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Resound ONE 7 / M&RIE / RIE 61 / RIE 62 / BTE / Power BTE Hearing Aids

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Our Price
£1395 per aid
£2595 per pair

Behind the Ear
Fitting Styles: RIC, BTE

5 Year Warranty Included. Rechargeable version is an additional £50 per aid.

Model:ONE 7
Style:Behind the Ear
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We Offer FREE Aftercare, 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, Unlimited Fine Tuning, Full Hearing Test, Manufacturers Warranty
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What's included in our hearing aid prices?

Full Hearing Test & Examination by a Registered Audiologist
Fitting and Programming of Hearing Aid(s)
All Aftercare and Fine Tuning for Life
Full Manufacturer's Warranty
60 Day Full Money Back Guarantee

Details & Features

Resound ONE 7 Hearing Aids

Resound ONE 7 Hearing Aids Including - M&RIE / RIE 61 / RIE 62  /  BTE  / Power BTE


2022 Update: Resound added two new BTE's to the range, offering premium hearing solutions for a wide range of hearing losses. Including a standard BTE and a Power BTE, both available in rechargeable models.


Launched in August 2020 the Resound ONE supersedes the LiNX Quattro and has revised the Resound sound.  Resound ONE 7 hearing aids will give you access to a more natural listening experience with the new additional microphone placement.


Resound ONE 7 Hearing Aids - Models Available

  • RIE 61 (312 battery).
  • Rechargeable RIE 61 (Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery).
  • RIE 62 (13 battery).


Resound ONE 7 Hearing Aids - Design

Since the LiNX Quattro, Resound has given this new platform a new shape - the 'M&RIE' design.  This new structure uses your unique ear shape to enable the most natural sound.


Resound ONE 7 Hearing Aids - All Access Directionality

Delivering the best position to hear the most important sounds by adjusting to your listening patterns.  This means that you can feel more confident in conversation - especially when your environment is noisy.  You will be more engaged and speech will be effortless in social gatherings.


Resound ONE 7 Hearing Aids - Activate Ultra Focus & Resound Assist LIVE

With these digital hearing aids, you can Improve your one-to-one hearing experiences in challenging environments.  Hearing speech is easier, as it shifts the focus away from your surroundings without feeling isolated from them.  The Resound Assist LIVE offers you remote assistance and the chance to speak in real-time with your audiologist.


Resound ONE 7 Hearing Aids - Bluetooth

Connect to your TV and get the sounds of your favourite shows directly in your hearing aids.  Connect directly to your iPhone and Android with Resound ONE - streaming audio and calls to your ears via reliable low-energy Bluetooth.


Need more support with Resound ONE 7 hearing aids?

Read the excerpt from our Resound ONE hearing aid range page, view our unboxing video and Resound ONE's product video below.  Or call us free on 0800 567 7621 for extra support.

Open 8am - 8pm, 7 days a week


**Please note, there will be an additional surcharge of £125 if we are pairing a single hearing aid with an existing aid bought from another company where we are taking over the aftercare responsibilities and looking after both hearing aids**

Written by Paul Harrison, Audiology Expert & Founder of Hearing Aid UK

Managing Director & founder of Hearing Aid UK, with over 20 years of audiology experience and a member of the British Society of Hearing Aid Audiologists Council (BSHAA) between 2015-2020.

Behind the Ear
Fitting Styles: RIC, BTE

5 Year Warranty Included. Rechargeable version is an additional £50 per aid.

Resound ONE Full Range

Behind the Ear
Fitting Styles: RIC, BTE

5 Year Warranty Included. Rechargeable version is an additional £50 per aid.

Resound ONE Full Range

Behind the Ear
Fitting Styles: RIC, BTE

5 Year Warranty Included. Rechargeable version is an additional £50 per aid.

Resound ONE Full Range

Behind the Ear
Fitting Styles: RIC, BTE

5 Year Warranty Included. Rechargeable version is an additional £50 per aid.

Resound ONE Full Range

Behind the Ear
Fitting Styles: RIC, BTE

5 Year Warranty Included. Rechargeable version is an additional £50 per aid.

Resound ONE Full Range

Behind the Ear
Fitting Styles: RIC, BTE

5 Year Warranty Included. Rechargeable version is an additional £50 per aid.

Resound ONE Full Range

Watch Our Resound ONE Hearing Aids Unboxing Video Below

Watch the Resound ONE Hearing Aids Video Below

Resound ONE Hearing Aids Brochure

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**Excerpt from our Resound ONE hearing aids range page**

Resound ONE Hearing Aid Range

In August 2020, Resound launched their new digital hearing aid, Resound ONE, offering a new shape, new features, new sound and above all - a new microphone placement.  Giving you a more natural sound and also a sound that is at one with your soundscape every day.

