Study Shows Age-Related Hearing Loss Can Be Delayed By Calorie Restriction

A study in America has revealed that restricting the intake of calories may delay age-related hearing loss.

The findings, by scientists at the University of Wisconsin-Madison is the US, was carried out using mice as subjects.

The experiment showed that a 25% reduction in calories activated a single enzyme, scientifically called Sirt3, which helped to preserve hearing.

Tomas A. Prolla, a professor of genetics at University of Wisconsin-Madison in the US, said: “If we can find compounds that activate Sirt3 we may be able to obtain some of the benefits of caloric restriction without having to restrict our calories.”

Under normal conditions, Sirt3 are low however restricting the amount of calories intake appeared to boost the levels of Sirt3 and help the cell’s energy factories, called mitochondria.

Mitochondria produce atoms called free radicals which damage cells and increase the effects of aging; however the boosted levels of Sirt3 due to calorie controls reduce the production of harmful free radicals and therefore damage fewer cells, including the cells in the inner ear.

This is promising news for adults growing older and who are more prone to developing a hearing impairment and risk having to wear a phonak hearing aid or oticon hearing aid for example.

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