Hearing Aid Recycling Scheme

Today’s society is very focused upon being sustainable and environmentally conscience; so when you recycle your food and plastic bottles also think about salvaging your old hearing aid.

Recycling an old hearing aid can have a positive impact on the world’s global warming as the government is pushing people to be aware of the effects of the o-zone layer.

Green fashion movements encourage people to be eco-friendly and ethical to save waste, landfill, costs and ultimately protect the environment. This is also in relation to hearing devices, whether they are unwanted, unused or broken.

The batteries and instruments can be recycled, repaired and refurbished to be put back onto the market or sent to help the thousands of people across the world who are hard-of-hearing but who cannot afford to buy a hearing aid. In particularly, the poor are affected as they cannot afford the preventative care to avoid hearing loss, or the devices to improve hearing when impaired.

The World Health Organisation estimates that 278 million people globally have moderate to profound hearing loss in both ears but yet current statistics show that annual production of hearing aids only meets 10% of worldwide needs. So no matter what condition your device is in, you will be helping!

And it doesn’t matter what kind of hearing device you will be recycling whether it is aphonak hearing aid or an oticon hearing aid. So, do your little bit for the ecosystem and when it comes to buying a new hearing aid to replace an old dud one, don’t just throw it in the bin. Recycle it and drop it into a local hearing aid dispenser scheme!

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