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Phonak Titanium Hearing Aids Reviews, Styles, Features & Benefits

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Updated 09/11/2023

Phonak Titanium

This hearing aid range is now superseded by more advanced Phonak hearing aids here

  • Light Titanium shell
  • Titanium FitGuide
  • AutoSense OS
  • SoundRecover2
  • Red Dot Award for design
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Phonak Titanium

Phonak Titanium Hearing Aids

Phonak Virto B-Titanium & Phonak Virto M-Titanium Hearing Aids



2022 Update:  All the Phonak Titanium models have now been superseded by the Phonak Virto Titanium Paradise model.  Do not buy old technology, discover the Paradise platform here

2020 Update:  Phonak added M-Titanium to their Phonak Titanium hearing aid range - Their latest generation of super discreet custom hearing aids made from their innovative titanium shell along with their Marvel technology.


What are Phonak Virto B-Titanium hearing aids?

Phonak Virto B-Titanium hearing aids are the tiny custom-made in-ear version of the Belong hearing aid.  It is actually what it appears to be – a Phonak hearing aid made from titanium.  Rather than the usual hard acrylic used for hearing aid shells, this aid is made from paper-thin titanium.


Phonak Titanium hearing aids and other IIC hearing aids

Often when people contact us and ask about the Phonak Virto B-Titanium hearing aids, it is usually because they are looking for a discreet and invisible hearing aid and with the Titanium being the most widely advertised, they believe that to be the main or only option. Whilst the Titanium is certainly a good hearing aid, it is worth noting similar options from other providers.

Phonakn Virto M Titanium Hearing Aids

Phonak Titanium Hearing Aids Update

A new Phonak Titanium platform launched


Introducing Phonak Virto M-Titanium hearing aids

In February 2020, another model was added to the Phonak Titanium hearing aids range.  Phonak announced the launch of the Phonak Virto M-Titanium - the same unique titanium shell, but with the famous Marvel technology, instead of the Belong. The M-Titanium is the new generation of discreet and stylish custom-made hearing aids.


Some key factors of the Phonak M-Titanium M90 & M70 hearing aids:

  1. A sound you'll love: One of Marvel's technology benefits is being able to adapt to every sound environment.
  2. Discreet: The Titanium range is the smallest hearing aid in the world. No one will know you're wearing one.
  3. Custom-made: It is tailored to your own unique ear, so it fits perfectly and comfortably all day long.


What is now available in the Phonak Titanium hearing aids range?


Phonak Virto M Titanium hearing aids:

Phonak Virto M Titanium M90 hearing aids  >>  LEARN MORE

Phonak Virto M Titanium M70 hearing aids  >>  LEARN MORE


Phonak Virto B Titanium hearing aids:

Phonak Virto B Titanium B90 hearing aids  >>  LEARN MORE

Phonak Virto B Titanium B70 hearing aids  >>  LEARN MORE

Titanium Front Visual

   Phonak Virto M-Titanium Hearing Aids Overview

High-performance:  The Marvel technology offers great sound quality from the moment you are fitted with your custom made hearing aids.  Combining innovation, design, performance, practicality and aesthetics.

The perfect fit:  Due to the new Titanium FiGuide - over 50% of wearers get an even more discreet and comfortable fit.

Phonak Titanium Hearing Aids

How does the Phonak  FitGuide work?


The Phonak Titanium hearing aids FitGuide analyses how deep the hearing device can be put within the ear.  Ear impressions are taken to the next level, as FitGuide provides flexibility (like your ear canal) to ensure a more secure and comfortable fit.

Titanium Pair Visual

Phonak Titanium Hearing Aids Reviews by Our Audiologists


Our audiologists reviews of Phonak Titanium hearing aids - What are the pro's and cons?

+ They are made from titanium and are therefore very hard to damage, the shell is 15 times stronger than hard acrylic.

+ Phonak is a reputable brand.

- The underlying technology is quite old. Whilst there have been a few software improvements, the hardware that is responsible for improving hearing was last upgraded in January 2015.

- Wireless signals cannot penetrate a titanium shell which means no ear to ear communication or Bluetooth

- With only two price points, the B90 and B70, they can be quite expensive for people who want a discreet aid but have no need for the extra features in a top-of-the-range hearing aid.

Phonak Titanium Hearing Aids

Phonak Titanium Hearing Aids & Other IIC Hearing Aids Comparisons

So, what are some worthwhile alternatives to the Phonak Titanium hearing aid range?


Reviews of Phonak Titanium hearing aids and other IIC alternatives

  • The Phonak Virto B non-titanium range: These are made from hard acrylic and have the same core technology. The aids are slightly larger and if you opt for them being larger still, you can fit in extra's like Bluetooth and dual microphones. They also have four price points, the B90, B70, B50 and B30. This means that if you have basic requirements then you can save yourself £1000 on a pair.

  • The Starkey SoundlensThese are very expensive, however, they tend to come out even smaller than the Titanium and yet still somehow manage to fit in full Bluetooth capabilities.

  • The Signia Silk, a modular IIC These are for people who have predominantly high-frequency hearing loss, but still want to wear an invisible hearing aid. Often invisible in canal aids can really make your ear canal feel blocked and make your own voice sound strange. The Signia Silk is an open-fitting IIC and aims to prevent that problem.

  • The Oticon Opn IIC: Oticon arguably has the best technology for cutting out background noise whilst keeping everything sounding natural. The processor is around 50 times faster than the Titanium and the aid is about the same size or slightly smaller than it. You pay for the superior technology though.


Need further support on Phonak Titanium Hearing Aids?

View the product specification, PDF brochures for both platforms, video below and you can also explore the Phonak Titanium hearing aid prices below. 

Alternatively, you can call us free on 0800 567 7621 for any additional information and support.

Phonak Titanium Hearing Aids Compared to other IIC Hearing Aid Models

Price Each
Price per Pair
Invisible in canal
Number of Channels
Ear to ear wireless
Sound Quality
Clarity in background noise

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Phonak Titanium Hearing Aids

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