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Real Hearing Aid Reviews

Hearing aid reviews by Independent Audiologists

We frequently receive requests from clients asking us our opinion about individual hearing aids. We can offer our opinion after asking a few questions and you can rest assured that our advice is always impartial and unbiased. We deal with all makes and models of hearing aids and have no affiliation to any hearing aid manufacturer.

Some clients seek out client reviews in the hope of arriving at a more balanced and fair opinion. This is completely understandable as I think we’re all a little sceptical of the marketing blurb put out by large corporations. After all, that’s what they employ their marketing gurus to do and why they spend small fortunes doing so. For the record, I am personally a huge fan of client reviews in general and use them frequently when looking to purchase products. However, hearing aid reviews from clients can present a false picture.

Most clients (not all) who provide a hearing aid review are doing so from a relatively weak position. If they are a first-time wearer then what are they comparing the hearing aid(s) to? Whilst it’s great to hear success stories of how hearing aids have changed their life, this does not necessarily mean that their hearing aids are the best. Even the most modest hearing aid can literally transform someone’s life. Even if a client is an experienced hearing aid wearer then they are likely to only be comparing their new hearing aids with their older ones. Hearing technology moves so fast that one would expect a positive reaction almost irrespective of what the old and the new aids were. So where can one get good, reliable information from?

Audiologists spend most of their time fitting hearing aids and providing aftercare for their existing clients. The majority of this work involves fine-tuning the hearing aids to the needs of the clients by listening to what their clients say. They are therefore able to gauge the reaction and positive benefits that each client experiences – several times per day. It is important to appreciate that I’m talking about independent audiologists who can and do provide all makes and models. If an audiologist works for a national company that is owned by a hearing aid manufacturer then their experience is likely to be limited to much fewer brands and models. If a new model of hearing aid enters the market then it is the independent audiologist that can most effectively ascertain it’s benefit and effectiveness compared to other hearing aids.

We are now in the process of seeking out real objective opinions from our 150 strong, independent audiologists and publishing the results on this website. As the saying goes “if you want to know the time ask a policeman“. But if you want to know how good a hearing aid is then ask an independent audiologist. Just give us a call and we can help.

Products reviews so far:

Phonak Venture range

Resound Linx2 range
Linx2 9
Linx2 7
Linx2 5

Widex Unique range
Unique 440
Unique 330
Unique 220
Unique 110

Still to come;

We haven’t reviewed any Starkey, Oticon or Siemens/Sivantos hearing aids in this round of reviewing as they have only just (as of May 2016) brought out their new product ranges. As soon as our audiologists have had sufficient time to properly judge the performance of these aids we will start to gather the reviews for them.

Additional note – we have gotten a little bit behind on this section, we will add in the new reviews once we get them.

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