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Best and Most Powerful Hearing Aids UK - Including Powerful Hearing Aids Review 2024

Kimberley Bradshaw - Head of Marketing
Written By:
Kimberley Bradshaw

Head of Customer Content Experience

Paul Harrison Hearing Aid UK Founder & Audiologist
Medically Reviewed By:
Paul Harrison

Audiology Expert

Updated: 1st March 2024
Best and Most Powerful Hearing Aids UK

The Most Powerful Hearing Aids UK 2024

What are the most powerful hearing aids 2024?


What are powerful hearing aids?

Powerful hearing aids are hearing aids that have a high level of amplification, which means that they can amplify sounds more than other hearing aids. They are typically prescribed for individuals with severe to profound hearing loss, as they can amplify sounds enough for them to be able to hear and understand speech and other sounds in their environment.

In this article, we will discuss the most recent powerful hearing aids available on the market today.


So, how powerful are hearing aids?

People who have severe to profound hearing loss wear hearing aids that are called power, superpower, or ultra-power hearing aids.  They are generally a touch larger than other hearing aids, but recent launches have proven that powerful hearing aid technology is getting smaller, and therefore so are the devices themselves. 

Several factors determine the power of a hearing aid, including the size of the device, the type of technology it uses, and the level of amplification it provides. Some powerful hearing aids are larger and more visible than others, while some are designed to be as small and discreet as possible.


The circuitry of powerful hearing aids

The reason that powerful hearing aids are bigger is due to the need for more circuitry.  These hearing aids are usually worn behind the ear (BTE) and also with a custom earmold that generally runs on a 675 battery or the smaller 13 battery. 

BTE hearing aids are the popular choice for high-power aids because they are also more flexible and offer more personalisation and access to sounds based on the placement of the microphone.  Some common features of powerful hearing aids include:

  • Multiple microphones: These help to improve the clarity and directionality of sound, and can make it easier for the wearer to understand speech in noisy environments.
  • Noise reduction technology: This helps to reduce background noise, making it easier for the wearer to focus on the sounds they want to hear.
  • Telecoils: These allow the hearing aid to connect wirelessly to devices such as phones, televisions, and public address systems, making it easier for the wearer to hear in these situations.
  • Multiple program settings: These allow the wearer to customize the hearing aid for different environments, such as quiet settings, noisy settings, and settings with music.


The right fit is key for powerful hearing aids

Accessing the right fit is key to a successful hearing aid - no matter how much power it holds.  But for powerful hearing aids, it is imperative - the main goal is to reduce feedback, as a poor-fit earmold will cause feedback.  Your audiologist will base the right power hearing aid for you and your hearing loss needs on how much power it provides, how successfully it controls feedback, and its circuitry. 

A lot of people have severe to profound hearing loss like the use of telecoils to pair to loop systems in theatres and other large venues and these are commonplace in such hearing devices - to enhance their listening experience in a busy and noisy atmosphere.

People with hearing loss of this level also get huge benefits from investing in wireless hearing aid accessories that pair to both your powerful hearing aids and in some cases your smartphone.  Accessories such as Remote Mics, TV Streamers, and Adapters make the challenging environments of life just that little bit easier.


What are the best powerful hearing aids available on the market?

What is the most powerful hearing aid on the market?  It's important to first know that severe to profound hearing loss is successfully treated with high-powered hearing aids. These hearing aids include many of the same features as hearing aids to treat other levels of hearing loss.  The only other additions are extra amplification and more advanced speech recognition features.

Most hearing aid manufacturers in today's industry offer powerful hearing aids for this niche consumer - let's take a look at the most powerful hearing aids on the market for 2024 and break down their main features.  


Most Powerful Hearing Aids

Most Powerful Hearing Aids Review 2024

What are the best and most powerful hearing aids available in the UK?


Best powerful hearing aids for reliability and power - Powerful German hearing aids from Signia

Signia Motion X Charge&Go digital hearing aids are designed to take your hearing performance up a notch with the right features and tools.  Including the famous motion sensor technology of the Xperience platform to quickly access your movements and alter your sound experience accordingly.  So you can enjoy workouts, socialising, business meetings, and special moments with your family. 

