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Micon Pure/Life/Insio 7mi Hearing Aids & Reviews

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General Features

At the end of 2012, Siemens improved their hearing technology with the introduction of their new Micon platform which is at the centre of their BestSound technology. This new platform means faster sound processing, even better sound quality and new features designed to further improve your listening experience.

The 7mi is the highest level of technology in the range and includes a number of different hearing instruments.

The Siemens Pure Micon and the Siemens Ace Micon are RIC (Receiver In Canal) hearing aids. The Ace has an even more discreet design.

The Siemens Motion Micon is a BTE (Behind The Ear) hearing aid and the Siemens Life Micon is the mini BTE (Behind The Ear) model.

The Siemens Aquaris Micon is a BTE (Behind The Ear) designed for people who lead a more active lifestyle. It is very durable, dust resistant and can be completely immersed in water.

One of Siemens newer hearing aids is the Siemens Insio Micon. It is available in three styles, either ITE (In The Ear), ITC (In The Canal) or CIC (Completely In Canal).

Micon BestSound technology still offers e2e wireless, which means your hearing aids can synchronise and work together, to give you a better sound quality and there are several new features as well. The Tinnitus Noiser, has been developed to help relieve the symptoms for people who also suffer from tinnitus.

This new Micon technology offers three main elements when it comes to features.


This includes features like High Resolution Speech Focus which will continuously analyse your environment and adapt the microphones automatically. It also has TruEar which can recreate the ear’s natural acoustics. With a new 12 kHz bandwidth, the 7mi has an impressive 48 channel sound processing ability.



This comprises all the features that are designed to ensure you always maintain listening comfort. The Feedback Stopper helps to get rid of any annoying whistling noises and the Speech and Noise Management system eliminates unwanted background noise, leaving speech sounds clearer. SoundSmoothing helps to cushion the impact of sudden unexpected loud noises and the SoundBrilliance feature extends the higher frequency sounds which can be useful when listening to music or streaming audio sounds. The eWindscreen helps to suppress wind noise.



The MiGuide contains features that help your audiologist to always ensure you are getting the best out of your hearing aids. The Acclimatisation Manager can reduce the number of follow up appointments required as your hearing aids will automatically acclimatise you to different amplification. The Data logging feature gives your audiologist an accurate reading of your hearing aid’s activity so they can make sure they are perfectly tuned for you..


The 7mi hearing aids are compatible with Siemens’ range of wireless accessories. You can connect your hearing instruments to different devices  and have the sound from your TV, mobile phone or music player streamed into them.  With the Tek or Mini Tek accessory, you can listen to your TV without having to wear headphones or turning the volume to levels that may be a nuisance to others. This is because the sound is sent directly into your hearing aids. Similarly, your 7mi hearing aids can receive the sounds from your mobile phone or music player in both ears so you hear them even more clearly.


Siemens have also developed the e-Pen. This small device looks just like a fountain pen but is actually a clever remote control so you can adjust your hearing aid settings discreetly with just a few simple pulls and twists.


The Verdict

The 7mi is available as the Pure, Motion, Life, Ace, Aquaris and Insio models. It is the top level of technology currently available from Siemens and offers a range of colours to choose from. They are wireless compatible and have a number of excellent features, including new Micon features, which give you an even better sound experience. If you area interested in this type of hearing aid but would prefer a lower cost option then you may want to try the 5mi, which offers all the same models. There is also a 3mi but the choice of styles is more limited.  To see all the latest products from the Siemens Micon Hearing Aids range, view here.


Author: Jenny Harrison Google+

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