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Unitron Discover Next Hearing Aid Launch

By: Paul Harrison Updated: 13th August 2020 in: Latest News, Articles
Unitron Discover Next Hearing Aid Launch

Unitron Discover Next Hearing Aid Launch

“Move beyond the words.  Incredible sound performance to hear the deeper meaning in conversations” UNITRON

Earlier this month Unitron released their new Discover hearing aid platform – the Discover Next and with that came their newest and smallest Lithium-Ion rechargeable RIC shape - the Moxi Move R.  Offering consumers comfort, seamless Bluetooth connectivity, quick pairing to your favourite electrical devices and reliable power for all-day wear.  Discover Next is another impressive addition to their Made for Any Phone portfolio.

No matter what the brand, platform or style – the main priority of every hearing aid wearer is to simply hear better in challenging environments.  Unitron’s answer to this is their SoundCore signal processor technology, which is the key to their hearing instruments success.  It cleverly combines four technologies to aid a seamless and natural hearing experience in every possible environment you find yourself in.

There are some impressive new additions in the Discover Next platform – providing enhanced listening capabilities even more than their previous models.  It does this by giving the wearer access to meaning by determining who is speaking, where the voice is coming from, highlighting intonation and emotion in the words you hear.  This ultimately gives you a deeper understanding of speech and meaning, so you can enjoy your conversations, social gatherings and never miss a thing.

Unitron is famous for their sound quality and speech understanding, but they also know that technology must evolve to allow for better communication and to take the complexities out of the conversation.  Meaningful interactions are experienced when you understand more than the words spoken.  This is what Discover Next claims to help deliver – a deeper and meaningful conversation in all environments. 

So, even your softest-spoken friend can be heard and understood with Unitron’s Soft Speech Lift feature.  Another technology hero in this platform is the Spectral Speech – further distinguishing speech and noise to aid a more advanced understanding of words and emotions in complex soundscapes.  Making Discover Next one of the most advanced and intelligent platforms in the industry.

Discover Next

The Rechargeables

The Moxi Move R RIC hearing aid, Stride P R BTE hearing aid and Moxi Jump R T RIC hearing aid are all rechargeable models -with the Moxi Move being the smallest of the Lithium-Ion RIC's.  So, you can have the confidence of having user-friendly and reliable rechargeable technology every day.

The Shapes & Main Features

  • Moxi Move R: Lithium-ion - battery - rechargeable / push-button / Bluetooth / RIC (New 2020 shape)
  • Stride P R: Lithium-ion - battery - rechargeable / push-button / Bluetooth / BTE
  • Moxi Jump R T: Lithium-ion - battery - rechargeable / push-button / Bluetooth / Telecoil / RIC
  • Moxi Fit: 312 battery / push-button / Bluetooth / RIC

The Accessories & Benefits

  • TV Connector:  Watch your favourite shows and films in stereo sound by wirelessly connecting your Discover Next hearing aids to the TV or other media devices.
  • Remote Control:  An accessory to discreetly adjust volume and change programs.
  • PartnerMic:  A worn mic with integrated AirStream technology that streams clear speech.

 Discover Partner Mic

The Range


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