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Hearing Loss Testimonials - Read Anu Verma's Hearing Loss Story

Updated 07/06/2023

MEET ANU, Business Development Manager, Author of "Victim 2 Victor" & Podcast Host

Interviewing Anu Verma

On a warm summer afternoon, back in August, I'm busily chatting to Anu on Twitter - a platform where she explores how she can professionally educate and empathise with those in need at their most vulnerable.  It's a gift that comes from relativity, experience and the sheer willingness to help.

She's reached out to me after a social media plea for more people to come forward and share their own hearing loss stories.  The chat is easy-going and she immediately understands that these stories are the trick to increasing the normalisation of hearing loss and hearing aids.  

Stories that are united on a mission to shape the future of audiology and how people perceive hearing aids.  We've come a long way where hearing aid stigma is concerned, however, the world still needs shaping.

Anu Verma's story combines many hurdles and achievements. Upset is in the air, a nod of acceptance, but achievements have brought happiness too.  Her determination to be a positive representation of the hearing loss community shines through her story right from the beginning - and this is where we start.

Anu Verma - Author of Victim 2 Victor, a therapeutic memoir

"I have permanent hearing loss, which I believe was a result of the first AZ vaccine that I had back in March this year.  Tinnitus then developed in my left ear the day after and in the evening I struggled with a fever and blackouts.  It was a scary time, I honestly felt like I was dying.  The tinnitus continued and following two hearing tests with a private ENT consultant, I was diagnosed with a 40 Hz hearing loss and I now wear hearing aids"


Unfortunately, Anu isn't on her own.  Due to rarity, there simply has not been enough research that links hearing loss, tinnitus or other auditory issues to any COVID vaccination.  However,  the World Health Organisation (WHO) are examining such reports.  I spoke to Anu about my brother-in-law who is still suffering from long COVID and tinnitus after contracting the virus twelve months ago.  He had also just had his vaccine. 

In both cases, there has been little research pointing to the vaccines as a cause.  Like with all new health implications and limited data or evidence for the links - further research is both needed and required.  We go on to chat about how her hearing had no issues before the vaccine, how she feels about this new loss and how quickly she sought medical help.


"My hearing loss does get me down, mainly because I had great health and hearing prior to the vaccine.  In many ways, I regret ever having it, but in all honesty, unusually I felt huge pressure from my GP and was made to feel like I was putting my family at risk by not having it.

I sought help immediately once I realised that I had tinnitus as I had never experienced this before. At first, the GP referred me for ear wax removal, however, there was no wax in my ears. I was then referred to get some Otovent to help equalise the air pressure in my ears.

After some use of the balloons, it turns out my ears weren’t impacted by air pressure and that the issue was more to do with inner ear damage.  I took the matter into my own hands and went to get a hearing test.  It was here that I was diagnosed with hearing loss and they gave me a hearing aid to wear"


Anu Verma's quick response to her new auditory symptoms is, unfortunately, rare. Hearing Link Org's statistics show that in the UK around 6.7 million would benefit from hearing aids, but only 2 million people wear them.  Although these figures will wither over time, there still is so much more than can be done to extinguish stigma and misconceptions. This all starts with the right awareness. That's why stories such as these are so important. To inspire the hearing loss community and to educate outside of it. 

Anu Vermas Hearing Loss Tesimonial

Insight on the importance of early intervention...If you delay getting a hearing aid, you could be causing more damage to your future hearing health. Over time, without amplification, your perception of sound can change. This is because when you hear a sound your ears have detected a vibration in the air and transmitted it via the inner ear to the auditory nerve.

This nerve carries signals to the brain which then processes them into the noise and speech sounds that create the soundscape around you. In order for the auditory cortex to function it needs to be used. Just like any other muscle in the body.

Your brain is no different - if you have hearing loss that is untreated your brain starts to get weak. If you stop using a part of it or signals can no longer reach it, it will send it elsewhere.

