Study Shows Radiation Therapy For Head And Neck Cancer Causes Hearing Loss

A study has showed that radiation therapy for patients often causes hearing loss.

Nearly 75% of people who underwent radiation therapy for head and neck cancer experienced a hearing loss which resulted in poorer hearing.

Findings by the research revealed that the cancer sufferers appeared more likely to encounter hearing impairment and be more disabled by its effects than those who do not receive such treatment.

The survey conclusions, which were published in the Archives of Otolaryngology- Head & Neck Surgery report, found that close to 100% of the radiation delivered may reach the structures of the auditory system.

Radiation therapy is increasingly being used in the medical field for head and neck tumours.

In the study, 72.3% of the participants who were exposed to radiation therapy detected a hearing loss compared to 48.9% of those surveyed who had never undergone a treatment that placed their hearing at risk.

Of those who had been treated for radiation, severe or profound hearing loss occurred in 6.4% of the right ears and 8.5% of the left ears. In comparison, the participants who were in the control group had 0.7% in the right ears and 1.4% in the left ears.

Participants who had been treated for radiation were more likely to be severely impaired by hearing loss than those people who had not.

The greater risk of hearing impairment increases the chance of wearing a hearing aid whether it is a widex clear or a resound alera.

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