The new Resound ONE hearing aid range will start off as three Receiver-in-Canal (RIC) devices initially - but I believe, like their other ranges, this will organically evolve over time to offer more variation.

At the time of launch, Resound ONE hearing aids offered a 312 battery, a 13 battery and a rechargeable hearing aid. The shape is reminiscent of their last range - Resound LiNX Quattro, but more on the angular side in terms of overall appearance.


Resound ONE Hearing Aids - The New Microphone Placement

Resound ONE hearing aids combine their usual microphones with an additional one, which is positioned in the receiver itself.  You might even think that this is an unusual position choice for a microphone. 

However, as the most realistic sound cues are presented here - it is in many ways the place that makes the most sense.  The outer ear assists in confining the natural sound and which direction they are coming from.  Localisation is key to distinguishing the sounds you don't want to hear by the brain. 


Resound ONE Hearing Aids - The Challenge

When I originally got wind of this new microphone placement, my first thoughts were that this must have been a hard hurdle to get over.  The placement in the receiver must have been technically a challenge to overcome, especially when we are talking about an open-fit hearing aid device.  This is because you can potentially get problems with increased feedback when the microphone is so close to the receiver.

Resound has ensured that this isn't the case with their new feedback management system - DFS Ultra III.  So, with this feedback feature, you would gain from increased natural sound and listening performance in tricky hearing environments.


Resound ONE Hearing Aids - Directionality

There are new directionality modes onboard the Resound ONE hearing aids - All Access Directionality and Ultra Focus Setting.  These are implemented within ONE to enhance and improve speech recognition and maintaining spatial perception in complex soundscapes - both sound and situation.


Resound ONE Hearing Aids - Connectivity

Resound ONE hearing aid range is another Made for Any Phone Bluetooth hearing aid to add to their existing ranges.  Making this a direct connection to both iPhone and Android smartphones for calls, streaming and hearing aid control to both ears.


Resound ONE Hearing Aids - Rechargeability

Resound now have a more premium charger on offer - a modern charging system that mirrors the look of the devices themselves.  Get upto three days of quick charging on the go, with no power outlet needed.  


Resound ONE Hearing Aids - Smartphone Compatibility

Apple / iOS Devices:  The Resound ONE hearing aids are Made for iPhone hearing aids that will directly connect to your mobile phone.  However, the requirement for running the apps is iOS 12 or later and the watch support requires watch OS 5 and iOS 12 or later.

Android Devices:  For full streaming compatibility with Android devices requires a minimum of Android v10 and Bluetooth 5.0.  However, If direct Android streaming is not supported by your hearing aids or Android smartphone, you can use the Resound PhoneClip+ to stream sound.

The Resound PhoneClip+ enables you to connect your Resound ONE hearing aids to any Bluetooth v.2.0 Android device.


Resound ONE Hearing Aids - Natural Sound

Most hearing aids capture sound from behind the ear - so the sound isn't natural or complete.  This hearing aid changes all that.  The Resound ONE M&RIE hearing aid uses your unique ear shape to collect the whole sound.  As I stated earlier, placing a microphone inside your ear instead of behind it gives you true sound from all directions.


Resound ONE Hearing Aids - Available Colours

The Resound ONE hearing aid is a modern and discreet hearing aid designed to sit comfortably on your ear with a handy touchpoint at the back of the device.  You can choose a colour that blends in with your skin tone or hair colour. 

The colours available in the Resound ONE hearing aid range is warm grey, sparkling silver, graphite, deep black, gold, espresso, champagne and bronze.

Meet David

Meet David, Audiology Expert

David graduated as an audiologist in 2003. He worked for many years dispensing hearing aids for the high street chains and later as an independent audiologist before joining the management team at Hearing Aid UK.

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What's included in our hearing aid prices?

Full Hearing Test & Examination by a Registered Audiologist
Fitting and Programming of Hearing Aid(s)
All Aftercare and Fine Tuning for Life
Full Manufacturer's Warranty
60 Day Full Money Back Guarantee
Is this the best model for me?

If you are looking at this page then it is likely that an audiologist has suggested that you purchase this particular hearing aid, so is this the best model for you?

In general, any audiologist will always be recommending to you the model that best suits your needs. Here is a useful check list to make sure that is the case.

