What’s the smallest hearing aid on the market in 2014?

What’s the smallest hearing aid on the market in 2014?

With new models being bought out all the time, the choice of hearing aids can be overwhelming. Here is our guide to the smallest hearing aids on the market in 2014.

Starkey Sound Lens

Starkey have taken the technology used in their Series IQ range and created this digital and fully programmable Invisible In Canal hearing aid.

Features include a feedback eliminator designed to remove feedback before you know it is there, without any sound distortion. The Spectral IQ Frequency Translation program helps you to hear sounds out of your hearing range by reproducing and amplifying high frequency sounds.

The Voice IQ2 program not only preserves and clarifies speech, it also reduces background noise  and separates soft and loud speech sounds, making it easier to follow conversation in noisy environments.

Although this model is not wireless, you can use the T2 remote control to change the settings and programs whenever you need to. There is an app available which allows you to change your settings with your mobile phone.

Resound Verso IIC

This Invisible in Canal hearing aid is also available is slightly larger styles as well as two different technology levels so that you can choose the best to suit your needs, budget and lifestyle. Some models also come with remote controls and remote microphones to give you the best possible listening clarity. There are 3 programs to choose from.

The two technology levels are called the Verso 9 and Verso 7, the Verso 9 has a higher level of technology but both hearing aids are very powerful and suitable for mild to moderate hearing loss. The special nano coating helps to repel dust and moisture to ensure the hearing aid is always working at its best.

Designed to work in many different listening environments it contains a feedback suppression program, wind noise reduction to help you hear clearly when you are outside as well as background noise reduction to help you hear conversation in noisy places. Music mode makes musical notes clearer without distorting sound or creating feedback.

These hearing aids are wireless and can work together, not only to synchronise your volume and settings, but they can also assess your environment and change their settings automatically depending on whether you are in a quiet room or somewhere noisy.

Other features include a Comfort Phone program which can tell when you are on the phone. It will raise the volume on your phone side whilst reducing the volume on the other side to make it easier to hear your phone conversation.

Oticon Intiga i D100

Oticon’s Invisible in Canal hearing aid contains wireless Bluetooth technology which allows you to take phone calls on your mobile phone as well as connecting with Oticon’s range of sound streamers. They allow you to stream sound from your landline telephone and television easily.

These hearing aids can communicate with each other to synchronise their programmes and settings giving you a clearer listening experience. They can also adjust automatically to their environment by assessing the noise levels and reducing the amount of background noise or raise the volume if someone is speaking quietly.

The Speech Guard program is designed to detect speech sound in noisy environments and amplify and clarify speech whilst reducing the sounds you don’t want to hear.

Phonak Nano

The Phonak Nano is available with two technology levels so you can choose the one best suited to your lifestyle as well as your pocket. These are the Ambra and the Solana.

The Ambra is designed to cope with challenging listening situations. Containing Phonak’s premium technology it is ideal for coping with noise in public places, social events and a busy, noisy lifestyle.

The Solana contains Phonak’s advanced technology, and whilst it is a lower level than the Ambra it can still cope with demanding listening situations such as restaurants or work meetings.

The wireless capability allows the hearing aids to communicate with each other as well as assess their environment and adjust automatically to give you the best hearing in different situations.

With 20 sound processing channels to process and clarify frequencies they can process high frequency sounds and bring them within your hearing range. The binaural microphones help you to focus on speech sounds whilst they reduce the amount of background noise.

Other programs include echo reduction, wind noise reduction and feedback cancellation.

Siemens i Mini

This In the Canal hearing aid is suitable for mild to moderate hearing loss. With wireless Bluetooth capability the hearing aids can work together to give you a great listening experience. You can stream sound from your mobile phone as well as connecting with the sound streamers in Siemens range of accessories.

With its tough nano coating it is easy to take in and out as well as repelling moisture and dust.

Programmes include Sound Brilliance, which analyses and reproduces inaudible sound frequencies and brings them within your hearing range, giving you a wider spectrum of sound, ideal for music lovers. The speech smoothing program separates speech from background noise, enhancing the speech whilst reducing the other sounds. This gives you better clarity in noisy situations.

Other features include feedback elimination and wind noise reduction programs to give you better hearing in difficult environments.

Widex IIC

This Invisible in Canal hearing aid is equipped with Widex Sound, which is designed to enhance all the sounds around you, not just speech.

It has 3 different levels of technology so that you can choose the one that best fits your lifestyle and budget. This hearing aid is designed to cope with mild to moderate hearing loss. It can control feedback without distorting other high pitched sounds and can assess your environment and enhance speech in difficult listening environments.

The custom made casing and integrated faceplate has no joins or rough edges to ensure your comfort whilst the nanocare wax guard repels wax, dust and moisture and ensures the hearing aid stays clean and working at it’s best.