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Living with Hearing Loss: Tips and support

Paul Harrison Hearing Aid UK Founder & Audiologist
Written By:
Paul Harrison

Audiology Expert & Founder

Updated: 3rd October 2023
Living with Hearing Loss

Living with Hearing Loss

Tips and support on how to accept, live with and get used to hearing loss


Hearing loss comes with  many hurdles

Living with hearing loss comes with many unique challenges but with the right tips and support, individuals can continue to lead fulfilling lives and effectively manage their symptoms.  For example, accessing hearing aids to overcome problems in understanding and hearing what others say and to assist in better communication.

This quick guide briefly explores various aspects of living with hearing loss, offering valuable advice and resources.


Understanding hearing loss

Hearing loss can affect people of all ages and can be caused by various factors, including ageing, exposure to loud noises, genetics and certain medical conditions. It can range from mild to profound, impacting one or both ears.

Understanding the nature and extent of your hearing loss is crucial for effective management.


Common challenges of hearing loss

Living with hearing loss can pose several challenges day to day.  Such as:

  • Communication difficulties: Understanding conversations, especially in noisy environments, can be challenging. This can lead to social isolation and frustration.
  • Safety concerns: Those with hearing loss may not hear important alarms or warnings, posing safety risks.
  • Emotional impact: Hearing loss can lead to feelings of isolation, anxiety, depression and reduced self-confidence.
  • Relationship strain: Miscommunication and misunderstandings with family and friends can strain relationships.


 Living with hearing loss

Managing Hearing Loss

Tips for living with hearing loss


Seek professional help

The first step in managing hearing loss is to consult an audiologist or an ear, nose and throat specialist (ENT/otolaryngologist) in your area. They can perform hearing tests, diagnose the type and extent of hearing loss and recommend suitable treatments or interventions.  


Hearing aids

Hearing aids are a common and effective solution for many people with hearing loss. Modern hearing aids come in various styles and offer advanced features like noise reduction and Bluetooth connectivity. Consult with your audiologist to find the right hearing aid for your needs.

 Learn how to adjust to new hearing aids here


Assistive listening devices

Consider using assistive listening devices and hearing aid accessories, such as captioned telephones, personal amplifiers, or TV listening systems, to enhance your hearing in specific situations.

Learn more about hearing aid accessories here



Learn how to lip read and use visual cues

Lip reading can be a valuable skill for improving communication. Enroll in classes or online courses to develop this skill.  When communicating with others, rely on visual cues like facial expressions and body language to help you understand the context of the conversation.

Learn more about communication strategies here


Advocate for yourself and be patient

Inform friends and family about your hearing loss and communicate your needs. Encourage them to speak clearly and face you when talking. Request quieter environments when possible.  Be patient with yourself and others.

Hearing loss can be frustrating, but patience and understanding can help alleviate some of the challenges.


Explore communication apps

Many smartphone apps can assist with communication. Text messaging, speech-to-text apps and captioning services can make conversations more accessible.  All modern hearing aid brands now have their own apps for device control, further peronsalisation and remote care.


Protect your ears and stay informed

To prevent further hearing damage, use ear protection in noisy environments and limit exposure to loud sounds, such as music concerts and power tools.

Keep up with the latest developments in hearing care and technology. Join support groups and online communities to connect with others who have hearing loss and share experiences and advice.


 Living with hearing loss

Living with Hearing Loss

Support and resources for those with hearing loss


Access local and online support

Living with hearing loss can be made more manageable with the help of various resources and support networks:

  • Hearing loss associations: Tap into online organisations like RNID and Action on Hearing Loss in the UK that provide useful information, support and advocacy for those with hearing loss and their families.
  • Online communities: Websites and forums are a great way to connect, share experiences and seek advice within the hearing loss community.
  • Support groups: Local hearing loss support groups offer opportunities to meet others facing similar challenges and share coping strategies.
  • Educational resources: Many resources are available online and in print, including articles, books and audiobooks, to help you better understand and manage your hearing loss.
  • Audiologist services: Audiologists are trained professionals who can provide guidance, hearing assessments and rehabilitation services. They can help you select and adjust hearing aids and offer communication tips and strategies.
  • Captioned media and accessibility services: Utilise captioned TV shows, movies and online videos to improve comprehension while enjoying entertainment.  Many public places and events offer assistive listening devices, captioning and sign language interpreters.

Take advantage of these services to enhance your experiences.

  • Professional counselling: Consider seeking counselling or therapy to address speech and the emotional and psychological aspects of hearing loss.


Accepting hearing loss

Accepting you have a hearing loss and need hearing aids or other treatments is similar to the grieving process for many.  Denial, anger, bargaining, depression and finally acceptance.

For those living with hearing loss, this signifies acknowledging their physical limitations. It might involve recognising long-standing codependency on a partner who compensated for hearing loss. This moment often prompts a need for change.  Hopefully, if you landed on this page, you've already made that step.  

If not contact one of our audiologists who can support you through your hearing loss journey on the number below.

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Living with hearing loss

In conclusion

Living with hearing loss may present challenges, but with the right support, resources and strategies, those with hearing loss can effectively manage their condition and lead fulfilling lives.  Seeking professional help, using hearing aids or assistive devices as needed and actively engaging in communication with the understanding and support of friends and family will all help.

By also staying informed and connecting with the hearing loss community, individuals can navigate the journey of living with hearing loss with confidence and resilience.

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