Couple Reveal That Hearing Test Saved Their Marriage

A British couple have told a heard-hitting story about how a hearing test made their marriage stronger than ever.

Study results published show that being hard of hearing is difficult on relationships, as the survey of 5,032 adults treated for hearing problems revealed that the ability to understand what is being said is the key to communicating with loved ones.

The research, by Boots, revealed that more than a third of Brits significantly improved their relationship with their partner simply by addressing their hearing loss and getting their ears tested. Many people argue and row over petty things like who should wash-up but according to the findings, most admitted hearing problems had sparked rows and 10% reported that they argued less after being fitted with a hearing aid.

Don’t wait between 10 and 15 years before seeking help like the survey outcomes, the impact on one’s relationship can be devastating; get a hearing test and get early diagnosis and treatment of problems.

The Express newspaper interviewed the married duo Ann and Jon Miller, after they admitted their 26 year partnership was under intolerable strain as a result of Ann’s partial deafness. The hearing test possibly saved their marriage.

The 53-year-old from Rainham, Kent, confessed: “It was getting very difficult at home. It got to the stage where I had the television on so loud my husband and 25-year-old son would not sit in the same room as me. In the end John wouldn’t even bother trying to have a conversation with me and I wasn’t very interested either.”

The situation got so bad that they would not even converse over mealtimes because if her husband talked she would have to look at him to try and get the gist of what he was saying and it meant she couldn’t enjoy her food. The hearing impairment also caused rows because Ann would mistake and misinterpret what her other half had said.

Work became difficult for Ann and she lost her job in social care because of her partial deafness, as they said she was talking so loudly she was being abusive.

Experts warn that relationships can hit a brick wall as the need to repeat can end up in silence.

Ann suspects that her early days of working in the Women’s Royal Naval Services and being surrounded by noisy equipment could have been the factor for her hearing loss. It wasn’t until things became so strained at home that John insisted she have her hearing checked.

She now wears a fitted discreet digital hearing aid and her husband is delighted, saying: “I’ve got the old Ann back. Now we can sit and talk and have a proper conversation – but I always know if she has forgotten to put her hearing aid in.”

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