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Finding the right information about digital hearing aids can be difficult or even frustrating.  There are plenty of websites with lots of information, most of which will be completely irrelevant to your specific needs. The technical specification and product features of digital hearing aids is beyond the understanding of most people.  It is however fair to say that the more expensive the hearing aid, the more technologically advanced it is likely to be. You get what you pay for.

At Hearing Aid UK our aim is to provide you with the necessary information,  in a way that makes sense, so that you can make an informed choice. We can explain about the different features that a hearing aid may have and discuss with you whether they are relevant or not. There will be certain features that would be of interest to you but there will probably be some features that are not required. We usually do this initially by telephone or email. Telephone is usually the best as we can quickly identify your needs. If you find it difficult to use the telephone then email is just fine.

Digital hearing aids in almost all instances are programmable.  This means that your audiological data  is fed into the digital hearing aid by way of a computer.  The hearing aid if therefore prescription programmed for the individual’s hearing loss. For this reason the services of a hearing aid audiologist need to be used as this cannot be done remotely.  Part of the service that we offer is to put you in touch with a qualifies, registered, hearing aid audiologist.  Our service and the service of the hearing aid audiologist is without charge or obligation. The prices that we list include all fitting, service and aftercare for the life of the hearing aids.


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