Daredevil Skydiver Set Free With New Hearing Aids

Laura gets ready for another parachute jump

Pic Credit: Telegraph & Argus

The sky is the limit for a young girl from Yeadon in Leeds thanks to some new hearing aids.

Laura Muller, 21 is a professional skydiver who has won medals in competitions but her long-term future in the sport has been in jeopardy due to her old hearing aids- but not anymore.

The daredevil has been set free with some new hearing aids which she hopes will help her achieve her goal of becoming a skydiving instructor.

Her old hearing devices would turn off sometimes during the climb to altitude or they would pick up wind noises hurting her ears but now the risk-taker can look forward to plenty more jumps after she was fitted with some new aids.

She said: “The confidence these hearing aids have given me has made such an incredible difference to my life and my sport.”

Speaking about her new phonak ambra aids, the wild child said: “The sound quality is amazing so it immediately made me a much more confident person and I hear as well as everyone else now.

“These hearing aids are able to withstand the climb to altitude and they have never once stopped working either on the plane or under canopy.”

Laura was born with about 50% hearing loss but did not wear hearing devices until high school. She wore aids at university but was not confident in large groups of people.

After taking up skydiving she discovered complications that included the helmet not fitting well, the aids digging into her ear or them being pulled out. The noise under the canopy was sometimes unbearable for the young woman and sometimes the pain was so intolerable she just didn’t jump. Obviously due to the dangerous sport, she couldn’t just take the aids out as she wouldn’t be able to hear.

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