Like with all the models from the Xperience range - you are free to hear what matters to you wherever you are.  This range caters to mild loss (Motion X) up to the powerful hearing aid, Motion P X, and the super power hearing aid - Motion SP X which assists the most profound hearing loss.  Another unique feature is the charging system. 

In fact, at launch, it was the most powerful hearing aid on the market with rechargeability.  The SP X boasts around 61 hours of power on one charge and the P X gives you 30 - quite unusual for a power aid device.

  Powerful Hearing Aids From Signia

Powerful Signia hearing aids that are sleek, reliable, and convenient

The Signia Motion X hearing aids come packed with useful and convenient features to enhance your daily hearing experience.  Reliable features such as Bluetooth streaming of calls and music directly to your ears at just the right volume to suit your hearing loss. 

These rechargeable hearing aids are both slim and stylish and can provide up to 61 hours of power in one charge, so you can go about your day with confidence - just 'Charge & Go!'  Let's take a closer look at this Signia model.


Most Powerful Signia Hearing Aids

 Most Powerful Signia Hearing Aids

Personalised control in every situation with these powerful hearing aids

The Signia Motion X hearing aids give you flexible control of your devices 24/7 with the Signia app, so you can enjoy being fully involved in conversation amongst the ever-changing backdrop of life.  Using Signia Assistant, chat, optimise, and adjust your hearing aids to give you the exact hearing experience you want in all listening environments. 

Acting like your very own hearing care professional you can rely on every day whenever you need support. 


Key features of the Signia Motion X hearing aids:

  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Recharge on the go
  • AI digital assistant
  • Automatic situation detection

Signia Motion Charge&Go PX hearing aids

This is a powerful rechargeable hearing solution to tackle every situation that comes your way.  This small and sleek shape offers integrated telecoil, Bluetooth, and Signia Assistant, ensuring great everyday premium performance.


Signia Motion Charge&Go SP X hearing aids

This superpower hearing aid comprises great features, like integrated telecoil, that you can tap into and control with the Signia App and Signia Assistant, as well as gaining from great Bluetooth connectivity.  It was, at launch, the world's first rechargeable super-power hearing aid for those with profound hearing loss.  

Signia Motion X

How can Signia Motion X help your profound hearing loss?

Even though this hearing aid model is new, the technology behind it isn't.  Like Signia's revolutionary sensor technology, for example, that knows if you are moving or not - so you can always have the best hearing aid experience in any direction.  You can take in all the sound and speech in your environment as you move and stay completely part of it all - never missing a beat.

In short, this means that you can be walking in the park with your friend, while the sounds of life come from all around you and still benefit from clear hearing and understanding of the conversation.  Feeling connected to the environment - without the background noise taking over.  


The powerful Signia Motion Charge&Go X hearing aid's range top performance levels:

►Click here to view Signia Motion 7X hearing aids

►Click here to view Signia Motion 5X hearing aids

►Click here to view Signia Motion 3X hearing aids


Most Powerful Oticon Hearing Aids

Most Powerful Oticon Hearing Aids  

Powerful Oticon Xceed hearing aids

So, are powerful German hearing aids crushing the market today?  Well, even though Signia's Motion X range SP X model is currently the most powerful hearing aid in the industry, there are still plenty more hearing aids in this category to choose from. 

For instance, the Xceed power hearing aids provide those with severe to profound hearing loss acquire 360 degrees access to more speech than past models and, in fact, ever before. 

At launch, Oticon Xceed hearing aids introduced the world's first power hearing aid with BrainHearing technology, as well as 146 dB SPL and 87 dB gain, which facilitates improved speech clarity and short-term recall.  Along with decreasing the struggles that people with severe to profound hearing loss daily face.

Constructed on the Velox S platform, these superpower hearing aids are the first to include OpenSound Navigator. This assists in better access to speech and reduces listening effort. The OpenSound Optimiser helps supply optimum gain, for the wearer, and decreased feedback. 

Oticon’s BrainHearing technology provides up to 11dB refinement in the signal-to-noise ratio. This improvement continues even in the most challenging of hearing situations.


Enjoy 360-degree sound with Xceed

The Xceed CROS offers a full 360-degree sound quality to those with single-sided deafness while conversing in a noisy atmosphere. The TwinLink dual streaming helps wearers link to external audio streams, whilst benefiting from sound transmission directly from the poorer ear to the more audible ear. Oticon’s TwinLink feature has been proven to increase awareness of speech by up to 50%.


