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Phonak CROS Hearing Aids Styles, Features & Benefits

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Updated 08/06/2023
Phonak CROS P hearing aids

Phonak CROS Hearing Aids

Including Phonak CROS B Hearing Aids & Phonak CROS P Hearing Aids 

2021 Update:  This winter, Phonak will launch the Phonak CROS P hearing aid - a CROS hearing solution that is compatible with Phonak Paradise and includes Paradise's technology.  This will supersede the CROS B BTE styles, but not the ITE.


But, first an introduction to Phonak CROS B hearing aids

Phonak CROS B hearing aid devices use the Phonak Belong technology. When CROS B and an Audéo B hearing aid are fitted together, it enables clients with single-sided deafness to hear speech more accurately and better able to follow conversations from whatever direction. 

Using Binaural VoiceStream Technology the CROS B hearing aid wirelessly sends the sounds from the ear that has no hearing over to the better side.  The CROS B model superseded the Phonak CROS II hearing aids, which were built with Venture technology.

Phonak CROS Hearing Aids

Phonak CROS Hearing Aids UK

The Phonak CROS hearing aid is a specialist hearing instrument. It is specifically designed for people with no hearing at all on one side. The Phonak CROS aid is worn on the “dead” side and transmits sound to a hearing aid worn on the other ear. Please note, another Phonak hearing aid is required on the other ear to enable the sound to be received.


Phonak CROS Hearing Aids & Phonak BICROS Hearing Aids - What's the difference?

If the “good” side is near normal then the lowest technology hearing aid can be worn. If the “good” ear is impaired then higher technology hearing instruments can be considered. This configuration is called BICROS and may cost more if you choose a higher technology “receiving” hearing aid.  Phonak CROS is available in custom in-ear versions, as well as RIC and BTE behind-the-ear versions.

Phonak Paradise Cros P Hearing Aids

Phonak CROS P Hearing Aids


Introducing the Phonak Paradise CROS hearing aids

A new hearing aid solution for unilateral hearing loss from Phonak - available in Winter 2021.  Made with Paradise's technology and offers improved speech understanding in noisy environments as well as combining Paradise benefits with a new CROS system.  Compatible with all Phonak Paradise technology levels.  These are P90, P70, P50 and P30.


Main Phonak CROS P Hearing Aids Features:

  • Universal Bluetooth connectivity to smartphones, TV, all Roger accessories and more
  • Hands-free phone calls with the ability of own voice pickup
  • User-friendly and rechargeable
  • There are two models to choose from, which are CROS P 13 (RIC with size 13 battery) and CROS P R (rechargeable RIC).

Phonak CROS Hearing Aids

Other Key Features of Phonak CROS P Hearing Aids



Helps support and improve speech understanding in challenging and noisy environments.  This is only included in Premium (P90) and Advanced (P70) performance levels.


CROS Balance

This feature adjusts the loud sound ratio between the CROS device and the Paradise hearing aid.


AutoSense OS 4.0

This feature automatically understands your soundscape in real-time then offers a seamless listening experience.

Phonak Paradise CROS Hearing Aids 

Phonak CROS P Hearing Aid and Phoank CROS B Hearing Aid Colours


January 2022 Update: The CROS B BTE and RIC models for this range have been discontinued.

Both the Phonak CROS P and Phonak CROS B are available in:  Chesnut, Sandalwood, Silver grey, Velvet Black, Sand Beige, Beige, Champagne and Graphite Grey.


Phonak CROS Hearing Aids Prices & Phonak CROS Compatible Hearing Aids

The pricing for all Phonak CROS and BICROS hearing aids depends on the technology level, as you need both sides which are priced separately.  The features you will benefit from will also all depend on the specification of the Belong or Paradise hearing aid you choose.


Compatability examples:


Price examples:  Phonak CROS B ITE £895 with Virto B90 £1695 = £2590


Phonak Cros P Hearing Aids

Phonak CROS B Hearing Aids

Features & Benefits


But first, Phonak CROS Hearing Aids Bluetooth & Marvel

Even though the Belong range has now been superseded by Marvel, it is still current with the CROS as there are no plans to bring out a Phonak Marvel CROS hearing aid. According to Phonak, the constant streaming between the aids, combined with the Bluetooth features of Marvel would use too much battery power.


Binaural Beamforming

Phonak uses their integrated StereoZoom system which has proven successful at binaural beamforming. It creates a very narrow beam to focus on single voices when in a crowd. This can deliver much better speech understanding when in background noise.


Phonak CROS B Hearing Aid Models

You can choose between five BTE hearing aid models and two ITE models in this range.  These are:

 Phonak CROS B Hearing Aid

Phonak CROS B Hearing Aid Performance Levels:  There are four technology levels in the CROS B range.  These are B90, B70, B50 and B30.


Phonak CROS B hearing aids (BTE) accessories include:

Phonak Compilot II – Streamer that is worn around the neck.
Phonak Compilot II Air - Discreet and stylishly connects your hearing aids to smartphones for Bluetooth-enabled music sources.
Phonak TV Link S – TV transmitter/compilot charger.
Phonak PilotOne II – Basic remote control.
Phonak DECT II - A cordless phone that directly transmits phone conversations to both hearing aids.


Want more information about Phonak CROS hearing aids?

Explore the Phonak CROS hearing aid ranges by watching the CROS B and CROS P hearing aid videos and downloading the Phonak CROS manual and brochures below.

Alternatively, if you are looking for Phonak CROS hearing aids reviews or would like to speak to an audiologist about whether these hearing aid solutions are right for you - call us free on 0800 567 7621

Watch the Phonak CROS P hearing aid below

Phonak CROS P Hearing Aids Technology & Specification Comparison

P90 (Premium)
P70 (Advanced)
P50 (Standard)
P30 (Essential)
Real Ear Sound
Omni directional

Phonak CROS B Hearing Aids Technology & Specification Comparison

Premium (B90)
Advanced (B70)
Standard (B50)
Essential (B30)
Automatic Stereo Zoom
Manual Stereo Zoom
Real Ear Sound
Omni directional
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Phonak CROS Hearing Aids

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