Celebrity Hearing: Lady Gaga Learning Sign Language

People who have a hearing loss can communicate to others via the use of a hearing aid or by sign language.

And it seems that Lady Gaga has decided to learn the form of sign language in an attempt to communicate to her hearing impaired fans.

The “Born This Way” singer plans to learn how to use visually transmitted signed patterns to convey meaning so none of her followers who are deaf, feel left out.

A source said: “GaGa’s already campaigned for gay rights in the States and has spoken out about political issues like immigration. Now she wants to make sure her deaf fans feel included too.”

The 25 year old, whose real name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, aims to take up lessons with a private tutor in any spare time she has got. She was reportedly inspired to take up American Sign Language after watching YouTube clips of her deaf devotees signing along to her songs.

The source added: “Once she’s mastered sign language she’ll be able to respond to the videos that are online, and include signing in future live tours.”

Gaga, who recently polled number one as the highest earner on Forbes list of top celebrity earners under-30, has previously played gigs with a sign language expert by her side to interpret her lyrics for her hearing impaired admirers.

Only last year the $90 million the American dedicated her song “Speechless” to her fans that had a hearing loss, saying: “I wish I spoke your language….Everybody speaks the language of love and it’s so beautiful that music brings everyone together.”

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