 Xceed is a powerful hearing aid

Powerful Hearing Aids in the UK

So, what are the benefits of the Oticon Xceed hearing aid range? 


With statistics like 10% more clarity, 10% reduced listening effort, and 15% more short-term recall – the Xceed is a model worth shouting about.

The OpenSound optimiser is another added benefit, as it deters feedback accruing and decreases gain reductions for consistency of speech. It also helps audiologists compile a bespoke sound experience for the wearer, which is a huge positive for our Hearing Aid UK independent audiologists. 

The Oticon Xceed, like their Opn and OpnS range - includes their famous BrainHearing technology with 11dB refinement in signal-to-noise ratio.  This advanced addition improves speech clarity and short-term recall and reduces other challenges that those with profound hearing loss face every day. 

The Oticon Xceed is also built on the Velox S platform and includes OpenSound Navigator to better speech access and less listening effort support - providing optimum gain and less feedback for the wearer.


Benefit from everyday connection with Oticon Xceed hearing aids

Oticon Xceed offers power users connection to the world, whether they are at home or out and about – there is always wireless accessibility, made possible with the 2.4GHz Bluetooth low-energy technology.

The Made for iPhone and other smartphone connections stream sound directly hands-free to both ears with ConnectClip. Using the Oticon ON App, wearers can also freely manipulate volume, alternate programs, and even turn off their aids.


Most Powerful Oticon hearing aids power:

Max Power:  146 dB SPL and 87 dB gain

Oticon Xceed

Powerful Oticon Xceed hearing aids range and top performance levels:

►Click here to view Oticon Xceed S1 hearing aids

►Click here to view Oticon Xceed S2 hearing aids


Most Powerful Phonak Hearing Aids

 Most Powerful Phonak Hearing Aids

Powerful Phonak Naida Paradise hearing aids 

So, what do the Phonak Naida Paradise hearing aids bring to the table?  In brief, when the Phonak Naida Paradise hearing aid was launched it was the first superpower hearing aid with universal Bluetooth capability - featuring Marvel 2.0 technology and Roger Direct connection.  Offering power users multifunctional features, powerful sound, and direct connection to their favourite Bluetooth devices.

With Phonak Naida Paradise hearing aids, you can gain from the flexibility of streaming into both hearing aids at the same time for a clearer sound that is 10 times more natural (using a Roger Pen).  You can also use your Roger microphones to assist speech understanding in noise and over distance.


Phonak Naida Paradise hearing aids main features in both the PR and UP styles

  • Available in rechargeable (PR) and 675 battery (UP)
  • Ideal for severe to profound hearing losses
  • Includes universal connectivity
  • Compatible with all Phonak accessories
  • Direct connectivity to iPhone and Android devices.
  • Available in all specifications.


Powerful Phonak Naida Paradise hearing aids power:

Max Power:  139 dB SPL and 75 dB gain

Phonak Naida

Phonak Naida hearing aid range and top performance levels:

►Click here to view Phonak Naida Paradise P90 hearing aids

►Click here to view Phonak Naida Paradise P70 hearing aids


Most Powerful Resound Hearing Aids

 Most Powerful Resound Hearing Aids

Powerful Resound Enzo Q hearing aids

Like with other types of hearing loss, clarity of sound is paramount to everyday living, and having the added ability to tailor those sounds to suit your hearing loss needs is priceless.  Enzo Q offers you this and ensures that all variants of annoying whistling noises are a thing of the past – even when you have your aids in a high-volume setting.

Resound has developed its technology so that you can enjoy the practicality and flexibility of automatic adjustments as your environment and soundscape adapt.  Personalise your hearing solution and control it in real-time directly from your phone with the Resound Smart 3D App.  Select the features you need and personalise your soundscape, so you can focus on speech and implement noise reduction on the move.


Speech in noise

Enzo Q reports improving how you recognise speech in noisy environments by up to 60%, relieving you from the stresses and strains that come with trying to hear better in noise.  What is clever here is that Enzo does precisely that without ending your connection with your surroundings.  So, you can still feel a part of group conversations and focus on the finer details in speech and sound.


