Study Reveals That 3.4 Million Brits Can’t Hear Properly

A ground-breaking study has shown that 3.4 million Brits cannot hear properly.

In the most comprehensive research of its kind, it has been revealed that six million of Britons suffer from some form of hearing loss and that a staggering 3.4 million do not use a hearing aid.

The study, which was conducted by EuroTrak UK and is the most thorough survey ever undertaken in the field, involved 15,000 UK consumers and showed that many of us cannot hear well.

This means that millions of British people are not benefitting greatly from the advantages of Hearing aids and furthermore, they are putting themselves at serious risk of problems at work, depression, low self-esteem and isolation from not treating the hearing impairment efficiently.

Consumers answered questions about their personal hearing and also about their attitudes to and knowledge about hearing aids.

The 2010 study found that the UK has the lowest rate of hearing tests in Europe with Germany and France outranking us with higher hearing test rates.

Moreover, findings exposed that 39% of people who consult their doctor about their hearing do not go any further to seek a solution, 93% of hearing aid owners use them regularly and that 77% of hearing aid users are satisfied with their instrument.

Professor Adrian Davis, National Director for Newborn Hearing Screening Programme, and the leading epidemiologist of hearing impairment in the UK said:  “Probably over 3.4 million people in the UK need hearing aids and do not have them according to EuroTrak UK – similar to a figure estimated by the MRC studies and RNID.  This represents a massive challenge to everyone involved with hearing healthcare, hearing aids and their dispensing.  The negative impact on the lives of the undiagnosed hearing impaired cannot be underestimated.”

Lawrence Werth, Chairman of British Hearing Aid Manufacturers Association added:  “It is imperative that we get our hearing tested regularly.  If hearing loss is detected then a hearing aid can help.  They have improved dramatically over the last five years – a fact confirmed by EuroTrak UK – and provide real benefits for the hearing impaired.”