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Hearing Loop Technology

Because of digital technology, hearing aids are more powerful than they have ever been, and even more so with the advent of hearing loop technology. While this advancement in hearing aid technology enables even those with severe hearing loss to be able to hear through problematic background noises, there is one ‘minor’ complication. There are insufficient numbers of buildings which have instituted the technology.

Hearing loop technology utilizes a tiny coil within the hearing aid that receives magnetic signals transmitted directly to the microphone within the hearing aid. As the coil is activated, the hearing aid’s regular microphone is deactivated so that the device only picks up transmissions being sent by the induction loops. The benefits of this technology are absolutely amazing.

Hearing Loop Technology

One of the main problems which are encountered under normal circumstances for the hearing impaired utilising traditional hearing aids is all that background noise. With hearing loop technology, all background noise is thereby eliminated as the only signal it receives is that from the digital transmission.

For church gatherings, lectures and other meetings where a speaker might not be heard due to other sounds and noises throughout the room, hearing loop technology provides the perfect solution. Unfortunately, all too few organisations actually make use of induction loop hearing aid technology at this point in time.

There are, however, systems which can be placed within the home so that busy living areas will not pose a problem when trying to hear a television broadcast or someone on the other end of the telephone. As well, many busy offices and other places of employment could make use of the technology to provide a workplace environment that is suitable for the hearing impaired.

Contrary to what we may believe, this technology is not expensive and could be quite easily installed. If more concerned citizens spoke up as advocates for the hearing impaired, hearing loop technology would become commonplace quite quickly.

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