Comfort in sound

You can experience a higher level of amplification with Enzo Q as it finds the right balance for those amplified rather unpleasant sounds.  It also evaluates your environment and adjusts the volume needed automatically.  Background noises such as traffic are still audible but at a more controlled and comfortable level.

Resound’s technology makes loud sounds more subtle, especially sudden sounds.  These could be anything from keys dropping on a table or spontaneous applause – 89% of said sounds are made to be more controlled.


Streaming and connectivity

With Enzo Q you can stream directly from either an Apple or Android device seamlessly in comfort and with a high quality of sound.  Experience simple everyday actions like making phone calls, watching TV, and listening to music like you would do wireless headphones.

Understand 50% more of the conversation in comparison to a regular phone call.  Use the telecoil feature to connect to loop sound systems for better amplification in public spaces.


Powerful Resound Enzo Q hearing aids max power:

HP Model:  134 dB SPL and 73 dB gain

SP Model:  141 dB SPL and 83 dB gain

Resound Enzo Q

Resound Enzo Q hearing aids range and top performance levels:

Click here to view Resound Enzo Q9 hearing aids

Click here to view Resound Enzo Q7 hearing aids


Most Powerful Bernafon Hearing Aids

 Most Powerful Bernafon Hearing Aid

Powerful Bernafon Leox hearing aids

The Leox uses True Environment Processing technology to help power users to thrive. Offering outstanding amplification, the very best in speech understanding, and an appealing array of connectivity possibilities. Ensuring a confident approach to everyday life hearing situations, no matter what age you are.

As well as 2.4 GHz Low-Energy Bluetooth technology for fast audio streaming and a great network of wireless accessories - Bernafon's Dynamic Environment Control System (DECS) is the superstar of this hearing aid.

The core technology behind Leox combines clever dynamic features - securing outstanding amplification and speech recognition in real-time. It supports you in all manners of complex hearing situations, whilst using Dynamic Feedback Canceller - a snappy solution to acoustic feedback.


Superpower, super Bluetooth

Bernafon uses 2.4 GHz Low-Energy Bluetooth technology for fast audio streaming. This works with all modern Bluetooth devices streaming directly through to your hearing aids.  There is also NFMI dual-radio wireless technology for binaural transmission between various hearing devices. 

The Leox power aid collection includes both Super and Ultra Power models - both successful additions to a growing list of Bernafon's innovative designs.


Innovative Core & Network Hub

The core technology behind Leox combines clever dynamic features to deliver outstanding amplification and speech recognition in real-time.  It supports you in all manners of complex hearing situations, whilst using Dynamic Feedback Canceller - a successful solution to acoustic feedback.

With Leox you will have a range of wireless accessories at your fingertips.  Find network perfection with TV-A, RC-A, SoundClip-A, DAI/FM adaptor, and the EasyControl-A App.  All are superbly discreet, easily accessible, and convenient.


Powerful Bernafon Leox hearing aids max power:

Super Power Model:  143 dB

Ultra Power Model:  146 dB

Bernafon Leox

Bernafon Leox hearing aid range and top performance levels:

Click here to view Bernafon Leox 7 hearing aids

Click here to view Bernafon Leox 3 hearing aids


In conclusion

It is important to note that powerful hearing aids may not be suitable for everyone, and it is important to consult with a hearing healthcare professional to determine the best solution for your individual needs. They can help you determine the level of amplification you need based on your specific hearing loss and lifestyle needs.

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Common FAQs when researching hearing aids and hearing loss

Is this the best model for me?

If you are looking at this page then it is likely that an audiologist has suggested that you purchase this particular hearing aid, so is this the best model for you?

In general, any audiologist will always be recommending to you the model that best suits your needs. Here is a useful check list to make sure that is the case.

  • Audiologist level of knowledge. The audiologist you have seen will hopefully have a wide knowledge of all available hearing aids, however some will only be familiar with a small number of brands and therefore may not really be in a position to know which model is the best for you. It is OK to challenge their recommendation and ask them to justify why this particular brand is the one for you.
  • Do research. Read about the hearing aid that was recommended. Does it seem like it will suit your lifestyle? Does it have more or less features than you need? 
  • Be aware of sales targets. Many high street retailers have specific tie-ins to a particular manufacturer/brand. The hearing aid they have suggested may still be the correct one for you, but do your research so that you know why they might have recommended it.