We both agree on how important early prevention is, how awareness is the best way to promote this message and what more can be done within our ENT system.

Picture of Anu Verma on her Victim 2 Victor podcast

"I never realised the tinnitus was due to hearing loss, so this was all new to me. When my GP referred me to an ENT specialist, the nearest appointment was over a year away!  This really shocked me that I could not be seen any earlier.  I then decided to go private and so had to pay consultation fees.

I just needed to be seen quickly and checked to ensure there was no serious damage that would get worse.  It was a shame that my NHS MRI scan could not take place when it did, as I would have realised the damage sooner.  I think more could be done on the referral times to see an NHS ENT consultant.  I also believe the NHS could do more to help the communities.

Go and get tested, as there may be something more serious going on which needs to be addressed. I am glad that I sought help immediately. It also helped to go private, which may not be affordable to most.  However, receiving the diagnosis from the consultant and passing his letter to my GP helped as my MRI scan referral was sent immediately and I received a date for this scan to be done within two weeks".


Anu and I ponder about her life's new challenges after being diagnosed with tinnitus and hearing loss and managing tinnitus symptoms, as well as how much her support network as helped her overcome them.  "I felt that the tinnitus was leading me to become anxious and interfering with my ability to meditate. This was mainly due to the constant sound disturbing me. It still upsets me, as I know I would never be in this situation had I avoided getting the COVID jab.

I cried when I returned home from the clinic, as I was now having to wear a hearing aid, but my family, friends work colleagues all supported me through this.  When I am feeling down, I pick up the phone to call my friends who help lift me up.  Support is everything and I wouldn’t have developed the strength and resilience if it wasn’t for the words of encouragement from those around me".

As we chat, it is clear that despite her new challenges with tinnitus and hearing loss - her determination isn't lost.  I believe that such strength stems from her past history of abuse which eventually prompted her to fight for change and justice.  Now, through her work, she gives victims a voice again, to evoke self-confidence and shine brightly once more.  


"I'm proud of my achievements.  I became an author in 2021 and started my Victim 2 Victor podcast in 2021.  This year I've become a mum again for the second time to my beautiful daughter Eva.  So, realistically my main goal for the rest of the year is to get enough sleep so that I can be the best parent for both my children".


As the story comes to an end, we both share a hope that in the next few months, years and as more cases of auditory issues arise after COVID vaccinations are made known - the greater the instigation for focused research and change.  I'd like to thank Anu, for taking the time to share her hearing loss journey so far.  Bringing truth, regret and (particularly at the beginning) a harsh reality of accepting life's new normal. 

But, hearing loss and tinnitus isn't stopping her in her tracks.  If anything, her story tells us that we can walk into any space and belong - hearing aid or no hearing aid!  Hearing loss doesn't have to bring limitations.  If you are in any doubt that your hearing has altered - seek medical help as soon as you can.   You can call us free on 0800 567 7621 to learn more about hearing loss, hearing healthcare or to find a local audiologist in your area that can support you or a loved one's hearing needs.



Visit Anu Verma's website for more information on the services she provides and about her own story at  She is currently promoting a "Discover your True Self" 12-week self-discovery plan focused on affirmations, meditations, yoga, goal setting, and journaling for a more fulfilling, rich and abundant life.
You can also purchase her book here too.  Victim 2 Victor is a memoir of suffering, adversity and misfortune, leading all the way up to resilience, steadfastness and elation.
Interviewed by Kimberley Bradshaw

Meet Kimberley Bradshaw , Head of Customer Content Experience

By working closely with the Hearing Aid UK audiologists, experts and advisers, she develops the online content, so that the customer's experience is the best it can be. 

Kimberley's medical representation has allowed her to focus on the importance of hearing healthcare and explore the many ways in which hearing loss and its awareness can be improved.

She has collaborated and written about hearing healthcare for several online publications.

View an example of one of Anu Verma's Victim 2 Victor Podcast Videos Below

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