, so is this the best model for you?

In general, any audiologist will always be recommending to you the model that best suits your needs. Here is a useful check list to make sure that is the case.

  • Audiologist level of knowledge. The audiologist you have seen will hopefully have a wide knowledge of all available hearing aids, however some will only be familiar with a small number of brands and therefore may not really be in a position to know which model is the best for you. It is OK to challenge their recommendation and ask them to justify why this particular brand is the one for you.
  • Do research. Read about the hearing aid that was recommended. Does it seem like it will suit your lifestyle? Does it have more or less features than you need? 
  • Be aware of sales targets. Many high street retailers have specific tie-ins to a particular manufacturer/brand. The hearing aid they have suggested may still be the correct one for you, but do your research so that you know why they might have recommended it.

If in doubt, feel free to give us a call. That's what we're here for.

Do I need one hearing aid or two?

If you have a significant hearing loss in both ears, you should be wearing two hearing aids. Here are the audiological reasons why:

Localisation. The brain decodes information from both ears and compares and contrasts them. By analysing the miniscule time delays as well as the difference in loudness of each sound reaching the ears, the person is able to accurately locate a sound source. Simply put, if you have better hearing on one side than the other, you can't accurately tell what direction sounds are coming from.

Less amplification required. A phenomena known as “binaural summation” means that the hearing aids can be set at a lower and more natural volume setting than than if you wore only one hearing aid.

Head shadow effect. High frequencies, the part of your hearing that gives clarity and meaning to speech sounds, cannot bend around your head. Only low frequencies can. Therefore if someone is talking on your unaided side you are likely to hear that they are speaking, but be unable to tell what they have said.

Noise reduction. The brain has it’s own built in noise reduction which is only really effective when it is receiving information from both ears. If only one ear is aided, even with the best hearing aid in the world, it will be difficult for you to hear in background noise as your brain is trying to retain all of the sounds (including background noise) rather than filtering it out.

Sound quality. We are designed to hear in stereo. Only hearing from one side sounds a lot less natural to us.

What are the benefits of rechargeable hearing aids?

For most people, the main benefit of a rechargeable hearing aid is simple convenience. We are used to plugging in our phones and other devices overnight for them to charge up. 

For anybody with poor dexterity or issues with their fingers, having a rechargeable aid makes a huge difference as normal hearing aid batteries are quite small and some people find them fiddly to change.

One downside is that if you forget to charge your hearing aid, then it is a problem that can't be instantly fixed. For most a 30 minute charge will get you at least two or three hours of hearing, but if you are the type of person who is likely to forget to plug them in regularly then you're probably better off with standard batteries.

Rechargeable aids are also a little bit bigger and are only available in behind the ear models.

Finally, just like with a mobile phone, the amount of charge you get on day one is not going to be the same as you get a few years down the line. Be sure to ask what the policy is with the manufacturer warranty when it comes to replacing the battery.


Are behind the ear aids better than in the ear aids?

For most people, the answer is yes. But it's never that simple.

The majority of hearing problems affect the high frequencies a lot more than the low ones. Therefore open fitting hearing aids sound a lot more natural and ones that block your ears up can make your own voice sound like you are talking with your head in a bucket. Therefore in-ear aids tend to be less natural.

However the true answer is we can't tell until we have had a look in your ears to assess the size of your ear canal, and until we have tested your hearing to see which frequencies are being affected.

People with wider ear canals tend to have more flexibility, also there are open fitting modular CIC hearing aids now that do not block your ears.

There is also the age old rule to consider, that a hearing aid will not help you if it's sat in the drawer gathering dust. If the only hearing aid you would be happy wearing is one that people can't see, then that's what you should get.

Most people can adapt to any type of hearing aid, as long as they know what to expect. Have an honest conversation with your audiologist as to what your needs are.

What are channels, and how many do I need?

Generally speaking, six or more. Unless it's none at all.

The number of channels a hearing aid has is often a simplistic way an audiologist will use to explain why one hearing aid is better than another, but channels are complex and it is really not that straightforward.

Hearing aids amplify sounds of different frequencies by different amounts. Most people have lost more high frequencies than low and therefore need more amplification in the high frequencies. The range of sounds you hear are split into frequency bands or channels and the hearing aids are set to provide the right amount of hearing at each frequency level.

Less than six channels and this cannot be done with much accuracy, so six is the magic number. However, a six channel aid is typically very basic with few other features and is suitable only for hearing a single speaker in a quiet room. The number of channels is not what you should be looking at, it's more the rest of the technology that comes with them.

As a final note, different manufacturers have different approaches. One method is not necessarily better than any other. For example some manufacturers have as many as 64 channels in their top aids. Most tend to have between 17 and 20. One manufacturer has no channels at all.

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