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Oticon's Deep Neural Network Technology - How can DNN help your hearing?

By: Paul Harrison Updated: 20th January 2022 in: Hearing Aid Technology, Latest News, Articles
Oticon's Deep Neural Network Technology

Oticon's Deep Neural Network Technology

How can DNN help your hearing?

Understanding the technology

Not so long ago, I wrote an article about Oticon's BrainHearing Technology and what it meant for your hearing and the industry itself.  Focusing on how this technology supports how the brain naturally works - giving you more access to your full soundscape and therefore a complete perspective. 

I will link this article at the bottom of this one so you can find out a bit more about this advancement.  However, in this article, I will be going through Oticon's other innovative technology - brought to you by their latest hearing aid launch of Oticon More.


Deep neural network definition

Oticon launched the Oticon More digital hearing aid range in January 2021 and within this hearing device lies their Deep Neural Network or DNN.  In short, this technology supports a better listening experience - but how does it do this?  How does it help?  Like with most new technology, it sounds rather complex at first - but here I hope to break down this technology, so you gain a better understanding of this feature and how it can genuinely help your hearing.

Oticon More DNN Technology

Deep neural network advantages

Machine learning at its best

Oticon's Deep Neural Network technology is basically a form of machine learning that mirrors the way your brain works, evolves and learns.  This technology has had various roles in many industries and some of these roles you might know and understand.  Tasks like language translation for example.  But, Oticon has introduced this concept to the audiology industry with their Oticon More hearing aid range.


Deep neural network algorithm

So, how is it used within a hearing aid?  Well, DNN evolves and learns with repetitive actions, similar to how your brain learns.  We all know that practice makes perfect and we learn from our mistakes.  Oticon has trained its DNN with millions of recorded real-life sounds. 

Sounds we all hear and walk amongst every day.  Environments like restaurants, train stations, or all the sounds you hear while walking down your street.


Tap into the most important sounds

The Deep Neural Network, whilst absorbing all these sounds, learns to recognise and bring balance to each sound.  Meaning you gain greater access to sounds that are most important to you.  Once this technology was developed it was then designed and incorporated to power the Oticon More hearing aid range. 

The result - an intelligent hearing aid that balances, organises and prioritises the most important sounds that are unique to you, as well as supporting your own brain's health!


Deep neural network example - What are the benefits of Oticon's Deep Neural Network technology?

To explain the benefits of having DNN within a hearing aid it is probably easier to give you an everyday scenario:


"You are in your favourite busy restaurant catching up with your friends.  Your friend in front of you is chatting, as you get up to leave.  Hearing aids of the past are programmed to focus on the speech that is in front of you whilst reducing background noise, in challenging environments.  This means you might not hear the member of staff behind you with a tray of food.

This is why DNN is different.  With this deep neural network application, your brain can tap into your full soundscape, so you are able to hear the member of staff behind you and therefore avoid a potential collision.  Your sound is truly balanced and amplified in such a way that it brings more realism to your hearing" 

Paul Harrison - Founder of Hearing Aid UK


This is all down to how the Deep Neural Network gives your brain more meaningful and important sound data.  Providing you with clear sound and speech - a deep neural network has the ability to always follow the conversation and understand sound. 

To back this up, Oticon has recently stated that, after researching Oticon More with consumers, it showed to deliver 30% more sound to the brain and increased speech understanding by 15%.

Deep Neural Network Architecture

Breaking down the DNN technology


  • A sound is introduced to a computer.  It cannot recognise the sound, unlike us.
  • The computer stores this sound and processes it through its DNN.  Recognising the parts of the sound and organising the type of pitch it has - for example, high or low pitch.
  • When it has completed this processing it then labels the sound as what it is.  For example, is it a car horn or not.
  • The computer is storing feedback - a yes or no.  Ensuring better decisions and sound recognition in the future.
  • This form of DNN processing is repeated with lots of varied sounds so that eventually the computer learns and through this learning, it can then successfully recognise what sound it is - instantly.  Exactly like our brain!


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Why not try Oticon More for yourself and challenge the technology?

Oticon hearing aids have always been popular with our patients and they simply seem to love the sound the devices give them.  The feedback we have received from our patients who have already invested in Oticon More has been thoroughly positive. 

This hearing aid range has led them to rediscover forgotten and lost sounds, as well as gaining confidence in challenging listening experiences.  Therefore, in summary, Oticon's Deep Neural Network technology has given them a more enriched sound and enhanced their life significantly.

If you would like to speak to one of your audiologists about the Oticon More digital hearing aid range please call us free on 0800 567 7621



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