Ride a Motorcycle? You Must Protect Your Hearing with Earplugs

motorcycleRiding a motorbike without adequate ear protection can damage your hearing. That is the stark warning by Appia Healthcare Limited, the manufacturers of a new biker hearing protector.

According to the company’s Director, Alexander Duggan, driving motorcycles can result in hearing loss and therefore he is urging all motorists to wear good earplugs.

He said: “If you ride for any period of time without hearing protection you are putting yourself at risk because as time goes by, you will eventually suffer hearing damage. Theoretically the bigger the engine, the louder the level of noise generated and the more damaging it will be.”

Appia Healthcare has just launched the Auritech Biker Hearing Protectors- what they describe as the ‘most advanced hearing defence ever.’

They claim that unlike traditional silicone or foam earplugs, the new biker protectors contain a patented ceramic filter which ensures maximum protection from dangerous levels of engine, wind and road noise.

What’s more, the frequency-selective filtration process allows noises like horns and sirens to remain audible, without a muffling effect. They are reportedly suitable for all motorsport enthusiasts and are re-usable.

Mr Duggan added: “This sort of damage can be anything from a ringing in the ears- Tinnitus, or total hearing loss. Hearing loss is irreparable- it doesn’t heal, it won’t get better. And the worst bit is, hearing damage is cumulative, it builds over time, getting worse and worse.”

Why is it so damaging?

According to various articles on the web, the ears can tolerate wind noise up to 40mph and carry on operating efficiently. However as you go faster, the ears quickly become overwhelmed.

No matter what kind of bike you ride, make sure you protect your hearing. All helmets are susceptible to noise but whatever kind of earplug you use, make sure it is properly fitted. There are various shapes, types and brands of earplugs however, an improperly installed one can be extremely painful.

You really do need to go that extra mile to take care of your health!


(Image free to use under the Creative Commons licence courtesy of No To the Bike Parking Tax on Flickr)

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