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X Series i90 (inc Xino) Hearing Aids & Reviews

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General Features

The Starkey X Series is their new technology range and has replaced the previous S Series of hearing aids. The X Series incorporates the different styles and technologies and is available in 3 levels of technology 110, 90 and 70, of which 90 is the second level.

The Wi series is the wireless option within this range and at this level is known as the i90. Along with having the same features as other models in this range, the Wi is compatible with the Surflink range of wireless accessories. You can control the essential features of your hearing aid with the Surflink remote control. The Media Streamer allows you to have the stream the sound from your TV, radio or MP3 directly into your hearing aids as if you were wearing headphones. The Surflink mobile combines both of the previous devices together and also gives you hands free wireless connection to your mobile phone all in one.

The Wi is available as an RIC (Receiver in Canal), CIC (Completely in Canal), ITC (In The Canal) or ITE (In The ear) so there is a range of styles to suit almost any preference.

Also available in the X Series 90 is the Xino. This is the new mini RIC (Receiver In Canal) from Starkey. It is a tiny discreet device that offers the same features as the other models but is not compatible with the wireless accessories.

The 3 Series is the newest addition to this range. It is very similar to the Wi series in that it offers the same features and is also wireless compatible. The main difference is the new design which makes this hearing aid much more user friendly. It has a new switch design which makes it easier to control things like volume and setting options and also features Snap Fit for easier receiver connection. The 3 Series 90 is available as either a Mini BTE (Behind The Ear) or an RIC (Receiver in Canal).

The X Series 90 (i90 for Wi) comes with a wide range of excellent features which includes 12 sound processing channels which allows your hearing aids to be more specifically programmed to deal with your individual hearing needs. The 90 also has 3 levels of personalisation allowing you to customise the preferences to your own requirements.

The Voice iQ2  feature has increased the noise reduction capability in these hearing aids. Although it does not have the maximum strength of the Starkey X Series i110, the 90 has an 8dB noise reduction strength. These hearing aids also have Audioscape which recognises the patterns of noise in different environments and will adjust your hearing aids accordingly. The 90 offers 3 adaptation levels to automatically switch the hearing aids to your preferred settings. Starkey’s Feedback Eliminator is designed to help get rid of any unwanted and annoying whistling noises that may occur, maintaining listening comfort.

Like the other models in this range, the X Series 90 also features Starkeys Hydrashield. This makes your hearing aids more resistant to substances such as sweat, wax or water, helping to prolong the life of the hearing aid.

The Verdict

The X Series 90 (i90 for Wi) is the second level of technology available from Starkey and comes in a range of styles to suit your individual needs. Whether you are looking for something simple and discreet or with wireless compatibility there is something in this range to suit almost everyone. If you are interested in this type of hearing aid but would like to take full advantage of the features available then you may want to try the X Series 110 (i110).  However if you are on a budget then you may wish to try the Starkey X Series i70.



Author: Jenny Harrison Google+

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