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High street price £2100
Our Price£1695

Signia Styletto 7Nx Hearing Aids & Reviews

Note, at present the Styletto is only available as a pair, single aids are not yet an option.

Price for one, £1695 | Price for a pair, £2695

What’s included in our price?

  • Full hearing test and examination by registered hearing aid dispenser
  • Fitting and programming of hearing aid(s)
  • Fine tuning and all aftercare for the life of the hearing aid(s)
  • 2 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • 60 day full money back guarantee if not completely satisfied
  • VAT Inclusive

Overview – the idea behind Styletto

Currently only a small percentage of those with a mild-moderate hearing loss are wear hearing aids. Signia believe that one of the main issues involves stigma. Many people who need hearing aids don’t want to wear them simply because the look and feel does not match their image of themselves.

The Styletto Solution

Signia believe they have produced a hearing solution that transforms the image of the hearing aids. Styletto combines all of the audiological advantages of the Signia Nx platform with a slim and (they believe) stylish new form factor. Here’s a picture of one, so you can be the judge yourself. We quite like it, it’s certainly pretty sleek for a long lasting rechargeable hearing aid.

Signia marketing department think that Styletto is more than a hearing aid, more “hearwear” with a revolutionary design, they call this form factor a SLIM-RIC. Styletto provides the latest advancements in terms of energy-efficient chip design, rechargeable batteries, and natural sound – all in a slim-line housing. Signia believe that Styletto is preferred by 80% of people when compared to conventional hearing aids [source: Signia Consumer Study 2018], however they were mainly comparing to their own leading models which are admittedly less stylish. Whilst the Styletto certainly isn’t the smallest hearing aid out there, it is quite slight when you factor in that it is also rechargeable.




Available in three performance levels, the Styletto 7Nx, Styletto 5Nx and the Styletto 3Nx, Styletto comes in three attractive brushed metal colour combinations: Dark Granite/Silver, Cosmic Blue/Rose Gold, and Snow White/Rose Gold. Thanks to its new charging system, users can enjoy a full-days wear, enabled by unique lithium-ion batteries and charging-on-the-go via an ultra-slim, portable charging case. This delivers four days of user autonomy [based on 16 hours wearing per day] and has the added benefit of being free from bulky plugs and cables.




You can see below the various colour choices in glorious three dimensions! If you can’t see this, then your browser doesn’t support our 3D widget.


Key features (written by Signia, please excuse any hyperbole)

  • New slim and stylish design: Styletto is more than a hearing aid. It is hearwear with a revolutionary design: the world’s first SLIM-RIC.

  • High-tech hearing with Signia Nx: Styletto combines all the audiological advantages of our acclaimed Signia Nx platform with the stylishly designed new form factor.

          • OVP™ (Own Voice Processing) – World’s First OVP

          • UltraHD e2e & Narrow Directionality – The most advanced, full and continuous binaural link

          • Soundscape Processing (HD Spatial, Extended Dynamic Range, Feedback Cancellation, Classifier System)

  • A new charging paradigm: Styletto wearers enjoy full-day wearing and an astounding 4 days of autonomy enabled by unique Lithium-Ion batteries and charging on-the-go via our ultra-slim portable charging case [based on the industry average 16h/day wearing time]

  • Colour options: Styletto wearers can express their individual style via three contemporary colour combinations: Dark Granite / Silver, Cosmic Blue / Rose Gold, and Snow White / Rose Gold

  • Compatible with miniPocket and touchControl App

  • Twin Phone available (to be activated manually via miniPocket or touchControl App)

  • TeleCare 2.0 (with 4-band-equalizer) and myHearing App compatible

  • IP68 rating

  • External fixed receiver unit (available as M-Type only) in 2 lengths (length 2(S) and 3(L))

  • Lithium-Ion galvanic rechargeability

  • Automatic switch-on of hearing aids after charging

  • Charging status (of the hearing aids as well as the charger) can be shown by short-pressing the power button of the charger

  • Tinnitus therapies available at all performance levels

  • Tinnitus Noiser

  • Notched Noise Therapy

  • Programmable with ConnexxAir, only

Performance feature overview (outline of key features, only)

••••• = highest feature performance


Performance Levels

Styletto 7

Styletto 5

Styletto 3

Signal Processing/Gain




Speech Master




HD Music (number or pre-set programs)








Narrow Directionality




Spatial Speech Focus


Speech Focus







Extended bandwidth (up to 12 kHz)

eWindScreen binaural

Speech and noise management




Adaptive streaming volume

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