If in doubt, feel free to give us a call. That's what we're here for.

Do I need one hearing aid or two?

If you have a significant hearing loss in both ears, you should be wearing two hearing aids. Here are the audiological reasons why:

Localisation. The brain decodes information from both ears and compares and contrasts them. By analysing the miniscule time delays as well as the difference in loudness of each sound reaching the ears, the person is able to accurately locate a sound source. Simply put, if you have better hearing on one side than the other, you can't accurately tell what direction sounds are coming from.

Less amplification required. A phenomena known as “binaural summation” means that the hearing aids can be set at a lower and more natural volume setting than than if you wore only one hearing aid.

Head shadow effect. High frequencies, the part of your hearing that gives clarity and meaning to speech sounds, cannot bend around your head. Only low frequencies can. Therefore if someone is talking on your unaided side you are likely to hear that they are speaking, but be unable to tell what they have said.

Noise reduction. The brain has it’s own built in noise reduction which is only really effective when it is receiving information from both ears. If only one ear is aided, even with the best hearing aid in the world, it will be difficult for you to hear in background noise as your brain is trying to retain all of the sounds (including background noise) rather than filtering it out.

Sound quality. We are designed to hear in stereo. Only hearing from one side sounds a lot less natural to us.

What are the benefits of rechargeable hearing aids?

For most people, the main benefit of a rechargeable hearing aid is simple convenience. We are used to plugging in our phones and other devices overnight for them to charge up. 

For anybody with poor dexterity or issues with their fingers, having a rechargeable aid makes a huge difference as normal hearing aid batteries are quite small and some people find them fiddly to change.

One downside is that if you forget to charge your hearing aid, then it is a problem that can't be instantly fixed. For most a 30 minute charge will get you at least two or three hours of hearing, but if you are the type of person who is likely to forget to plug them in regularly then you're probably better off with standard batteries.

Rechargeable aids are also a little bit bigger and are only available in behind the ear models.

Finally, just like with a mobile phone, the amount of charge you get on day one is not going to be the same as you get a few years down the line. Be sure to ask what the policy is with the manufacturer warranty when it comes to replacing the battery.


Are behind the ear aids better than in the ear aids?

For most people, the answer is yes. But it's never that simple.

The majority of hearing problems affect the high frequencies a lot more than the low ones. Therefore open fitting hearing aids sound a lot more natural and ones that block your ears up can make your own voice sound like you are talking with your head in a bucket. Therefore in-ear aids tend to be less natural.

However the true answer is we can't tell until we have had a look in your ears to assess the size of your ear canal, and until we have tested your hearing to see which frequencies are being affected.

People with wider ear canals tend to have more flexibility, also there are open fitting modular CIC hearing aids now that do not block your ears.

There is also the age old rule to consider, that a hearing aid will not help you if it's sat in the drawer gathering dust. If the only hearing aid you would be happy wearing is one that people can't see, then that's what you should get.

Most people can adapt to any type of hearing aid, as long as they know what to expect. Have an honest conversation with your audiologist as to what your needs are.

What are channels, and how many do I need?

Generally speaking, six or more. Unless it's none at all.

The number of channels a hearing aid has is often a simplistic way an audiologist will use to explain why one hearing aid is better than another, but channels are complex and it is really not that straightforward.

Hearing aids amplify sounds of different frequencies by different amounts. Most people have lost more high frequencies than low and therefore need more amplification in the high frequencies. The range of sounds you hear are split into frequency bands or channels and the hearing aids are set to provide the right amount of hearing at each frequency level.

Less than six channels and this cannot be done with much accuracy, so six is the magic number. However, a six channel aid is typically very basic with few other features and is suitable only for hearing a single speaker in a quiet room. The number of channels is not what you should be looking at, it's more the rest of the technology that comes with them.

As a final note, different manufacturers have different approaches. One method is not necessarily better than any other. For example some manufacturers have as many as 64 channels in their top aids. Most tend to have between 17 and 20. One manufacturer has no channels at all.

Where can I get the hearing aids covered?

Hearing aids are easily lost, misplaced or damaged and typically are one of the most expensive personal possessions an individual can own. We offer hearing aid warranty cover for £80 per year per aid.  Find out more here

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