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Rexton Hearing Aids UK: An Insight into Signia's Rexton Hearing Aids

By: Paul Harrison Updated: 20th January 2022 in: Hearing Aid Advice, Latest News, Articles
Rexton Hearing Aids UK - An Insight

Rexton Hearing Aids UK

Have you been quoted for a Rexton hearing aid?  Chances are you’ve had a hearing test at Bloom Hearing


An Insight into Signia & their Rexton Hearing Aids

As always, one of our company’s core values is that we are always providing transparency to our customers.  Transparency in price, models, brands, service and aftercare.  There is no small print – what you see is what you get.

Therefore, we are dedicated to being a helpful resource for our customers when they are researching digital hearing aids for the first time or looking to upgrade their existing devices.  When we come across hearing aid brands and models that aren’t applying the same service codes and perhaps offering instead a vague identity - we look into ways to educate our customers.

 We now live in a world where information is so accessible online and many customers now compare models and prices.  Because of this, selling hearing aids at high prices isn’t as easy as it used to be.  In result, companies sometimes obscure hearing aid model identities, so customers aren’t sure what they are buying.

This means that they become less aware of what these hearing products are and where they originate from.  For example, Boots AudioNova hearing aids and Amplifon's "Ampli" range are rebrands of hearing aids that obscure the original identity of what you are buying - and now Rexton hearing aids.

This article’s purpose is to give a little more clarity as to what you'd be buying if you chose a Rexton hearing aid.


Signia’s Rexton Hearing Aids

Perhaps you are researching hearing devices or have been quoted a price for Rexton hearing aids and wondering who makes them.  Recently, hearing care chain Bloom Hearing, began selling Rexton hearing aids and chances are you may have had a hearing test with them.

Where some people might believe or may have been told that these are unique products, but it is important to understand that the technology in question has been around for a while.  For instance, each Rexton hearing aid model mirrors very closely (if not exactly) existing Signia hearing aid models that are available today.


Why is Bloom Hearing Services Selling Rexton Hearing Aids?

Bloom Hearing is one of the smaller hearing aid chains that used to be called Regional Hearing Services until they were bought by Widex a part of the WS Audiology family, who also own Signia.  They now have around twenty stores and fifty dispensers in the UK.  This may be the reason why you might have been recommended hearing aids by only these two suppliers and now Rexton.

Rexton is a WS Audiology hearing aid brand and when you delve a little deeper, the brand’s website does not choose to publish prices.  In fact, the prices found online from various providers are overtly vague with a single hearing aid starting from around £395 to £4000.  In short, this means that the prices can’t be compared easily.


Rexton Hearing Aids – A Short History

This hearing aid brand is part of the WS Audiology family who brought us mega brands - Widex and Signia - founded in 1955.  This means that it allows for Rexton hearing aids to share the same technology and design to that of the Signia line-up – more on this later. 

Due to Rexton hearing aids incorporating the same technology as Signia hearing aids, they can be easily compared to Signia’s models and Miracle Ear, which are also rebranded devices from this manufacturer.

At Hearing Aid UK, we don’t agree with hearing aid providers or manufacturers masking the true identity of hearing aids to customers.  Below we have matched up the most popular names associated with Rexton hearing aids against those available from Signia.


Rexton Hearing Aids

Rexton Hearing Aid Ranges

Comparing the Rexton Hearing Aids & Signia Hearing Aid Models


Rexton BiCore Hearing Aid Range & Models / Signia Model Comparison (The Latest Range)

  • Rexton BiCore R-Li Hearing Aids  >  Signia Pure Charge&Go AX Hearing Aids (RIC)

>>  View Signia Model


  • Rexton BiCore R-Li T Hearing Aids  >  Signia Pure Charge&Go T AX Hearing Aids (RIC with telecoil)

>>  View Signia Model



Rexton MotionCore Hearing Aid Range & Models / Signia Model Comparison

  • Rexton M-Core SR Hearing Aids  >  Signia Styletto X Hearing Aids (RIC)

>>  View the Signia Model


  • Rexton M-Core R312 Hearing Aids  >  Signia Pure Charge&Go X Hearing Aids (RIC)

>>  View the Signia Model


  • Rexton M-Core 312T  >  Signia Pure 312 X Hearing Aids (RIC traditional battery with telecoil)

>>  View the Signia Model


  • Rexton M-Core iX Hearing Aids   Signia Silk X Hearing Aids (IIC)

 >>  View the Signia Model


  • Rexton M-Core B-Li M Hearing Aids  >  Signia Motion Charge&Go X Hearing Aids (BTE)

>>  View the Signia Model


  • Rexton M-Core Bi-Li P Hearing Aids > Signia Motion Charge&Go PX Hearing Aids (BTE extra power)

>>  View the Signia Model


  • Rexton M-Core Bi-Li HP Hearing Aids  >  Signia Motion Charge&Go SPX Hearing Aids (BTE super power)

 >>  View the Signia Model


Rexton Hearing Aids Near Me 

Other Useful Rexton Hearing Aids Information

Rexton hearing aids Bluetooth accessories & apps


Older Rexton Hearing Aid Models & Signia Comparisons

  • Rexton MyCore Hearing Aid Range  >>  Signia Nx Hearing Aid Platform
  • Rexton TruCore Hearing Aid Range  >>  Signia Px Hearing Aid Platform (now discontinued)


Rexton Hearing Aids Apps & Signia Comparisons

  • Rexton App  >>  Signia App
  • Rexton Assist  >>  Signia Assistant


Rexton Hearing Aids Accessories & Signia Comparisons

  • Rexton Smart Mic  >>  Signia StreamLine Mic
  • Rexton Smart Transmitter 3.0  >>  Signia Streamline TV


Rexton Hearing Aids Features & Signia Comparisons

  • Rexton BiCore Technology replicates that of Signia Augmented Xperience technology here
  • Rexton MotionCore Technology replicates that of Signia Motion Sensor Technology of Xperience here


Rexton Hearing Aids Near Me - Not found what you are looking for?

If there is a Rexton hearing aid you can’t find the Signia comparison for, then contact us and we can work it out for you.  Perhaps you have seen Bloom Hearing’s Rexton hearing aids prices and are now looking for any Rexton hearing aids reviews – call us free on 0800 567 7721 for further support and information.



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