  • Audiologist level of knowledge. The audiologist you have seen will hopefully have a wide knowledge of all available hearing aids, however some will only be familiar with a small number of brands and therefore may not really be in a position to know which model is the best for you. It is OK to challenge their recommendation and ask them to justify why this particular brand is the one for you.
  • Do research. Read about the hearing aid that was recommended. Does it seem like it will suit your lifestyle? Does it have more or less features than you need? 
  • Be aware of sales targets. Many high street retailers have specific tie-ins to a particular manufacturer/brand. The hearing aid they have suggested may still be the correct one for you, but do your research so that you know why they might have recommended it.

If in doubt, feel free to give us a call. That's what we're here for.

Do I need one hearing aid or two?

If you have a significant hearing loss in both ears, you should be wearing two hearing aids. Here are the audiological reasons why:

Localisation. The brain decodes information from both ears and compares and contrasts them. By analysing the miniscule time delays as well as the difference in loudness of each sound reaching the ears, the person is able to accurately locate a sound source. Simply put, if you have better hearing on one side than the other, you can't accurately tell what direction sounds are coming from.

Less amplification required. A phenomena known as “binaural summation” means that the hearing aids can be set at a lower and more natural volume setting than than if you wore only one hearing aid.

Head shadow effect. High frequencies, the part of your hearing that gives clarity and meaning to speech sounds, cannot bend around your head. Only low frequencies can. Therefore if someone is talking on your unaided side you are likely to hear that they are speaking, but be unable to tell what they have said.

Noise reduction. The brain has it’s own built in noise reduction which is only really effective when it is receiving information from both ears. If only one ear is aided, even with the best hearing aid in the world, it will be difficult for you to hear in background noise as your brain is trying to retain all of the sounds (including background noise) rather than filtering it out.

Sound quality. We are designed to hear in stereo. Only hearing from one side sounds a lot less natural to us.

What are the benefits of rechargeable hearing aids?

For most people, the main benefit of a rechargeable hearing aid is simple convenience. We are used to plugging in our phones and other devices overnight for them to charge up. 

For anybody with poor dexterity or issues with their fingers, having a rechargeable aid makes a huge difference as normal hearing aid batteries are quite small and some people find them fiddly to change.

One downside is that if you forget to charge your hearing aid, then it is a problem that can't be instantly fixed. For most a 30 minute charge will get you at least two or three hours of hearing, but if you are the type of person who is likely to forget to plug them in regularly then you're probably better off with standard batteries.

Rechargeable aids are also a little bit bigger and are only available in behind the ear models.

Finally, just like with a mobile phone, the amount of charge you get on day one is not going to be the same as you get a few years down the line. Be sure to ask what the policy is with the manufacturer warranty when it comes to replacing the battery.


Are behind the ear aids better than in the ear aids?

For most people, the answer is yes. But it's never that simple.

The majority of hearing problems affect the high frequencies a lot more than the low ones. Therefore open fitting hearing aids sound a lot more natural and ones that block your ears up can make your own voice sound like you are talking with your head in a bucket. Therefore in-ear aids tend to be less natural.

However the true answer is we can't tell until we have had a look in your ears to assess the size of your ear canal, and until we have tested your hearing to see which frequencies are being affected.

People with wider ear canals tend to have more flexibility, also there are open fitting modular CIC hearing aids now that do not block your ears.

There is also the age old rule to consider, that a hearing aid will not help you if it's sat in the drawer gathering dust. If the only hearing aid you would be happy wearing is one that people can't see, then that's what you should get.

Most people can adapt to any type of hearing aid, as long as they know what to expect. Have an honest conversation with your audiologist as to what your needs are.

What are channels, and how many do I need?

Generally speaking, six or more. Unless it's none at all.

The number of channels a hearing aid has is often a simplistic way an audiologist will use to explain why one hearing aid is better than another, but channels are complex and it is really not that straightforward.

Hearing aids amplify sounds of different frequencies by different amounts. Most people have lost more high frequencies than low and therefore need more amplification in the high frequencies. The range of sounds you hear are split into frequency bands or channels and the hearing aids are set to provide the right amount of hearing at each frequency level.

Less than six channels and this cannot be done with much accuracy, so six is the magic number. However, a six channel aid is typically very basic with few other features and is suitable only for hearing a single speaker in a quiet room. The number of channels is not what you should be looking at, it's more the rest of the technology that comes with them.

As a final note, different manufacturers have different approaches. One method is not necessarily better than any other. For example some manufacturers have as many as 64 channels in their top aids. Most tend to have between 17 and 20. One manufacturer has no channels at all.

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